120 Hz Fluid Display Quiz: Win a OnePlus hoodie!

  1. SSRog20
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 20, 2020

  2. OPD
    Gingerbread Jan 20, 2020

    OPD , Jan 20, 2020 :
    Honestly, every single aspect matters when talking about the screen. That touching sample should make the screen super precise and good for everything ;)

  3. anujchandigarh
    Froyo Jan 20, 2020

  4. superplus
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Jan 20, 2020

    superplus , Jan 20, 2020 :
    upcoming or not, the real question is: DDLDI? :rolleyes::cool: did @Donna L. design it? ;-p

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  5. A1578506345941
    Donut Jan 20, 2020

    A1578506345941 , Jan 20, 2020 :
    I am truly excited to browse my blog and online magazine with the 120Hz, as well as play my pubG in total beast mode!!

  6. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Jan 20, 2020

  7. jlasensiofi
    KitKat Jan 20, 2020

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  8. femiuex
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 20, 2020

    femiuex , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 20, 2020 :
    Can't wait for the improvement that embodies the "Fast and Smooth" tagline. The touch sampling rate of 240 Hz coupled with the 120 Hz display refresh rates would skyrocket the user experience in web browsing and gaming.

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  9. Zlackevitch
    Cupcake Jan 20, 2020

  10. LordScion , via OnePlus Community App , Jan 20, 2020 :
    Day 1: Are you excited about the higher touch sampling rate? In what scenarios do you see it improving your user experience?

    I play alot of action mobile games and having a faster input on my phone would make the lag between the me and my character instananteous.

  11. dinakaran.sensor
    Froyo Jan 21, 2020

  12. Larskon
    Honeycomb Jan 21, 2020

    Larskon , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 21, 2020 :
    Day 1: Are you excited about the higher touch sampling rate? In what scenarios do you see it improving your user experience?

    Yes I am really excited for this feature, because the responsiveness of the touch input will get increased. I would guess that for gaming this feature comes in handy even tho I don't really use my phone for gaming. Nonetheless I am still very interested in this hardware upgrade, because it will probably improve the reliability of on-screen gestures, like executing one handed mode.

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  13. Thikalevis
    Gingerbread Jan 21, 2020

  14. ntonasa
    Cupcake Jan 21, 2020

    ntonasa , Jan 21, 2020 :
    I am very excited about the higher touch sampling rate. It is definitely going to mix well with the higher screen refresh rate. It would definitely improve the perceived smoothness even more! It could also prove valuable to some games requiring touch precision and maybe some apps for handwriting or drawing and also improve gestures reliability.

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  15. kundanaryakd
    Cupcake Jan 21, 2020

  16. aloymike
    Cupcake Jan 21, 2020

    aloymike , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 21, 2020 :
    Wow This is Just Amazing [e]1f60d[/e]💯[e]2764[/e]️.. I use a OnePlus 7 with a 60 Hz Display and I Feel that mine is Already smooth and Fast I can't Wait For The 120Hz Display.. That's Gonna Be The Best [e]1f60d[/e][e]1f525[/e]

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  17. G1541334022481
    Cupcake Jan 21, 2020

  18. Anshuman45
    Cupcake Jan 21, 2020