ROM [5.1.1][Nightly] Official CM12.1 Nightlies

  1. ethangutterman
    Cupcake Jun 15, 2015

  2. gavron
    Eclair Jun 15, 2015

    gavron , Jun 15, 2015 :
    20150614 - no reboots nor other issues.

    It's been running for over a day and it's solid, no reboots, no touchscreen issues, no wifi issues, no battery life issues.

    The previous times (when I experienced the reboot issue) those were all dirty flashes.
    This one (no reboot issue) was 100% clean:
    - wiped data, cache, dalvik cache, and system
    - flashed the 20150614 nightly and the 5.1 pa_gapps (full)
    - let google restore most of my settings; did the rest manually
    - did *not* use Titanium Backup to restore anything

    Note: OST is not a great metric because it differs from device to device based on what software is installed, how often it wakes up for that, what networks it's using and radio strength, how often it checks mail and/or receives it, etc. OST *is* useful on the same device to compare different builds, depending of course on whether you leave it in the same physical spot (see radio comment above) and the same background workload.


    Tucson AZ US

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  3. ethangutterman
    Cupcake Jun 15, 2015

  4. Miguel Quezada
    Jelly Bean Jun 15, 2015

  5. josefn24
    Jelly Bean Jun 15, 2015

    josefn24 , Jun 15, 2015 :
    15 is up everyone:) going to flash now let you know how it goes. prob same as usual though another perfect build hopefully..

  6. ganeshmasare
    Gingerbread Jun 15, 2015

  7. Jabrnet
    Gingerbread Jun 15, 2015

    Jabrnet , Jun 15, 2015 :
    Once again, phone just shut off and when I turned it on it went through the Android is Updating screen for 5 to 10 minutes.. I'm going to give it a chance still but if it keeps turning off, I'll be changing to another ROM. Makes no sense to me that an app is causing my phone to shut down randomly. Seems more like a ROM issue to me. But I'm no ROM expert, just never seen this behavior before with a ROM... Also this version is showing the Sim toolkit notification (because I'm using the Knowroaming system which did always show up on PA ROM or on Broken ROM) where the CM ROM has never shown it before... Which leads me to believe something has changed in the underlying framework of the ROM. Anyhow, we'll see what happens.

  8. sreekuttan
    Cupcake Jun 15, 2015

  9. bose301s
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 15, 2015

    bose301s , Jun 15, 2015 :
    You guys rally have no clue how this stuff works do you? 6/15 is up but guess what, there's no changes to it from 6/14 so nothing will be different. If you had issues in 6/14 you will on 6/15 and if you don't you're just being lucky for a little while, you will have the issues again guaranteed because there is no difference between 6/14 and 6/15 and the only difference between 6/13 and 6/14 were 2 small commits to the email app and a small commit to the file manager app, so if you had reboots with 6/13 you will with 6/14 and 6/15 as there have been no kernel changes since the end of May that would fix the reboot issue, every build since then has it and until they fix the kernel every build will continue to have it.

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  10. ethangutterman
    Cupcake Jun 15, 2015

    ethangutterman , Jun 15, 2015 :
    From the time I've had with it, yes

  11. josefn24
    Jelly Bean Jun 15, 2015

    josefn24 , Jun 15, 2015 :
    On 15th now Didn't see the changelog but everything seems the same booted fine except half the wallpaper was missing cut in half other side was black screen. It corrected itself after 30/secs no problems at all as usual.

  12. NiNj0e
    Froyo Jun 15, 2015

    NiNj0e , Jun 15, 2015 :
    I can confirm that this issue was also happening to me on 0514 and now after doing a clean flash of 0609 I am also getting this problem, I think I will go back to CM11S, getting tired of these unstable builds.

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  13. highdiver_2000
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 15, 2015

    highdiver_2000 , Jun 15, 2015 :
    What reboot issue? :) Yes I know there is a Jira for it. Can anyone narrow it down further?

  14. greenboyotb
    Eclair Jun 15, 2015

    greenboyotb , Jun 15, 2015 :
    I'm in 6/14 and I had have no reboots so far, I've never had reboots with cm 12.1 nightlys.
    My problem is Google play services that is eating my battery even with privacy on not allowing it to wake and keep phone awaked, it's a problem that I've solved before don't now exactly how and has returned now when I flashed this build besides I don't think it's a rom issue, If anyone can help I'll be very thankful.

  15. highdiver_2000
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 15, 2015

    highdiver_2000 , Jun 15, 2015 :
    How is the mobile data battery drain bug?

  16. rmadilobut
    Gingerbread Jun 15, 2015

    rmadilobut , Jun 15, 2015 :
    I don't about u guys having all these issues. The only reboot issues with the builds were a while back when they added the WiFi config but that's been corrected since then. I haven't had any issues with the latest builds, they r working flawlessly. Maybe some of u you r just not experienced enough to run nightly's, really! This is the most stable ROM for the one+, hands down!!!

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  17. chrisnguyen2796
    Honeycomb Jun 15, 2015

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  18. Slipshot
    Honeycomb Jun 15, 2015

    Slipshot , Jun 15, 2015 :
    Is there a difference between 0613 and 15? Been smooth all day and battery is great. No issues so far.

  19. NiNj0e
    Froyo Jun 15, 2015

    NiNj0e , Jun 15, 2015 :
    The signal drop issue, where it won't connect back unless I reboot has been happening since I updated from 0430 to 0514 and now also happening on 0609. The reboot issue has happened to me only once, and it was on build 0609. Battery I would say is decent, getting about 3-5hrs SOT (playing a few games like CoC and FFT WotL most of the time). Also, could someone post a link to a guide on how to downgrade back to CM11S?

  20. Spannaa
    KitKat Jun 15, 2015

    Spannaa , Jun 15, 2015 :
    Try reading the changelog...

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