4G+ on Three UK

  1. __AK__
    Gingerbread Sep 4, 2018

    __AK__ , Sep 4, 2018 :

    Just seen the 4G+ icon again on my phone today, had it a few times last week, comes and goes. Just managed to keep it long enough for a speed test and the speeds were rubbish. Could this be Three testing or rolling it out? Could we finally be getting even better speeds on Three? Let's see.

    The 4G+ speeds on o2 & Virgin Mobile are very good, been testing out other carriers in my area to see which is best, but couldn't settle for anything under than all you can eat data.

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  2. gthing2264
    Froyo Sep 4, 2018

  3. __AK__
    Gingerbread Sep 21, 2018

  4. race545
    Eclair Dec 10, 2018

    race545 , Dec 10, 2018 :
    Three UK - I have seen 83.6 down and 15.8 up at Junction 9 of the M40 on my Oneplus 5. I have also seen a few locations with 4G+ along the way from M25 to J9 of the M40. I have been wondering for awhile if other Oneplus users are getting better results on EE, Vodafone, O2 etc. I have been in central London or Westfield shopping centre, full bars and literally stand still internet connection. Curious if device or network. Any feedback on best UK network for Oneplus devices?

  5. __AK__
    Gingerbread Dec 10, 2018

    __AK__ , Dec 10, 2018 :
    Speeds have improved a lot since, I have been getting upto 114mb speeds recently.

  6. __AK__
    Gingerbread Dec 10, 2018

    __AK__ , Dec 10, 2018 :
    I'm on o2 aswell, I get good coverage, but the speeds are not as good as what I get on 3 in London.

  7. George_g11
    Cupcake Dec 10, 2018

  8. ShamanBear
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2019

    ShamanBear , Jan 5, 2019 :
    As a customer of both Three and O2, I can tell you in Glasgow alone they (Three) are struggling with their 4G network within city centre however if you step away from there or drive a bit further out they have strongk signal and data is relatively reliable. O2 has Glasgow pretty much working as they should but I would not worry too much Op5T is good for 4G+. 5G signals are gonna take something to un-teeth but so far everything seems to be smooth with O2.

    Three has a LOT of work to do! (Especially with their foreign CS!)

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  9. G_Rich_Cowan_EQlj
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2019

    G_Rich_Cowan_EQlj , Jan 5, 2019 :
    I find that 3 tend to have slower speeds in built up areas. However when IV been camping say in rural wakes I get a great internet signal and can stream hd videos etc. where my partner on o2 doesn't get any signal not my daughter on ee. When you get into city centre areas the speed drops to sometimes very slow speeds. im not sure how it all works but I think 3 must have lower bandwidth or something. the more people in one area using their masts the slower it gets.

  10. NiranjanKarmkar
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2019

  11. ShamanBear
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2019

    ShamanBear , Jan 5, 2019 :
    This is quite true G_Rich, however I have found in cases that switching to actual 3G/H+ seems to work in built up areas (Glasgow City Centre, case in point) and can at most peak times alleviate the work on Three's mast capacity. O2 despite have their outages I do not mind as the last time it was generally not their fault .

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  12. EABowden
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 28, 2019

    EABowden , Jan 28, 2019 :
    You need to be on EE if you want reliable fast download speeds in the UK. I get 100mbps in most locations.

    Three give you tons of data in their allowances to compensate for the fact their network is appalling. Calls drop all the time like it's the 90s!

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  13. gravavel
    Froyo Jan 31, 2019

  14. 2pints
    Honeycomb Feb 2, 2019

    2pints , Feb 2, 2019 :
    No issues with call dropping on Three for me.
    my only issue with Three is its lack of ability to penetrate building with thick stone walls in some locations.

  15. korabemsi
    Cupcake Jul 7, 2019

    korabemsi , Jul 7, 2019 :
    On my Oneplus 3T I can't get 4G+ but my girlfriend can with her Oneplus 6T. I saw the frequencies and 3T should support 4G+, because on EE and Three Ireland is showing 4G+.

  16. ShamanBear
    Cupcake Jul 18, 2019

    ShamanBear , Jul 18, 2019 :
    Hey, I am an ex Three UK customer myself based near Glasgow and I can say for fact that Three has a habit of saying one thing then doing another especially with their India and Bangladeshi CS!

    Three in Glasgow alone is bleeping awful especially at peak and even at non peak in SOME cases but not all. Currently with O2 and tis very nice indeed to have data that actually works and the CS that understand basic kings Scottish.