3rd party camera to try

  1. miksi
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

    miksi , May 25, 2019 :
    since I was disappointed with the stock camera, I tried several other camera apps, including those that worked rather good on Oneplus 3(Bacon camera, Snap camera...) but I didn't get passable results. Snap camera and Bacon is poorly supported on the OP6T, that is, it didn't work as expected with api2 options enabled. Other cameras also give bad photos too. Google ported camera gives more acceptable photos.
    However, I encountered the camera application Hedgecam 2 which allows to somewhat alleviate the effects of "edge enhancement" and noise suppression which ruins photos in stock and pretty much any camera app. The application is free on Play store and anyone can test it.

  2. DVNK09
    Gingerbread May 25, 2019