#7DayReviewChallenge - 1+5T=❤ ?

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    stefansstan , Nov 29, 2017 :
    Hey guys. This is my first phone review and also my first OnePlus device, so be gentle :) I am switching to OnePlus 5T from a Nexus 6 - 3 years old but still working. I wanted the upgrade because I needed a better performing phone, without lag, that can help me edit photos without any trouble and multitask easily. So 8GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage was very appealing. I must admit I was tempted to get OP5 and damn, am I happy I haven't done that!
    Sure, I paid for priority shipping and received it one week later - :mad: - and as I read here on the forum too, wasn't worth it. I also bought an extra charger - full price, silly me - because I wanted to get advantage of Dash Charge anywhere I'd be. Also, if you are a first time buyer, use a referral link and get yourself €20 off accessories.

    Day 1: UNBOXING

    I got really excited about unboxing this phone. I watched YouTube videos, saw others' reviews and I couldn't wait to put my hands on mine!
    The packaging is simple, yet wonderful. The box is red and the lid is white with a small logo at the top and an engraved 5 right in the middle. While I was expecting to have promoted the 5T more at top of the box, it is elegantly situated on the sides. After all, this phone is just an "upgrade" from the 5 version. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised that there's no other details on the box, as we saw on OP5 - Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.
    Getting to what's inside: as you lift - or better said slide o_O - the lid, the phone itself greets you and shouts "Premium". With a 6 inch bezel-less OLED display it's hard not to be excited. It looks nice and smooth and the screen protector is applied perfectly. I must admit that I barely kept my patience to take this photo before touching the device.
    Underneath the phone, we have the tray where we have the safety information booklet, a quick start guide, stickers and SIM ejector tool, all placed in a transparent silicone case. I genuinely believe it is really important that OnePlus included this silicone case. Most of us want to start using the device immediately, though we are afraid of scratching it. Having this case and the screen protector applied gives you a piece of mind. Sure, it's not the most sturdy/comfortable/fancy, but it does its job. I find it way easier to manoeuvre the phone without the case - this one in particular, but the OCD tells me to not leave it unprotected. Personally, I like transparent cases, so the phone can shine away and to not steal its beauty. Some may argue, and I respect everybody's decision regarding the aspect of the phone.
    Last, but not least, we have included the Dash Charger: a Type-C red cable and a dash charging white AC Adapter. The cable itself looks very sturdy and seems that it is going to last for a while - I previously had problems with all my cables, they used to break after a month or two.
    Overall, the phone looks really good, made with quality material and it feels premium. The Midnight Black anodized Aluminum is stunning and as JerryRigEverything showed, it's hard to destroy. I still find it unbelievable that for €499/€559 you get a phone that is so solid, with flagship specs and a 6 inch display.

    As this is my first OP device, let me know if there's something you'd like me to test or if you have any advice/suggestions. If you have any questions, please let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them! ^_^


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    stefansstan , Nov 30, 2017 :
    Day 2: Design/Display

    As I said on the first post, the unboxing, the phone feels premium. It's the shape, the material and details that makes me say that. Once you touch it, you definitely can't place it in the same category as other mid-range smartphones. Even though the 5T is nowhere in that range, its price might make you wonder why is it so cheap, are all these gimmicks? So far, no.

