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  1. GunnieArtz
    Froyo Sep 22, 2014

    GunnieArtz , Sep 22, 2014 :
    2 overfishing.... Because I love sushi and blue fin tuna.... I don't want them to run out... Keep it sustainable =)

  2. suresh.nlr
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2014

    suresh.nlr , Sep 22, 2014 :
    1. Climate Change
    Climate change is very important which makes all seasons will come one by one. with out climate change we cant survie.

  3. melchiorsen
    Gingerbread Sep 22, 2014

    melchiorsen , Sep 22, 2014 :
    1. Climate change can be fought by ourselves by changing lifestyle.
    First we can become vegetarians. 1/3 of man made CO2 emissions come from the production of meat. The growing middle class of Asian and South America increases the demand for meat.

    Secondly we should buy local produced food. It secures fresh and healthy food and lower CO2 emissions from transport.

    Thirdly we should limit food waste from supermarkets and homes as well. It would lead to lower prices for the groceries as well.

    Fourth we should limit airtravel. Emissions from aircrafts is a huge factor of the CO2 emissions.

    It won't be easy because we won't give up our lifestyle that we have been used to.

    I only have suggestions for the climate change. I like to hear your thoughts on the issue as well.

  4. Prizate
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2014

    Prizate , Sep 22, 2014 :
    1. Climate change may seem too far-fetched right now, somewhat ambiguous and raises a lot of controversy, but even if there is a 1% possibility of it occurring, we need to do all we can to put a halt to it as the estimated consequences are so drastic, that it is not worth the risk!

    A recent research in my home town, Melbourne, recently published that if global warming were to occur, over 3.6 billion houses in Melbourne would be inundated... now if that doesn't get us moving for a radical change in our behavior, i don't know what will

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  5. joens
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2014

    joens , Sep 22, 2014 :

    Answer to ALL above:


  6. oup
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 22, 2014

    oup , Sep 22, 2014 :
    I really feel strongly about putting people to the test for a silly invite to buy something that is contributing to all of the above global issues. Get real

  7. because21
    Froyo Sep 22, 2014

    because21 , Sep 22, 2014 :
    nothing wrong about creating a debate. Anywhere is good to talk about those thing, wether you at the bar, at work, or in a forum.

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  8. because21
    Froyo Sep 22, 2014

    because21 , Sep 22, 2014 :
    PS : Anyone who doesn't like the topic, feel free to get an invit somewhere else.

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  9. tinokrno
    Eclair Sep 22, 2014

    tinokrno , Sep 22, 2014 :
    1. We need to stop the global warming, not only for animals that are close to extinition because of it, mostly polar animals such as polar bear of white fox. But for some awesome places that could be flooded because of rising water level, for example Venice in Italy, they are the closest well known city to be flooded. And trust me its a beautyful city. Also most of American biggest cities are at coast, that mean they would have to invest milions into flood barricades and canals. New Orleans is a great example of it. Then there wont be enough money on some really important areas, education or modernising the city.
    The change comes from single one of humans living on earth, not biggest companies and governments, everything demends on YOU.

  10. Spiritofrazor
    Gingerbread Sep 22, 2014

    Spiritofrazor , Sep 22, 2014 :
    2. overfishing industry

    we are actually talking about living animals here and with are consumption economy and also throwing away tons of food each year, it's just a huge potential of life being thrown away. But because these aren't humans nobody does shit about it or even cares about it, but in reality alot of the rare species are dieing out. Though not alot of people know it, but already alot of fish species have died, turtles and dolphins have almost died out because of the fishing industry... It just needs to stop on this mass scale and continue on a regulated scale in all country's... (including the japanese/chinese country's)

  11. voidy_void
    Froyo Sep 22, 2014