6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't "Thread" Invite Links

  1. Elas
    Jelly Bean Jul 31, 2014

    Elas , Jul 31, 2014 :
    Hello dear community members,
    As we all know invites are rolling, faster than ever before...it seems like by the end of august every single member of this forum can finally have the OPO in hands, but what if that never happens? What if a big part of all the invites end up on Ebay? What if instead of having a free invite, you'll end up buying one? Well to avoid this from happening, we need to avoid BOTS from happening, but sadly we can't. But what we can do is co-operate so that invites end up in a person's hands, rather than a person's wallet !
    So for all of you who have invites to share... Here are the "6 Reasons why you shouldn't share the invite links in a thread"

    1 - Be Responsible !

    You were the lucky chosen one by OnePlus to have the invite, you should share the invite by choosing another person, a random stranger, a friend, a family member...A PERSON. That is your responsibility !!

    2 - Be Aware !
    While it seems that it is more easy to just drop the invites on a thread, let the luck play it's game, and may the games begin...In fact there is no luck about a scripted program who can spot invite links within a matter of millisecond and claim it before anyone gets the chance to even see the god damn thing ! So be aware that by doing this you just helped someone get richer, and you just made worthy people of the invite more desperate.

    3 - Be Smart !
    Okay let's say you read all of the above, you just had your invites, you'll post a thread claiming that first who sends you a pm gets the invite...First of all i have nothing against people who stay all day participating in invite threads and waiting for their lucky chance ! but that's not what the forum is all about, the forum is about being there for others, it's about sharing experiences, it's about having a good time, making jokes, putting a nice gif or a meme once in a while, making a funny pun !
    By doing this, all of the people who are actually involved in the community have no chance of getting this type of invite, because they don't just sit there and F5... So be smart, pick a random user who you like, his comments makes sense to you, makes you laugh? i don't know... But don't pick the (me me me) members, who spend their day with (Ctrl C, Ctrl V, and F5)

    4 - Test the waters
    Sharing an invite properly may seem hard, what if the guy you chose already have an invite? What if the guy you chose is gonna sell the invite? And nothing changes in the invites corruption infinite cycle... Well there is just one way to know ! it's simple...Go over his profile and look at some of his forum posts, see if they're sincere, send him a pm that has nothing to do with the fact that you want to give him an invite, just to see if he's a willing to help stranger, ask him for help...A lot of people are so busy looking for invite threads that they will ignore you. So this way you can actually make sure you're giving the invite to someone that deserves it, that didn't offer to help just to get something in exchange !

    5 - HAVE FUN

    Just like i said before, the forum is not about invites only, it's and like every aspect of this life, HAVING FUN ! so do something crazy, ask people that first who'll pm you the first lines of your national anthem wins the invite, it seems dumb i know.. But no BOT can pm you your national anthem... first who canrickroll you wins ! I don't know i'm not that smart... But have fun.. Make people smile even if they don't win... because some of them really need to !

    6 - SKYNET

    We all know terminator, we all know Mr John Connor, the one who will make us survive a bunch of sexy looking robots (Not Shwarzy !) who are willing to make humanity go bye bye !
    So be your own version of John Connor
    , don't let the robots win...Open your eyes, don't pick the blue pill. Picking a person is like recruiting another Soldier, who will help us all destroy this annoying phenomenon that is GREEDY PEOPLE !

    PS :

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    1+ thumbs up!

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    bobby2005 , Jul 31, 2014 :
    @Elas it is wonderfull treat. I am agree with almost everything.
    Just one remark - too long for people who don't like to read - and
    exactly these people put a direct links in treats - because they also hate to write. Other time try soming shorter
    The last one was joke :p

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    Elas , Jul 31, 2014 :
    Thanks for the support guys, let's unite against these hot robot chicks ! who are stealing our invites :D

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    Nice post.. How do I share this....?