    OnePlus 5T is made of anodized Aluminum, which makes this phone more durable and less likely to corrode. On the right side of the phone are the power button and the dual sim card tray, while on the left side of the phone are, as we got used to, the volume rocker and the alert slider. At first, I didn't think I would use the alert slider as much, but I fell in love with it. It's so easy to use and makes the switch from "Ring" to "Silent" as easy as pie. We saw this feature before in iPhones, so if you're planning to trading your iOS for Android, OnePlus has your back. The slider seems sturdy and by no mean can you switch the modes by mistake, it even makes a nice click to assure you it has received your "order"..
    At the bottom of the phone we have a single speaker - which is very loud and clear, somehow better than my previous' phone front facing stereo speakers -, Type-C charging port, microphone and *drums please* a 3.5mm headphone Jack. OnePlus has decided to keep that headphone jack, as the vast majority of OP users still uses wired headphones. In a previous forum thread, Pete Lau, the company's CEO said that for the time being they will stick to the jack in favour of slimming down the device, as the wired headphones provide a better audio quality at a cheaper price than Bluetooth ones. With this decision, OP brings something to the market by not cutting down from offering users the ability of using any headphones they would like. But, if you are a Bluetooth handset fan, worry not, the 5T comes with Bluetooth 5.0, supporting aptX & aptX HD.
    Because of the bigger display - 6.01 inch to be more exact - the finger print had to be moved to the back of the phone. Some were disappointed by this, as having the fingerprint reader to the face of the phone made it easier to unlock if the phone was on a table, for instance. The fingerprint sensor is covered by a smooth ceramic and is situated conveniently on the middle, easy to reach with both hands and surprisingly fast and precise. If you are among those using the phone lying on the table, OP has another way of unlocking the phone: face unlock. This has worked rather well for me so far, even in very dark rooms.
    Another thing that you might notice bumping out is the camera. OnePlus has decided replacing the secondary lens from telephoto zoom to a 20MP, f/1.7 aperture that is supposed to work better in low light. In fact, the camera will switch automatically to the secondary lens if the light is under 10 lux and merges 4 pixel into 1 for better low light photography. The bump sticks out quite a lot, but by no means is it something to distract you. And don't worry if you are afraid it will scratch so easily, as minor scratches on the lens will not affect your photography. I will talk more about the camera and how it performs tomorrow, when I will review it.
    Another reason for why the camera bump is so tall, is because of the new Display. The new device has a 6.01 inch 1080p AMOLED, 401 PPI display protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. While most 2017 devices come with QHD, OP has decided for a FullHD for a better battery life. In all fairness, you will not even notice the difference, unless you use a VR headset. But for regular use, this display is more than what you need.
    Over all, it is a good and reliable screen, even though it is "only" a 1080p display. OP has gone even further, and gives you the option to calibrate the screen to your preferences, being able to chose between sRGB, DCI-P3 or even customising it. I personally chose the default calibration, as it seems the best for me. Due to its software, there are also other features such as Reading Mode - works perfectly with Kindle and makes reading way more enjoyable, Night Mode - that makes your screen warmer, Adaptive Mode, Ambient and Lift Up Display. Also, it has Sunlight Display Mode, that increases that brightness of the screen when it detects you are out in bright sunlight. It works rather well and and it saves you from twitching your phone trying to see the photo you have just taken.
    Its almost bezel-less display is very well balanced. It has a 80.43 % body-ratio even though it is just a few millimetres thicker and longer than it's brother, the OP5. OxygenOS allows you take even more advantage of the big display, by being able to hide the on-screen Android Buttons, so whenever you're scrolling through your social media apps or emails, you're gaining a little more screen. You can also bring the keys back by swiping up or pin them back to the screen if you feel like you will need them more, for example when multitasking.
    All in all, the design is not really original, many saying that it looks like OPPO or even iPhone, but OP kept it simple and elegant. No twitches, no extra features that you don't need. And the same applies for the Display too. An 18:9 AMOLED display, that allow you to take full advantage of its 6inch with bright colours, where white is white and black is black.
    Tomorrow I will talk about camera, how it performs in normal and low light, if it really lives up to the hype or not.
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    stefansstan , Dec 1, 2017 :
    Day 3: Camera

