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    December 1


    @Aaahh ROM builder
    Awesome stuff he said:

    "Warnings mean your doing things right" ~ Aaahh

    "That's not how you do it you potato mother di*ker" ~ Aaahh

    "I have questions..." ~ Slydelix "Oh no it wasn't me" ~ Aaah

    "Listen to me fa*got..." ~ Aaahh

    "Unfortunately you stopped" ~ Aaahh

    "im playing with your nipples right now" "PC*" ~ Aaahh

    "Dont touch my liltommy you pervert" ~ Aaahh

    "They think I live in North Korea, it's all good" ~ Aaahh

    "i just found folder called bigboy in my home,
    explain pls" ~ Slydelix
    "Liltommy needs a brother" ~ Aaahh

    "that pony was sexy" ~ Aaahh

    "What's the point of ipdown and ipup, why is it in my home?" ~ Slydelix
    "It's homeless" ~ Aaahh

    "Guess it you dumb pineapple"
    ~ Aaahh

    "Fuckem github was being authistic"~ Aaahh
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