£30 more for 2GB seems a lot

  1. E1534526456225
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2018

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  2. idkwhoiam322
    Nougat Oct 30, 2018

    idkwhoiam322 , Oct 30, 2018 :
    Indeed. I felt exactly the same way. It's more like OnePlus put in that variant just as a filler to be able to sell the 8+128 variant at a higher price.

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  3. therussiann
    Gingerbread Oct 30, 2018

    therussiann , Oct 30, 2018 :
    It's true because it costs them pennies for the chip, but when you compare it to what Samsung and apple charge for a higher tier phone it's not bad also remember your paying for not only the product for RnD.

  4. SteveB6T
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2018

    SteveB6T , Oct 30, 2018 :
    Ahh, but 2gb increase is 33%, that sounds much better in the grand scheme of things. More ram to me is always better if the device can take it.

    I've come from Google and Samsung and would have paid the extra for the Pixel 3XL if it was 8gb ram at cost price plus £60.

  5. darren190390
    Gingerbread Oct 31, 2018

    darren190390 , Oct 31, 2018 :
    Just compare the surcharge for memory on Apple, Samsung and Google. You won't be complaining about 30€ in a hurry.

    Personally, I think it's a fair surcharge. In addition, instead of the previous 64GB there is now 128GB. So for me no reason to complain.

  6. Maverick2.0
    KitKat Oct 31, 2018

  7. Robin Stevens
    Cupcake Oct 31, 2018

  8. anchovies11
    Froyo Oct 31, 2018

    anchovies11 , Oct 31, 2018 :
    Paying any money is a rip off! It should be free! ;)

  9. Deactivated User
    Oct 31, 2018

  10. elanglois
    Lollipop Oct 31, 2018

    elanglois , Oct 31, 2018 :
    Cost of parts is 1/3 the end-user price. 4GB of LPDDR4 is about $15 while 8GB is about $30. So ... just cost per GB means a difference in parts of about $7.50. Multiply by our rule of thumb above (x3) and we get $22.50.

    Not too far off really

  11. civ4
    Gingerbread Oct 31, 2018

    civ4 , Oct 31, 2018 :
    calculate the monetary cost this way. £30 divided by 3 years or 36 months. £0.83 per month. Now calculate the benefit of 2 extra GB of RAM every minute you use this phone. It is really worth it. Stop whining.

  12. samprocat
    Honeycomb Oct 31, 2018

    samprocat , Oct 31, 2018 :
    I wish they offer 10 GB ram i would buy.
    If you are heavy user and using multiple programs in the background it is priceless.

  13. MikkelSecher
    Cupcake Oct 31, 2018

    MikkelSecher , Oct 31, 2018 :
    Try flipping your perspective.

    In my eyes the 8 gigs model is the "real" 6T, and that is they start out pricing. It is most likely the one most people will get. But they then choose to offer a cheaper alternative and cut off £30 just for putting less RAM in there. That seems like a good deal if you don't care about the RAM.

    I'm thinking there is a reason why the 6 gigs isn't available in the matte version. It's it probably more expensive to produce. Since they can't differentiate in pricing in phones with the same specs, they probably average out, at the higher pricepoint. But to keep the costs down for the cheapest variant, they only offer it in glossy.

  14. sandwichk
    Froyo Oct 31, 2018