ROM [5.1.1_r24][Official][Nightlies]Exodus Android for OnePlus 2

  1. RajaMu
    Jelly Bean Sep 13, 2015

    RajaMu , Sep 13, 2015 :


    This ROM contains support for ContentGuard which is being developed as an Open Source project. Applications flagged as malware or unsafe or exploiting the market system, will be automatically disabled and removed.

    This project adds a host-like system that blocks a selected list of available apps from being installed on the premise that they were intended to promote or allow software piracy. Those apps can be found here: https://github.com/ContentGuard/AntiPiracySupport/blob/beta/src/utils/ContentGuardConstants.java The apps being blocked are chosen by the creators of the project.

    This disclaimer is set to warn potential flashers of said feature. Consider yourself warned If you don't like this feature, please discuss in this thread: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/what-are-your-thoughts-on-the-new-contentguard-project.325620/ and don't post about it on this thread. Thanks..

    Team Exodus and our ROM are an open-source project coded by professional level developers with additional support from the community, focusing on improved versions of common features and improvements found in the open-source community while bringing new improvements and original coding with the highest standards.

    Features list will be updated soon.

    Please note: No finger print scanner logic as of now, but will try to get it done.


    • Take necessary backups
    • Be rooted w/ a custom recovery
    • Download EXODUS Rom & Gapps for your device and move them to your phone
    • Reboot to Recovery
    • Wipe (full wipe if coming from another Rom)**
    • Flash the Rom
    • Flash the Gapps**
    • Reboot to System
    • Setup and Reboot System
    These directions are not necessary after the first install if you use the Exodus Updater, included in the ROM. It can notify you of updates, download, and install them for you automatically.

    **This is automated if coming from a previous Exodus build (Dirty Flashing).

    Exodus official build:

    • Any 5.1.xx 64bit GApps of your choice (opengapps.org)
    ----- Advanced Developers/Users Section----
    Rom source:

    Kernel source:
    Gerrit code review system:
    For additional support, info, and updates please join us in the official Google+ community:

    Crowdin project:
    Help us with translating to support your native language!

    Thank you to all the members, contributors, and maintainers on the Exodus Android team.
    Please see our source for an unabridged list of contributions, authorship, and cherry-picks.

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  2. Funk Wizard
    Lollipop Moderator Sep 13, 2015

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  3. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Sep 13, 2015

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  4. hoggar10
    Honeycomb Sep 13, 2015

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  5. inffy
    KitKat Sep 13, 2015

    inffy , Sep 13, 2015 :
    You should mention that you need 64BIT gapps

    Also no donation links. I removed them from the post and from your signature.
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  6. Wizaro
    Gingerbread Sep 13, 2015

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  7. abdiellover
    Eclair Sep 13, 2015

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  8. inffy
    KitKat Sep 13, 2015

    inffy , Sep 13, 2015 :
    Of course it is

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  9. imabhilash
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 13, 2015

    imabhilash , Sep 13, 2015 :
    Cool update ...


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  10. johnnyjungle
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 13, 2015

    johnnyjungle , Sep 13, 2015 :
    Nice one @raja.m rly I know I am speaking on behalf of lots of OnePlus 2 owners when I say, thank you for all your hard work in brining the Exodus ROM to the Oneplus 2.

    Rly looking forward to seeing what you guys can do to improve the user experience of this awesome device

  11. aaron.stoner56
    Honeycomb Sep 13, 2015

    aaron.stoner56 , Sep 13, 2015 :
    I apologize for sounding like an a**hole but is this the reason the exodus ROM for the OPO went to s***?

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  12. candyaurelio
    Froyo Sep 13, 2015

    candyaurelio , Sep 13, 2015 :
    @raja.m congrats mate. It's a wonderful news. I've appreciated your work for the opo and I'm happy to know that there is the exodus opportunity for the two too!

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  13. JerryDT
    Honeycomb Sep 13, 2015

    JerryDT , Sep 13, 2015 :
    Yeeessssss! Just need to wait for my OP2 to arrive!

    Edit: waiting to flash
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  14. Cboyd104
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 13, 2015

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  15. johnnyjungle
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 13, 2015

    johnnyjungle , Sep 13, 2015 :
    Best to wait until Tuesday, the official nightlys will be released, but one post from the EDA forum said it was "smooth and stable"

    I will install on Tuesday

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  16. kpats
    Gingerbread Sep 13, 2015

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  17. nirmalkurienmathews
    Gingerbread Sep 13, 2015

    nirmalkurienmathews , Sep 13, 2015 :
    I'll wait & flash the nightlies. Great ROM from OPO. Crazy updates.
    Running Stock OP2 Oxygen ROM now. Looking forward to experience OPT with Exodus. Hope the bugs the OP2 users are facing now will be solved.

  18. deejay01
    KitKat Sep 13, 2015

  19. vsm007
    Gingerbread Sep 13, 2015

    vsm007 , Sep 13, 2015 :
    AntiPiracy ? Don't want to developers to go through my data without my permission. Was a happy exodus user until that ****. No thanks.

  20. RajaMu
    Jelly Bean Sep 13, 2015

    RajaMu , Sep 13, 2015 :
    Guys thanks a lot for support there is a new build uploaded in same location ...

    This build is super cool .. and it got so many improvements .. plz try the latest .. if u are already flashed, just go with dirty flash ..!

    We are so glad for support ... i will try to be active here but honestly bit uncomfortable to stay here....! So any emergency support you guys visit xda thread under oneplus 2 android original development our thread is there.

    Hope oneplus 2 staying cool yet giving the required performance.. ! keep me posted with your findings will try to address as soon as possible.

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