1. BigKahlua
    Honeycomb Aug 11, 2014

    BigKahlua , Aug 11, 2014 :
    I don't need one, just would like to own one. Why? Well I do need to upgrade my phone. No sad story. NO payment. Just would like to own one. Plain & Simple.

  2. thongxnguyen
    Froyo Aug 11, 2014

  3. Khan31
    Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    Khan31 , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Hi I would like on simply because it's almost time for my yearly update for my phone and personally I am a fan of having the best android phone without blowing the budget just as the motorola G and nexus 4 and 5 have taught me. I think it's an amazing phone and as previously stated I am more than willing to donate to a good cause of your choice just for a bit of satisfaction. The donation will be in your name.

    Thank you for considering me I appreciate it. :)

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  4. dreamer03k
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2014

  5. Wahnfried
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    Wahnfried , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Because I have one and my wife despirately wants one, too. And I have no invites to share received.

    Honeycomb Aug 11, 2014

  7. epsiservice
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2014

  8. hhshah1979
    Eclair Aug 11, 2014

    hhshah1979 , Aug 11, 2014 :

    Can I have one please? I want to gift it to my dad for his birthday.

    Thank you in advance.

  9. Frisky
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    Frisky , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Need is a strong word, as i don't die if i don't have one. My phone is dying on me as the screen comes off (literally). But i do die if i forget our wedding anniversary. And i will definately forget it when my phone dies :). So in short:

    I'll die if i don't have one soon ;-).

  10. Whizkid
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2014

  11. ExTanvy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2014

  12. skysat
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2014

    skysat , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Im fan of taking picture and video, oneplus one have a good camera and take nice 4k video, it can with me all time as phone and as camera, also his price and specifications are very good.
    i hope i convice you friend.

  13. adminbalu
    Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    adminbalu , Aug 11, 2014 :
    I would like to come out of Apple trap (iPhone) of "App Store", from past 6 years.
    None of the phones apart from Apple inspired me to make a move.
    But OPO changed my view at very first sight. Awesome Phone.

    Love to get an invite, if you can spare one for me.
    anyways, Good luck for All friends around here.

    Lets see who is that lucky one. cheers.

  14. agarwalamit
    Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    agarwalamit , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Well I would like this invite bcos I have never changed a phone since blackberry for the past 5 years and its high time I move on to a better looking phone and a smarter platform where I can use more apps for my work and be a little more organised. Cheers.

  15. johndsr
    Eclair Aug 11, 2014

  16. Zabjam
    Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    Zabjam , Aug 11, 2014 :
    I need the One because my old phone gets more and more useless. The updates for it stopped somewhere at Android 2.x and the hardware cant handle Android 4 custom ROMs.

  17. faddys123
    Froyo Aug 11, 2014

  18. Wanginator
    Donut Aug 11, 2014

  19. jesaro
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2014

    jesaro , Aug 11, 2014 :
    I really want to give Android a try. Have been using iPhone since the 3G and it finally feels like Android has caught up in the user interface department. That said, I will not get a plasticky phone full of bloatware - so the One is the one.

  20. Tamel
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    Tamel , Aug 11, 2014 :
    I need it because my old phone GETS REALLY ON MY NERVES and bloody Samsung is not supporting it anymore and i think 1+ is a really cool company which can be supported :)
    And i want this phone veryyyy much, too :)

    And i want to thank you for sharing your invites!!!! That´s really very nice!!