5 Reasons to Not Buy OnePlus Devices from Scalpers

  1. Rla
    Eclair Jun 16, 2014

    Rla , Jun 16, 2014 :
    If there are more invites available for us, the scalpers won't have any customers given the reasons you posted.
    But the problem is the Chinese version available much earlier and more volume. It's so tempted for the long waiting crowds of us without any foreseeable buying date.

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  2. GregOrevo
    Gingerbread Jun 16, 2014

    GregOrevo , Jun 16, 2014 :
    For me the important points are warranty, in France (and mostly Europe) we will get a 2 year warranty and by buying it to a scalper, we pay more for the device, plus we'll pay to send it back to them in case of problem, imagine how long that will take, and we don't even know if they will take it seriously, and just a one year warranty; the other very important point is the OnePlus dedicated services, the customer service, OnePlus Support is really great they answer every questions, plus we don't know yet what will be the whole experience yet, but it wil be good for sure, you have a problem, the device gets picked up and send to the warehouse where the problem will be fixed or the device exchanged, and then back to you, ok for now not everyone can get devices, but it will come fast, and for all who have it, everything will be simple and efficient, that's not possible with the scalpers.

    Thanks for the official informations on this. :)

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  3. glowthumb
    Donut Jun 16, 2014

    glowthumb , Jun 16, 2014 :
    The truth is, the OPO is really attractive at $299, but when scalpers are selling it for significantly more it seems like a waste of money. I want a phone that runs cyanogen of the box, with a warranty. I can wait until OP are ready to sell it to me officially, cutting out the middle man and saving me money as a consumer.

    Patience has its rewards.

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  4. Milagroso
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 16, 2014

    Milagroso , Jun 16, 2014 :
    I thought Yasuo only goes where the wind blows?

  5. Ath3na
    Honeycomb Jun 16, 2014

  6. EenPlusEen
    Gingerbread Jun 16, 2014

    EenPlusEen , Jun 16, 2014 :
    Just the contrary; the wind blows where Yasuo goes.

  7. jizang
    Lollipop Jun 16, 2014

    jizang , Jun 16, 2014 :
    You should still have warranty from your credit card

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  8. Luppi88
    Donut Jun 16, 2014

    Luppi88 , Jun 16, 2014 :
    One plus one is an amazing smartphone , but it is still just a smartphone at an awesome price, i ve a budget range of 300-400 € and probably One plus One is the better choice for that price, but if i cant have an invite for buy it from the official site before the end of june i will buy it from another site where it's avviable, or i ll buy another phone.

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  9. jizang
    Lollipop Jun 16, 2014

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  10. Equilibrium
    Gingerbread Jun 16, 2014

    Equilibrium , Jun 16, 2014 :

    Care to elaborate which dedicated services are those?​

  11. Wyniux
    Gingerbread Jun 16, 2014

  12. vijer
    Froyo Jun 16, 2014

    vijer , Jun 16, 2014 :
    Okay, I understand why you would want to limit sales initially, but this invite system is loony.

    First, there is no documentation to show how you obtain an invite.
    Second, if the intention was to reward early fans, you did a shit job of it.
    Third, you never fixed problem one or two.
    Forth, somehow others could obtain invites that THEY could award to whom ever they f_ing wanted to (so how does that reward the early fans?! It doesn't).

    Even an invite system should have been easy, but you apparently can't communicate or create it.

    Dear OnePlus fan, this is the process to get an invite (f_ing pin it to the website):
    Step one: Create a OnePlus account.
    Step two: Indicate you are an early supporter and want an invite (Stupid OnePlus could check the date you became a member, WOW imagine that a simple way to see you are an early supporter!)
    Step three: Wait for OnePlus to decide they have a phone to sell you and send you an invite.

    Real Mensa IQ needed to develop that invite system!

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  13. ChrisTerp
    Lollipop Jun 16, 2014

    ChrisTerp , Jun 16, 2014 :
    Thanks. Answer to this is to sell the product instead of holding it from the public and especially the forum members who are on your side OnePlus. There seems to be more going on here that we are not aware of with the announcement earlier from Carl that Q3 is now a realistic window for invites and purchases. OnePlus has hyped the device and the inability to getting it into the market with limited launch countries are the only reason there's now a premium put on the phone by third party sellers. Agree the best way to protect yourself is to buy from official OnePlus outlet.

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  14. Nise
    Jelly Bean Jun 16, 2014

    Nise , Jun 16, 2014 :
    Thanks Jerry;)
    It's a timely post.
    No warranty is compelling reason enough for me to wait for Q3:)

  15. fksgs2
    Gingerbread Jun 16, 2014

    fksgs2 , Jun 16, 2014 :
    Thanks @Jerry for coming forward on this important topic. I hope it will help many people, including lots of old and new members.

    Thanks again :)

  16. Milagroso
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 16, 2014

    Milagroso , Jun 16, 2014 :
    I thought you were the wind. o_O

  17. risk_the1
    Donut Jun 16, 2014

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  18. gagan
    Honeycomb Jun 16, 2014

  19. Ic1Cr7
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 16, 2014

  20. EenPlusEen
    Gingerbread Jun 16, 2014

    EenPlusEen , Jun 16, 2014 :
    That's why the wind blows wherever I go :)