3rd party cases for 8 pro. Major issue.

  1. JezzerW
    Donut Jun 12, 2020

    JezzerW , Jun 12, 2020 :
    I am surprised that Oneplus aren't doing flip covers anymore. I went to a third party supplier on Amazon. I bought one for under a tenner and it's ok. The moulding of the case is fine etc. It works ok. It closes via a little strap with a magnet.

    I saw another one and because it's real leather I bought it. Probably the same protective surround. This one has two magnets in the rear and two in the front that close it together. No strap

    There is a problem, and I have had this with two of the same covers. When in the case, either with the case open or shut, the phone will randomly show the silent icon in the toolbar and the phone is silenced. The switch will be on Ring. The volume will be at 50% say. I touch nothing. It just switches to silent. I then have to flick the switch( which is on Ring) up to Silent and then back down to Ring for the Silent icon to disappear. This has happened on multiple occasions on two covers.

    Might it be the magnets causing this? I can't think of anything else. It's a decent cover otherwise.

    This is how it's described on Amazon:
    32nd Classic Series 2.0 - Real Leather Book Wallet Flip Case Cover For OnePlus 8 Pro, Real Leather Design With Card Slot, Magnetic Closure and Built In Stand - Black


  2. SoniaB
    Nougat Head Moderator Jun 12, 2020

    SoniaB , Jun 12, 2020 :
    It's possible. Is it only happening when in the flip case?
    Does it happen even if pocket mode is enabled?

    I bought the Nillkin flip case from Amazon for my 8Pro.
    No magnets so I can confirm no such issue with mine

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  3. superplus
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    superplus , Jun 12, 2020 :
    I also miss OnePlus' flip covers, especially since the screens haven't been flat in the most recent device series, and thus it feels like flip covers are the only way to still sort of protect the screen, due to not being able to use a TGSP anymore.

    Not sure what else could be causing it indeed, but would be quite odd, since in a reply to this Idea @Gary C. replied the alert slider couldn't be easily customised, especially because it would cause a disconnect between the setting as set by hardware and software. But perhaps the hardware mechanism does involve magnets to change the state, I have seen a teardown video of the workings, but don't quite recall the specifics right now. But the alert slider is positioned on the right-hand side of the OnePlus 8 Pro, right?

    I use a Nillkin case myself on a OnePlus 3 which just has a weak magnet to wake the screen up when opening and switch it off when closing, but not strong enough to keep it closed properly. Then again, the alert slider is on the left on the OnePlus 3, so further away from the closing mechanism.

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  4. superplus
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    superplus , Jun 12, 2020 :
    @JezzerW I wasn't able to locate the teardown video I recalled seeing, but at least up until the OnePlus 6 the slider seems to have been purely mechanical (as shown in this iFixit teardown post) and that matches what I've seen/heard about it before.

    However, I did find two interesting posts on another thread here on the forums from OnePlus 7T owners, who suffered the same issue of random alert profile switches, and were using flip covers with magnets. Once they stopped using those cases, they stopped having the random switches, so unfortunately it does seem that might be what's causing your issues.


  5. JezzerW
    Donut Jun 15, 2020

    JezzerW , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jun 15, 2020 :
    yes, only in that flip case. In another 3rd party flip case there is no issue. The phone isn't in my pocket. It's lying on my desk.

  6. JezzerW
    Donut Jun 15, 2020

    JezzerW , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jun 15, 2020 :
    I'll look up the nillkin one thanks

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  7. JezzerW
    Donut Jun 15, 2020

    JezzerW , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jun 15, 2020 :
    Thanks and to even more precise, it's only happening in this one case which has 4 magnets(2 on the rear of the case and two on the front). My other flip case with two magnets operating via a strap is fine.

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  8. JezzerW
    Donut Jun 15, 2020

  9. SoniaB
    Nougat Head Moderator Jun 15, 2020

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