6t digitzer issues? swift movements not translated properly

  1. FtyshadesofJay Cupcake Jul 13, 2019

    FtyshadesofJay, Jul 13, 2019 :
    Hey all! I believe there is a bit of an issue relating to the digitizer refresh rate on OnePlus devices. specifically the 6t ( I haven't tested on 3 separate devices. I first noticed the problem when using Swype texting, I would get terrible inputs and lag with swift movement of my thumb. subtle curves at quick speeds were translated into harsh lines and breaks.

    At first I brushed this off as the Gboard app and decided to live with it but, my brother who uses the Swiftkey keyboard was having the same issues with Swype typing. We both ended up just tap typing instead of dealing with it because it was just as easy.

    Now with the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game out, I have begun to notice again how terrible the digitizer is at picking these swift motions up. I have two brothers who also have a 6t with these same issues. Now they don't play the game so it doesn't bother them as much but I figured it was worth mentioning in the forums and possibly throwing feedback.

    I wanted to come here to see if others are as bothered by it as I am and if there was enough interest I would file a bug report/feedback.

    I do believe the issue could be fixed in th software.