Sound 5.0.4 Bluetooth controls (mostly) broken

  1. hugohca
    Cupcake Mar 13, 2018

    hugohca , Mar 13, 2018 :
    Ever since my upgrade to 5.0.4 from 5.0.3, Bluetooth controls have been mostly broken:
    - one headset doesn't work at all
    - another one can skip but nothing else
    - my car's controls seems to work fine.

    Also, changing the volume on the phone was changing the volume of the Bluetooth speaker in 5.0.3 (when it was working), but the volume on the phone now seems to be independent from the volume of the speaker.

    I saw another thread reporting issues with 5.0.3, but for me, it's 5.0.4 that broke Bluetooth controls.

    Any workaround? I tried deleting and re-pairing the devices, but that didn't fix it.