30% off priority shipping with any OnePlus 3T purchase!

  1. remedy KitKat May 10, 2017

    remedy, May 10, 2017 :
    Brexit price hike?

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  2. pcoventry Honeycomb May 10, 2017

    pcoventry, May 10, 2017 :
    Probably. I had forgotten about Brexit to be honest. It's going to take 3 days to get it like someone said - which sucks.

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  3. pcoventry Honeycomb May 10, 2017

    pcoventry, May 10, 2017 :
    UK as well, not sure about the rest of the EU.

    I am interested. I bought one last night. The device is worth every penny to me - I last bought one in Jan 2017 and this is for my other half. I found 2 OP3T's for £620 from a chinese site but I had never heard of them so I didn't want to hand over my credit card, They are not expensive at all!

    Probably not - by all reviews and accounts the Oppo one was good - gave 2 complete dash charges but was known to fail after 500 cycles, so not worth the price tag.

    OP5 is not coming in a few days, if OP stopped supporting and updating the 3T days/weeks after someone had bought it thery would be in violation of international trade laws, They aren't that stupid. It would be commercial suicide as the first in history to ever do this - Not everyone wants the latest model either. I was looking at a OP3 but decided to go for a new phone where I know the state of the battery and also it's got a 2 year warranty.

    The only thing I could not get that I wanted was the car charger but luckily the Oppo replacement someone posted from China works fine (again by all accounts on here)

    This alone (as I drive 12 hours a day every day for work) was the only reason I waited 3 months to get another phone, but now I don't have to

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  4. deepankarverma Ice Cream Sandwich May 10, 2017

    deepankarverma, May 10, 2017 :
    So if as you were right why op2 doesn't get Nougat till now?? If they follow 2 year cycle and why one plus x(no N) is not getting bug fixes and security patch..

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  5. Gabriellupu82 Gingerbread May 10, 2017

  6. TheSpoken Ice Cream Sandwich May 10, 2017

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  7. vdd65 Jelly Bean May 11, 2017

    vdd65, May 11, 2017 :
    Just wait, the OP3T will be on sale as soon as OP5 sale is announced....

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  8. Stanley08 Honeycomb May 11, 2017

    Stanley08, May 11, 2017 :
    LMAO! Trying to clear the old stock and prepare for OP5? OP4? Without dropping price. LMAO! Genius!

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  9. Gabriellupu82 Gingerbread May 11, 2017

    Gabriellupu82, May 11, 2017 :
    Hope will be a good sale on OP3T ...from actual price reduce to 50%

  10. Serbian Overlord KitKat May 11, 2017

    Serbian Overlord, May 11, 2017 :
    LMAO! I ran to the store to buy two phones (for my wife and my mom) and only when I got the the checkout I saw that the 30% off is not for OP3t but for SHIPPING. So it is a $2.99 discount for a $448.99 purchase ($439 phone + $9.99 priority shipping). Once again, $2.99 discount on a $448.99 purchase! What a joke! Oh and by the way, it's May 11, you know, a month after you promised to restock the dash car charger that has been out of stock for, I don't know...10 months now?

  11. pcoventry Honeycomb May 11, 2017

    pcoventry, May 11, 2017 :
    If so I will be using my rights under international consumer law to claim the difference back if this happens in 90 days, as it's classed as switch and bait.

    Don't wait for it - Just get the replacement being talked about under the accessories tab.

  12. pcoventry Honeycomb May 11, 2017

    pcoventry, May 11, 2017 :
    Worked here, I am literally unboxing my new beast now :)

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  13. vipulramani Cupcake May 11, 2017

    vipulramani, May 11, 2017 :
    i want to buy OP X but shopping portal does not allow to add to cart anything wrong ? Did the sell stop for this mode ?

  14. CrownedSusanoo Honeycomb May 11, 2017

  15. CrownedSusanoo Honeycomb May 11, 2017

    CrownedSusanoo, May 11, 2017 :
    Doubt it. May be low on stock. Check back later. If not, then i don't know. Maybe they have discontinued it. Like the Dash Car Charger that I want so damn bad. :/

  16. pcoventry Honeycomb May 11, 2017

  17. Stanley08 Honeycomb May 11, 2017

    Stanley08, May 11, 2017 :
    LOL! Wrong move. So close to OP5 release and Probably OP3T Price reduction. But oh well! Le me waiting for OP5. Still got my OP3 orig! :)

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  18. Goodman854 Froyo May 11, 2017

    Goodman854, May 11, 2017 :
    I get an error: "You can not apply this promotion in current store." I'm In Canada.

  19. wellingtonwx Cupcake May 12, 2017

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  20. wellingtonwx Cupcake May 12, 2017

    wellingtonwx, May 12, 2017 :
    Really? I'm in Canada too and I haven't tried using my coupon code yet.