5T perfomance slowdown after pie update

  1. stefano.zampieri.hm Eclair Jan 12, 2019

    stefano.zampieri.hm, Jan 12, 2019 :
    Hi all, I tried to search around but the main post on Pie is 700+ pages and cannot find info so: after Pie update, my 5t randomly gets huge slowdown in perfomance: scrolling through webpages is laggy and slow, and games seems to go @10FPS. It is like, you know, this phone became a galaxy s2. Also writing in whatsapp feels slow. I cleared the cache afte reach update, and I don't have that many apps, especially non of those "health, perfoamnce etc" apps. The slowdowns happen randomly but when it happens, I have to reboot the phone to come back to normal. "Normal operation" than can last one day or some hours. I submitted a bug report but had no answer.
    Is this something known? Do you have some suggestion apart hard reset/clean cache?
    Thank you!

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  2. Moin2200 Jelly Bean Jan 12, 2019

    Moin2200, Jan 12, 2019 :
    Did you update to 9.0.2 hotfix? It's supposed to fix some issues people were happening with performance.

  3. CH33NU Cupcake Jan 12, 2019

    CH33NU, Jan 12, 2019 :
    do not update to 9.0.2 it is buggy your phone may not boot after that

  4. Moin2200 Jelly Bean Jan 12, 2019

    Moin2200, Jan 12, 2019 :
    Guess then he should wait for the 9.0.3 hotfix instead.

  5. PokiX Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 12, 2019

    PokiX, Jan 12, 2019 :
    So all people in the 9.0.2 thread got lucky because it's still booting?
    Come on, stop spreading BS..

  6. N1545231225658 Eclair Jan 12, 2019

  7. stefano.zampieri.hm Eclair Jan 13, 2019

    stefano.zampieri.hm, Jan 13, 2019 :
    Thanks to all of you for the interest. I already updated to 9.0.2 hoping for some fix but the problem is the same across all pie releases.

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