7 Day Review Challenge! Not a normal review!

  1. RonaldM
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 9, 2017

    RonaldM , Dec 9, 2017 :
    I am a fan of Oneplus since I bought the Oneplus One three years ago and the Oneplus 3 two years later. But now I have the Oneplus 5T:
    • Nice unboxing experience (can't beat the Oneplus One unboxing)
    • it's a fast phone,
    • stable, no nonsense, bloatware free OxygenOS
    • premium built,
    • has a beautiful screen,
    • and a *great camera.
    Just take a look at the great detailed #7DayReviewChallenge reviews of forum members like justinmullet and dsmonteiro.

    *But to zoom in on the camera quality itself, it really has a great potential. I am comparing the camera with the Oneplus One and Oneplus 3 but on a different level.

    I am a Beta tester for the melanoma detection app SkinVision. You use your phone to take pictures of the moles on your body. And within seconds you get a risk assessment of your lesion (to detect melanoma skin cancer).

    While Apple and Samsung where the preferred phones to beta test the app in 2014. I was able to to get in with my Oneplus One. But for all these years developers were unable to make good match to get clear (close up) images. I had to take several pictures before I got one clear enough to get a proper risk assessment. But now with my Oneplus 5T, it works like a charm. I get a good sharp close up image (you have to hold the camera between 10 and 20cm from your skin).

    They are impressed and I am, I can now rely more on the results of my regular self-checks with the app. I already have two moles (marked als suspicious by the app) checked and removed a dermatologist.

    Thanks Oneplus! Thanks for the great camera!
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