Terms of Service and Rules

The OnePlus Forums are a great place to read official announcements, post questions and share thoughts and ideas with tech enthusiasts, OnePlus fans and staff members.

In order to keep the Forums relevant and manageable for our team, while fostering a friendly and helpful atmosphere, we request that you review the Forums' Rules and Guidelines ("Rules") first and follow them when contributing to the platform. Members who do not agree with or violate the general code of conduct will be temporarily suspended or banned/removed from the OnePlus Forums and may have their content removed. OnePlus hereby disclaims all liability for posts that violate the Rules listed below.

1. Be nice and helpful!

Like with any community, we strive to keep a friendly and helpful environment, where all members, old and new, feel included. As such, we’re counting on you to help us keep that atmosphere, by engaging others in a respectful way. Therefore, the following actions are prohibited from the OnePlus Forums and can result in Code of Conduct warnings:
  • Using inappropriate language, including sexually explicit, violent, or offensive content.
  • Showing a lack of respect and tolerance towards others.
  • Content based on religious, racial or political beliefs is not the topic of these Forums and therefore are not permitted.
  • “Doxxing” or threatening to reveal personal details of other users. You are advised not to reveal personal information about yourself on the Forums.
  • Posting malware/phishing websites and other content that may be harmful to others. The content will be removed and the account(s) permanently banned.
  • Automated activity of any kind.
  • Posting any intellectual property of a third party for which the member does not have explicit written permission to use, including, but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and personality rights. Please see the OnePlus Copyright Policy if you have a takedown request.
If you find content that may fit the description above, do not engage with the user posting it, even if you’re the one being targeted. By responding to this type of content you may inadvertently also break these Rules. Instead, use the Report feature and a moderator will take the necessary actions.

2. Keeping things tidy

The OnePlus Forums have millions of users and messages. As such, it is important to keep them organized and easy to use. Therefore, we kindly ask you to have the Rules below in mind, whenever participating.

2.1. Thread title

Your thread title should be legible, informative, and related to the content of your thread. This not only helps others more easily understand what the topic is, but also makes it more likely for other users to participate in the discussion.

2.2. Choice of subforum

Post your thread in the relevant subforum. Do not post several instances of the same thread in different subforums. Ask yourself "if I were looking for this thread, is this the first place I would try to find it?". For any non-update related issues you are facing with your device, please post in your device's "General Support" section. If you accidentally post in the wrong subforum, ask moderators to move the thread. Do not open a duplicate.

2.3. Off-topic discussion

Discuss the topic as defined in the original post. "TL;DR", "first!" and similar posts do not provide a constructive basis for discussion, and as such will be removed under this rule. If for any reason you find yourself engaged in an off-topic discussion, please move to a more pertinent thread or continue via private messages.

Equally, when creating a thread, please ensure there is a topic to discuss which is relevant to the community. If you want to share personal statements, please do so as a "status update" on your own profile.

2.4. No ads

The OnePlus Forums are not an ad space/fundraiser. Any content (posts, signatures, profile details, etc.) published in order to sell a product/service or obtain personal gain will be removed. Multiple infractions in a short period will be considered spamming and can result in a temporary or permanent ban. If you want to host a giveaway, please contact a moderator to ask permission first. In general, if it benefits the community, we don't mind — if it only benefits you, we do. Self-promotion is forbidden, this includes social media, video channels, third party groups like (whatsapp/telegram), other online blogs etc.

2.5. Constructive Feedback

At OnePlus, we welcome your feedback. Sometimes, your feedback may be negative, and that’s okay. We want to hear your honest thoughts on our products and our brand as a whole. However, criticism should be legitimate, constructive and suggest solutions. Posts that exist solely to attack OnePlus without basis will be removed. Action may be taken against users who continuously break this rule.

2.6. Duplicate Content

All users are strongly advised to use the search function before starting a new discussion. Other members may have already shared about the specific subject or addressed the question you are about to ask. Participating in already existing discussions also increases the likeliness of getting a reply. If you post a thread that is very similar to already posted ones, it may get merged or closed by the moderation team.

Posting the same content repeatedly on the Forums constitutes spamming and will be warned accordingly.

2.7. Posting photos

Many users join our Forums to share their photos with others. If you wish to post your photos for other members to see, please visit the Photography subforum and find the most suited thread to participate in. Do not create a new thread just to post a photo. If you wish to launch a new photography topic, you can create a new thread under the Photography Open section.

2.8. Languages

Threads should be clear and include appropriate and descriptive subjects in order to provide more understanding to fellow members. Whilst most announcements from OnePlus will be primarily in English, the Forums are a mixed language community. Other languages are supported through our language filter system and local Community Managers. Since we have introduced language filters for each area, please keep to the original language of the thread's first post for better clarity. When creating a new thread, please take a moment to ensure the language has been identified correctly. If you notice after publication that the thread language might have been incorrectly identified, please "report" it and the moderation team can change it for you.

2.9. Backseat moderation

The OnePlus Forums have members of all ages from around the globe and with varying degrees of technological knowledge. If you find content that may be breaking these Rules, please try to guide the user in a friendly way, e.g. by providing a link to a relevant Forum thread, or use the Report feature, so that a moderator can help. By engaging in backseat moderation you may also be breaking the Rules.

3. One Account Per User

On the OnePlus Forums, everyone’s voice should be equal. In that spirit, users are allowed one account only. Users found to be using multiple accounts may have all accounts banned and/or removed. This includes accounts created to circumvent bans. Similarly, accounts impersonating staff, other users or celebrities will also be banned and removed.

4. Moderating when needed

To help us keep the Forums working smoothly, we rely on a team of friendly moderators and experts, scattered across the globe. These community members work tirelessly to make the Forums a better place, by helping users, and enforcing these Rules when needed.

Whenever a rule is violated, a moderator will remove the infringing content and issue the corresponding warning. By accumulating warning points, users may be temporarily or permanently banned from participating in the Forums. Breaking these Rules may also result in disqualifying for future contests or campaigns.

Warnings exist to help you better understand the Rules and help you participate in the Forums in a more constructive way. In the unlikely scenario of being warned by a moderator, you will receive a personal message, explaining the broken rule and the related content.

Standard warnings will result in 1 warning point that will expire after three months. More serious offences will result in Code of Conduct warnings, that are worth 3 warning points and expire after six months.

If you accumulate 5 active warning points, your account will be banned for one day. At 10 points, it will be banned for a week. If you reach 15 points, your account will be banned for two weeks and, at 20 warning points, it will be banned permanently. Users that repeatedly violate the rules, despite the warnings, may be permanently banned regardless of the accumulated warning points, after being contacted by an admin.

The moderation and admin team reserves the right to edit, merge, close, or delete any content at any time. You will receive a notification explaining the reason why a thread has been modified or closed. If you are unhappy with the decision made by a moderator, reach out to the moderator in the first instance or use the Report feature to have another member of the moderation team look into it. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can request for revision by an administrator. Admin decisions are final.

OnePlus Legal Policy

For more information about our legal policies, please see the link below.

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