4 years a fan, but lately not so much via OnePlus 8

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    Cupcake Nov 25, 2020

    G1580477843396 , via OnePlus 8 , Nov 25, 2020 :
    Hi all,

    First of all sorry if this is the wrong section, I tried to use the OnePlus app to directly post something towards OnePlus or ask on the community app, but there was no other way at least I couldn't find it.

    So I've been a fan of OnePlus for almost 4 years, been there in their journey with the OnePlus 5,6,7 and those all were fantastic phones to use and the only reason why no changed is because I am a early adaptor.
    I'm owning a OnePlus 8 now since 3-4 months and never have I been so disappointed with a OnePlus phone and I am willing to go even further and so never have I been disappointed in a smartphone like this one.
    There were minor things I really didn't like but I ignored it and there are some silly software choices made that I still don't like or totally don't understand for example;
    1) not able to drag or add multiple apps in a folder this needs to be done 1 by 1
    2) not able to delete a home screen you need to remove apps there one by one
    3) not able to select multiple apps ( I could do this on my Xperia Z5 compact a phone from 2015)
    4) Notifications are sub par for example I did everything in my power , read so many forums, websites , reinstalled my phone even but Google play notifications just don't show up at all, I manually need to go to google play and check if there are any updates, that's really bad.

    But like I mentioned those were minor things, nice to have
    ..but they will not ruin your day to day user experience. But what made me really disappointed and considering this will be my last OnePlus is the battery. I've been rarely getting 4h screen on time and that is just really bad in 2020.
    I tried everything, from uninstalling apps, restricting background actions, and having dark mode enabled and brightness always on 40%. The thing that really is bugging me is I am not even a power user, I never game on my phone, I almost never watch youtube, I just use my phone for social media stuff and calls and browsing that's it.
    Yesterday I did a factory reset and erased all on my phone, and installed only crucial apps one by one, I didn't even want to use a backup just to freshly start.
    My batter capacity is 93% and I almost always charge my phone to 80-85% , but since the last couple weeks I had to charge my phone to 97-98% because otherwise I couldn't even make it to 3-4 p.m
    Is there anybody who can help out or have an idea what else I can do , that would be really appreciated and sorry for my long post.
    P.s: attached screenshot with my battery indication
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