Network/Connectivity 4G/5G and Voice calls have become mutually exclusive

  1. G_Felipe_Soares
    Cupcake Sep 23, 2021

    G_Felipe_Soares , Sep 23, 2021 :
    Hey, this has started with the latest update Oxygen, somehow VoLTE has stopped working, I cannot make or receive calls when option is selected. At the same time VoLTE needs to be selected in order for 4G/5G to work. I tried all possible combinations Wi-Fi calling, Smart 5G, Dual channel, all being switched on and off in different combos.
    At this point I have to live with 3G connections speeds and be able to make and receive calls or switch to high speed and loose all calling.

  2. rHITkM.
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 25, 2021

    rHITkM. , Sep 25, 2021 :
    So in order to solve did you try to Reset network preferences, from system settings .

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  3. HarshKK14
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 1, 2021

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