2 Invites, 2 Days

  1. james94jeans2
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

    james94jeans2 , Sep 30, 2014 :
    I have an older Experia Play and it's really not that good at all, it was quite cool in the beginning when it came out, but because of sony's bad update policy it's just like a million android versions behind. With a one plus I wouldn't have to spent money on a new phone in another few years.

  2. tightmeldrew
    Eclair Sep 30, 2014

    tightmeldrew , Sep 30, 2014 :
    I'm sick of my iPhone they have lost my business forever! Been after a OPO since launch and in need of a invite

  3. Teronix
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

    Teronix , Sep 30, 2014 :
    I finally just got into a unlimited data mobile plan for my phone. I was about to buy a note 3 to go with it for the screen size, but my friend told me about the OPO. I would love to save a chunk of money and get the OPO instead of the note!

    Thanks in advance if I get an invite! =]

  4. ayalap
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

  5. harshal_h4u
    Gingerbread Sep 30, 2014

  6. metak86
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

  7. sarat4357
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

    sarat4357 , Sep 30, 2014 :
    Hey Eldriss !
    this is my story... i have been using one of the ancient smartphones for 4 years now. Been looking for a killer phone to replace it. The One seemed to be the One i have been looking for !! As everybody here knows... great specs.. budget friendly... for me an absolutely fantastic leap into the new gen smartphone. Help me get that smart experience of the killer One !
    Thanks in advance.

  8. dariiia
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

    dariiia , Sep 30, 2014 :
    Oh, well... I don't know. Guess I just want a new phone, preferably a OnePlus One.

  9. karatedkid
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

  10. EIdriss
    Eclair Sep 30, 2014

    EIdriss , Sep 30, 2014 :
    Every post after this will not count... I will PM you if you have won.

  11. GandalfYouCantPass
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

  12. fruitsamurai
    Honeycomb Sep 30, 2014

  13. OneDeal
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

    OneDeal , Sep 30, 2014 :
    My Father has lung canser and i want to buy it for him just a way to
    Cheer him and make him happy with this as gift

  14. noproblembabe
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

    noproblembabe , Sep 30, 2014 :
    You see, I know I do not deserve, and I would pobably use it to mak my friends jeallous.
    I believe that if I can appeal to your good sense, you ought to not give me such invite, I trust I can not be a deuche with such a fancy piece of technology, but why risk it?

  15. KmuiOnePlus
    Cupcake Sep 30, 2014

    KmuiOnePlus , Sep 30, 2014 :
    1) I dislike Apple & Galaxy phones simply their usage and operating features annoy me.
    2) I seek alternatives and uniquely designed phones like such
    3) Oneplus is darn cool Id like to have one to satisfy my own preferences, not others.

    Thanks for reading this if you make it down here! GL to everyone else.

  16. Nestor Sullivan
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 30, 2014

    Nestor Sullivan , Sep 30, 2014 :
    There is nothing we can say to convince you to send an invite our way and not have is sound like we're begging. So just dish them out and be done with the drama already.

  17. Compagnero
    Eclair Sep 30, 2014

    Compagnero , Sep 30, 2014 :
    Maybe u are saying thing many others dont dare to say!