4G on GiffGaff works suddenly

  1. jupiterorbit
    Cupcake Apr 7, 2016

    jupiterorbit , Apr 7, 2016 :
    So, as all OPO users in the UK who are on the GiffGaff network know, LTE isn't supported as 02 don't support the LTE bands that the OPO covers. You can imagine my surprise this morning when the 4G symbol showed up on my OPO! What is going on here? Have O2 bought some new bands in the UK? Screenshot attached.

    What I have noticed is that when 4G is showing my OPO keyboard (SwiftKey) goes berserk. Random characters come out when trying to swipe or tap type. As soon as my OPO drops to H+ the keyboard operates correctly.

    Anyone else seeing 4G on GiffGaff on their OPO and this keyboard issue?

  2. kmunir
    Gingerbread Apr 7, 2016

    kmunir , Apr 7, 2016 :
    Can you do a speedtest and check whether it is really 4G or just the symbols playing up :)

  3. jupiterorbit
    Cupcake Apr 7, 2016

    jupiterorbit , Apr 7, 2016 :
    Yep, I certainly will do. Unfortunately I'm now in the middle of Warwickshire countryside and only have Edge connectivity around here (too many cattle and horse farts around here, I guess!?!). When I'm back in London this evening I'll give it a go and report back.

  4. Ricbro
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2016

    Ricbro , Apr 7, 2016 :
    I remember seeing that o2 were using some 2g bandwidth and converting it for use with 4g. Friends I know with iPhone 5 on o2 have started seeing 4g

    O2 purchased 800 MHz and is obliged to provide 98% UK population indoor coverage by 2017 (O2 is now refarming spare 1800 Mhz it already owns from 2G to 4G (So the iPhone 5 that didnt used to work, now will when on a 4G 1800 Mhz frequency) London, Slough and other Cities are now using or tunring on 4G 1800 Mhz


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  5. jupiterorbit
    Cupcake Apr 7, 2016

    jupiterorbit , Apr 7, 2016 :
    Thanks for the link and info. Very interesting indeed! Now, if only my OPO keyboard would behave itself when a 4G signal is acquired. It is almost like someone ghost is remotely controlling my phones keyboard and messing around. I just get random gibberish typed out when the 4G symbol is showing. It's very annoying. I will try and reboot my OPO when I get back to London this evening and see if it helps at all.

  6. Ricbro
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2016

    Ricbro , Apr 7, 2016 :
    That is strange, I'm with 3 and constantly get 4g but I've never experienced any issues with the keyboard, try Google keyboard see if it still persists

  7. yahiroz
    Jelly Bean Apr 7, 2016

    yahiroz , Apr 7, 2016 :
    There was a thread on giffaff's forum a couple of months ago about iPhone 5/OPO users suddenly noticing 4G on their phones in London, and as @Ricbro linked, it's due to O2 refarming bit of the1800MHz from 2G and repurposing it for 4G. In theory this should provide less range than the 800MHz frequency but provide better speeds, making it more suited for more populated areas.

    Does the same issue happen if you was to use a different keyboard, such as Google keyboard?

  8. Lancelot_69
    Lollipop Apr 7, 2016