Point System Rules

Introducing a new user ladder

We're completely revamping our user ladder system, introducing a new XP system and new user titles to go along with it. In the future, this will replace the Android codename levels currently in place

What’s XP?

Your XP (experience points) will let you level up through the upcoming user ladder and represent your activity and contribution within the Community

What’s RP?

These are what you previously knew as "points" or "raffle points". You’ll receive one RP for each XP you get. RP allows you to join community-exclusive raffles for chances of winning prizes. (for web only now)

How can I earn points?

  1.   Daily check-in   +1 per day

  2.   Best answer   +5 per day

    You can get XP by sharing best answers on General Support threads

  3.   Medals (For APP only now)

    Future medals will award you with varying XP

  4.   High-quality content (Coming Soon)

    We’ll award XP for highlighted threads and photos

  5.   Missions

    Missions will allow you to perform a series of tasks to unlock XP and medals

    Daily reply  +1 per day

    Post a comment of at least 10 characters

    Support and help others  +2 per day

    Answer 3 questions in any support section

    Set username  +3

    Change your default username

    Set profile photo  +2

    Change the default profile photo

    Complete your profile  +3

    Fill your profile information

Breaking the forum rules may result in losing points. Find more about the point system rules here.
* We reserve the right to edit these rules at anytime and OnePlus reserves the right of final interpretation.