6T Music skipping played via Bluetooth via OnePlus 6T

  1. F_Brian_Tierney_GVAV , via OnePlus 6T , Feb 19, 2020 :
    Ongoing issue when streaming music on any of my Bluetooth devices, headphones, soundbar and more noticeably via my car (Ford Kuga). In the car it can be very few seconds up to every 20 seconds that there is a noticeable break or skip in the music playing. not to techy but is there anyway of reinstalling blue tooth software in the hope it would rectify this issue??

  2. Massiv
    Donut Feb 24, 2020

    Massiv , Feb 24, 2020 :
    What does work - temporarily - is to turn ON airplane mode, and while it is on, turn bluetooth BACK ON. Then you can either leave airplane mode on or turn it off, and you'll have perfect sound until your next bluetooth reconnect. Very frustrating to have to do this all the time.


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