1. love1plus1specs
    Gingerbread Jun 11, 2021

    love1plus1specs , Jun 11, 2021 :
    So, I get this ad! 1069 for the pro + choose (charger, backpack) free gift! I'm laughing because oneplus believes this a deal! Camera doesn't rank 3rd? Still no external storage! How are these prices justified? For $1000 do u think I want atleast external storage to store, transfer my music, videos and music, that I pay $15 monthly service fees for? This $15 adds up to to about $180 yearly! 256 gigs of storage isn't even enough to store personal requirement needs! Let alone measely 8 gigs of ram in my 6t consumption long been maxed out! 12 gigs of ram? I'm looking at the competition, nearly everyone is ending portable flash This 2021 year headsets! Yea, some great cameras and SD 888 has great graphics unit, integrated modem! I think I read somewhere SD 888 is capable of 24 gigs of ram! Yet, a few manufacture stopped at 18 gigs of ram! Here in the USA, were stuck with 12 gig ram limit handsets! I dont know how OnePlus been lacking specs last few years, after carriers been carrying OnePlus handsets! 6t dimness is so unreal, been unhappy ever since OnePlus 6t, which I'm still using! Yet, it's end of life is here! 70% battery consumption and 8 gigs of ram is far short for a 50 year old man, not a college student, not a high school student whom require more! This $600 phone really disappointing! Now, handsets are $450 more, or about par at competitive prices!
    I've started with OnePlus 1! What will I get from the competition at these high prices? A great camera? Some free storage (for a year?)!
    Last October, providers gave steep discounts for latest IPhone! I waited until android releases, everyone disappointed me this year! Knowing Im due for phone replacement! Without a doubt, sd 888 gpu is nearly the only satisfaction! But, when competition did away with SD card, it's like wtf!
    Apple last year's phone, omg, apple did strives! Durability, camera!
    Sony Xperia 1 mark 3 announced release carries sd card! OnePlus should did something to justify $400 price increases! We loyal, me, my 4-5 OnePlus purchases, help make OnePlus! 1, x, 6, 6t. 4 phones! Was always like 200-300 cheaper... Now at par, near at par prices and specs! Nice, OnePlus has been established as a brand name!
    Anyhow my interest in this 3 handsets and reason : S21 Ultra - zoom camera (concert share), (next Apple iphone durability and cam, Xperia 1 mark 3 SD card portable flash! This is the 3rd straight year, oneplus lost my interest! I think Samsung S10 was the terabyte storage phone! S20 (faltered) 100x zoom, this year disappointed at nearly every brand! Like sd express cards are out now! Why not make a phone capable of the ultra fast portable flash! Maybe, we like to make 8k videos at our gatherings?
    I'm shocked noone is doing SD card express yet! Except a Samsung notebook, whatever it is! 8k video recording! To do what, take a 5 minute recording and phone storage is full! Lol. Huge disappointment! Outlawed Huawei! What we Europe and american consumers get, besides getting under represented at such high prices, spec limits! Looking at out prices, compared to Chinese makes me wanna live in China! U all skimpy market over here at premium prices! While giving your national cohorts the technology at bargain prices! Smh!