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Ice Cream Sandwich

"Back to rooted. With Lineage OS and Magisk I have everything. Frequent updates, Google Pay... On my still-running OPO." Sep 22, 2017
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    my 20 years of cellphones: Motorola MicroTac > Motorola StarTac > Samsung SCH-8500 > Kyocera 7135 > Samsung SPH-i330 > Samsung SPH-i500 > Palm Treo 700W > HTC Tilt > HTC Droid Incredible > Samsung Galaxy S3 > OnePlus One + then a spare OnePlus One

    If you're using "when" as an adverb rather than a preposition don't expect an answer.
    NEVER "When will it be released?" BUT "I'll decide if I want it when it comes out."
    The appropriate response to when as an adverb is "soon".
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