1 invite to share (expiring in 6 hours)

  1. wepua
    Gingerbread Sep 25, 2014

    wepua , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Requirement to get this invite: Ensure that you are financially ready to claim this invite. It is expiring in about 4 to 8 hours.

    Please give me a reason why you want this invite. I would check back in 3 hours' time. If there is more than one post, I would have the discretion to pick one.


  2. batarang
    Eclair Sep 25, 2014

    batarang , Sep 25, 2014 :
    I really want this for a friend who is in the army and is about to go overseas.I would love to give this to him as a gift. Thanks!

  3. spidey_006
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    spidey_006 , Sep 25, 2014 :
    hi there i would like to get this invite.. my phone stolen and i am desperately looking to buy this one...

  4. elias1995
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    elias1995 , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Hi wepua,
    Well, tbh it is a great phone, very cheap for what it actually offers and I'd just love to have one, but I'm sure everybody on this forum that wants an invite will tell you this :)
    I'd be really happy if I could finally get a new phone that I can actually afford (my Samsung Galaxy s2 is slowly failing me) and I'm really stoked for this phone.
    if you considered me, you'd make me a very happy man.
    thanks a lot for reading

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  5. Thruximunder
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    Thruximunder , Sep 25, 2014 :
    I'd really appreciate it if I receive this invite since I have been looking forever, and on further note I'd like to say that the phone is not for me but for my sister who has birthday soon and I'd love to see her shock when I could gibe her one of those rare phones as present :D

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  6. Bokeh Boy
    Donut Sep 25, 2014

    Bokeh Boy , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Hello my friend I have simply never had a phone before (at the age of 17) and would love to have one so I can listen to my lovely mum nag me more each day.

  7. Bukinnear
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    Bukinnear , Sep 25, 2014 :
    I've been using an S3 for several years now and it's starting to get worse for wear. I want a new phone, but a student's budget is kinda slim for one of the other flagship phones

  8. hops.brandon
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    hops.brandon , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Also using an S3 for several years, but mine has started shutting down on its own and wiping settings. It's pretty much unusable and I'm locked into a contract ):

  9. Mimifan2
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    Mimifan2 , Sep 25, 2014 :
    I would love to have the invite because I have an iPhone 4 and it is about to die so I need to get a new phone and really want the OPO. It will also help me to become an android developer. Thanks

  10. DSTOP
    Eclair Sep 25, 2014

    DSTOP , Sep 25, 2014 :
    I have an old motorola razr that i have been using for too long now and i would love to have an amazing upgrade to a phone such as the one plus one!

  11. SudoKun
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    SudoKun , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Just found out about the One plus One today, and im looking for new smart phone right now , at the moment i use the HTC HD 2 but the battery is dying and the OS isnt supported by anything.

  12. cleung2010
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

  13. umwol13
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

  14. pkyoula
    Donut Sep 25, 2014

  15. burgandy25
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    burgandy25 , Sep 25, 2014 :
    My current phone broke, I replaced the screen and the phone no longer recognizes the sensor for when I'm in a call or not. As well as my contract is ending and I plan on switching carriers! As well as I would pass on the invites I may receive from purchasing the phone onto others that would like them!

  16. jovany
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

  17. yoursakar
    Eclair Sep 25, 2014

  18. mjcynkar
    Eclair Sep 25, 2014

  19. wepua
    Gingerbread Sep 25, 2014

    wepua , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Thanks to all who wrote in. The winners have been chosen. I have liked the winners' post and messaged them the links. Congrats, @elias1995 and @Thruximunder!!!! ^^
    Edit: I have 2 invites. :D
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