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    The structure of the thesis is designed to help the thesis writer to work through the topic and to make the work understandable and enjoyable for the reader. Accordingly, the structure of the thesis is usually fixed and the criteria are shared with the thesis writers by the higher education institutions. It is worth looking for and reviewing the sections on the structure of the thesis in the documents published by the institution, as different colleges and universities may have different expectations on some points.

    Thesis structure: everything you need to know

    We are now presenting you with write my essay the backbone of the thesis structure, which is probably the same in all higher education institutions.

    The mandatory elements of a thesis structure:

    • Cover
    • Internal title page
    • Table of contents
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Hypotheses/research questions
    • Own research methodology
    • Analysis of own research results
    • Answering hypotheses/research questions
    • Summarising, making recommendations
    • Bibliography
    • Annexes
    In some cases, the above points may be supplemented by an acknowledgements, a list of figures and images, and often the preparation of an abstract in a foreign language is required by the institution.

    Of course, sub-headings can also be assigned to each point. For example, for the sake of structure and readability, the literature review should be divided into sections, highlighting the main topics with a title or subheading.

    The format of the cover and the inside cover page is usually bound, so the positioning of these elements can also be found on the website of the educational establishment.

    In the case of the table of contents, it is worth creating an automatic list, which works well if the outline items are converted into headings in Word. If you choose this method, you can make fine adjustments to the individual chapters and even replace them, as with a few clicks the table of contents will be modified to reflect the current status.

    In the structure of the thesis, the introduction and the summary are special in that we can express our own opinions and thoughts on the subject in these two chapters. In the rest of the thesis, we are not allowed to express our opinions, but must confine ourselves to the literature and the information we have gathered from our own research, and do so in an objective manner.

    In formulating hypotheses and research questions, care should be taken to avoid formulating statements or questions that do not yet have clear answers, as it is important to show that our results are new in the field.

    In the case of research methodology, we should explain in detail the methods we will use. In the analysis of the research results, the emphasis should be on analysing the information obtained and looking for correlations.

    Finally, we will answer our hypotheses/research questions and summarise the results of our literature review and our own research. At the end of our thesis, we may also wish to make a suggestion on the topic, which may be a subjective opinion. This adds to the value of the thesis and demonstrates the competence and expertise of the writer.

    At the end of the structure of the thesis is the bibliography, where you should list all the literature and Internet sources that you have consulted in the preparation of your thesis.

    In the annexes, please indicate any references to which you have referred in your thesis but which for some reason (e.g. length, looser connection to the topic) you have not included in the relevant section of the text.

    These points form the backbone of the structure of the thesis, so be sure to plan your treatment of your topic around them. If you feel it necessary, you can expand it, create more subsections, but make sure that no essential point is left out of the work.

    More information:
    Guide to Writing Research Papers
    Help with Library Research Papers
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