3 Features of Connectivity on OnePlus TV That You Must Know

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    "Intelligent connectivity: our next step forward" - these were the words of Pete Lau, OnePlus' founder, when he first introduced the company's plans to venture into the TV market. A little over 4 years later, the same philosophy continues to define the core function of most everyday gadgets. Today, we have a full-fledged line-up of TVs, with Q1 Series, U1, Y1 Series, U1S, and Y1S Series spanning across all market segments.

    Although the display quality and sound system change across the models, one thing that remains the same are "Connectivity" features in them. Be it the physical remote, the Connect App on both Smartphones and Smartwatches, or even the IoT devices, there is always a way to connect with the TV. Now, Let's see some of the interesting connectivity features in them.

    1. NFC Connect

    We all know there's an NFC sensor in most of our phones, yet there are very few to no use cases of it. It is majorly meant for contactless payments, easy content sharing etc., but with the lack of an ecosystem, we end up never using it. However, with the launch of U1S (where S might stand for Smart Connectivity), an NFC Chip is added to the remote.

    This helps for much better and hassle-free connectivity between our smartphones and the TV. One can cast the screen and music from phones to the TV with a simple tap on the remote. And the best part is its widely discussed with OnePlus Ninjas and has got all their feedback to improve this feature.

    Feature Availability: OnePlus TV U1S
    Pro Tip: If you manage to buy U1S Remote from Store for ₹1400, NFC Connect Feature can be used on the OnePlus TV Y1S as well

    How to Use:
    Turn On NFC on your Smartphone from Notification Panel or Settings>Connection & Sharing>NFC
    Tap the back of the phone to the NFC mark on the front of the remote
    You will receive a message on TV, and need to allow access for the first you're connecting the phone with TV
    That's it, you're all set to cast the screen or music to TV, with a simple tap from the next time onwards​

    Here's a short video stolen from our TV Expert @Venky61's Twitter that shows the ease of using this feature. With the required hardware already in place, one can also note that we can extend the uses of this NFC Connect to share files from Phone to TV or even make payments to content providers just with a click. Let's hope we can see some of those features in future updates.

    2. OnePlus Watch TV Connect

    Imagine you've come home from a tiring day at work and lay down on your couch to re-watch your favorite sitcom and the remote is nowhere near you. That is then we feel that there should be a way to easily control the TV from the fingertips.

    Well, fingertip control might or might not be possible in the future, but with OnePlus Watch TV Connect App, one can easily use all the basic controls of the remote right from your arm. Be it navigating through the interface, controlling volume, or turning on/off the TV, it's all covered with this feature. And the best part is this feature is available on all the OnePlus TVs available right now, provided you own the Watch 😅 Below is the walk-through of how you Control the OnePlus TV from your OnePlus Watch from our Expert @Venky61, again.

    Feature Availability: OnePlus TV Q1 Series, U1S, Y1S Series

    How to Pair:
    Open the "TV Connect" App on your watch from the menu
    As you open it, it'll display your TV on the watch screen with a connection request popping up on the TV.
    Click on "Pair" on the TV and you're all set with the connection process
    How to Use:
    After pairing, Click on the OnePlus TV on your Watch to open the navigation controls
    Here, you can see 4 navigation arrows and a centre button to select the options
    If you right swipe, the power button will come to turn on or off the TV
    Upon left swipe, you will find quick buttons for Homepage, Volume, Menu, Settings
    In settings, you can find an option for Smart Volume Control that reduced the TV volume whenever we receive a phone call.
    You can find Sleep Perception that turns off the TV when you fall asleep watching a boring movie​

    3. Quick Connect with Earphones
    Have you ever used your TWS to connect with your TV and indulge in the immersive watching experience? If you have done so, you'd know how troublesome it is to connect TWS to a TV using Bluetooth every time you want to use it.

    However, the Quick Connect Feature on OnePlus TVs can change all that. It will connect the Buds and TV by simply opening the lid of the Buds. This even takes that seamless connection further, automatically pausing the TV when you remove a bud from your ear and instantaneously resuming watching once the buds are put back on. And the best part, it works with all the OnePlus' TWS line-up i.e. Buds Buds Pro, Buds Z, Buds Z2. Amazing right?

    Note: Any Bluetooth earphones can be connected to all OnePlus TV Models manually through settings. This Quick connect is just an extra convenience of a one-tap connection, limited to a few OnePlus TV Models.

    Feature Availability: OnePlus TV U1S and Y1S Series

    How to Use:
    Open the OnePlus Buds Box
    Click Connect on the connection request prompt displayed on TV
    The earphones seamlessly connect with the TV whenver you just open the lid of the Buds from next time
    Click on the Image Below to see how to Connect Buds with TV​

    Video Credits: I am Gizmogeek
    These are just a fraction of all the available connection features on OnePlus TVs. For example, I sometimes use Amazon Echo (that came complimentary with my OnePlus TV Q1) to turn on/off the TV. This Alexa feature is available in the first Q1 Series and even the latest Y1S Series as well. There's a TV Connect App for Smartphones as well that has tons of features like remote control, casting, sharing files etc.

    Which of these connectivity features excited you, and Which new features do you want to see in the second-gen OnePlus TVs? Do reply below and share your thoughts.

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