3 mm jack issue: The earphone jack is not fitting properly

  1. AnantOPO
    Froyo Jan 17, 2020

    AnantOPO , Jan 17, 2020 :
    Since last 2 months, my phone's (OnePlus 5T) 3mm jack facing issue and now it is completely stopped and I am unable to use it. Because the 3 mm jack is not fitting properly. It auto pop-ups.

    I have shown the handset to a local shop and they found no dust or any particles inside the jack/whole.
    If anybody has faced this issue and solved it, please help me out.
    I have no idea the amount is charged by the service centre for the new part.

    Thanks in advance.


    Yesterday, I visited to OP5T service centre and got if repaired.
    There was some dust particles in the 3mm jack hole/port. They cleared it and did not change anything.. Thank you Oneplus..
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