    Here we are, day 3. This challenge so far has been more time consuming that I would have imagined. But luckily, here is my favourite day of reviewing, camera. Photography is one of my hobbies, so I'll do my best telling you what I truly believe about the 5T camera.
    Firstly, you should know the camera setup. On the rear of the phone is a dual camera, the main camera having 16MP, an aperture of f/1.7 and a focal length of 27.22mm, while the second one has 20MP and the same aperture and focal length. The different characteristic is the pixel size (1.12μm/1.00μm). So far so good, right? Having an aperture of f/1.7 means that the lens are letting more light come in, which will reduce the noise considerably. We see less grains on photos made with a high aperture because it doesn't need to increase the ISO.
    But because this is a smartphone camera, most of the details and processing are made through software. At the time of writing, there have been no camera updates, but @Carl said in a previous thread that the camera will receive an important update in early December. The new update should improve three areas: low light photography, selfies and beautification.
    I will not compare the photos from the 5T to other smartphones, simply because I don't think it is fair, since it is mostly about the software. The same as it is not fair to compare the photos from a Nikon to a Canon. Also, do not expect DSLR quality from a phone. I genuinely don't believe that any phone will have a camera that will be 70% close to a DSLR's any time soon. Try to keep in mind that the most important thing about a professional camera is the lens. A mediocre body and an excellent lens work miracles.
    Starting with the auto mode, I found that the camera is getting quite nice colours, and a̶ ̶l̶o̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶d̶e̶t̶a̶i̶l̶s̶ few details. While the picture seems good at first sight, vivid and sharp, once you zoom in you'll find that it has a water painting effect. Also, try avoiding using the HDR mode until OP releases a fix, as this effect is a million times worse. One thing I like about the camera, is that it doesn't over saturates the colours.
    Let me give you an example in the following picture: while there is a nice white balance, the colours look right and not saturated, you can still see the sky as it is about to get dark, the bricks seem like being highly edited in some cheap editor. They completely lack any detail. And it's the same around the flower pots.
    All of the above are completely related to software.
    Because it has such a large aperture, it also gives you a nice depth of field, aka bokeh effect. You can create this effect if the subject is in focus, usually in a close proximity of the camera - in our case around 30cm. As you can see in the following picture, you see that everything is getting out of focus and seems blurry after the second bike. I find the effect quite natural, but even so it loses a lot of detail.
    Another issue that can be quickly repaired through an update, is the focus. In general is hard to focus through tap-to-focus but when trying to do so on subjects that are far away, it just doesn't seem that it is receiving the command. It looks like it is trying to get as much as it can in focus, rather than focusing wherever you want. Sure, the Pro-Mode we have a manual focus option, but I really don't understand why would you use, since you are not using a viewfinder and you can just tap to focus where you'd like. In the second photo, I have tried focusing on the sky, so I can get more of its colours (at dawn) and less details on the street (silhouette), but as you can see, there's is barely any difference between the two photos.
    Speaking of the Pro-Mode, it gives you the option to adjust the ISO (max 3200), White Balance, Exposure, Manual Focus and the Exposure Compensation. It also gives you the ability to shoot RAW, making your work a lot easier when editing photos. While I find all these settings very useful, I genuinely believe that the Manual Focus has no place there. As I said earlier, it is much easier and reliable to tap to focus and I find it hard to believe that anyone would stay to manually adjust the focus when taking a smartphone photo. What I would like to see instead is maybe some sort of B/W filter since the secondary lens is not monochrome nor telephoto. I have tried taking some panning shots, but because the shutter speed is quite low and it has some problems focusing, the pictures were average, yet impressive for a smartphone camera.
    The secondary lens on this device, as I said, is not monochrome nor telephoto as we've seen on the OP5. The company has decided to improve the low light photography, so whenever the light is less than 10 lux (which is quite dark - even less light than on the streets at night), the camera switches to the secondary lens. It is supposed to merge 4 pixels into 1 for giving you clearer, brighter and less grainy shots in dark environments. What I find annoying, is that you can't make the switch manually whenever you'd need, for example, and neither do you know when it has decided to use the low light lens. But on the bright side, I do believe it works miracles. I have tested it when trying to take a picture of a coffee machine: while on the floor the lights were dimmed, behind the counter all of the lights were off and you could barely see anything around. The blue light that you can see if from a small display on the grinder, that normally you'd barely notice. In this picture, however, it shines bright as if there would be a bulb. The camera made the shot a lot brighter, and comparing to regular photos it takes, it didn't lose any much more details. Interesting enough, it has decided to focus on the far right of the picture, there being the most details, while the rest of the picture is slightly out of focus.
    Sticking around the secondary lens, it also helps providing the Depth Effect - aka Bokeh - or as OP calls it, the Portrait Mode. This effect is made post-processing the photo, so if your shots are not sharp around edges, don't worry, it can be fixed with an update. The blurriness doesn't seem very natural, but then again, I really wasn't expecting that. It creates a nice depth of field for your instagram pictures, but don't expect the same effect as you'd obtain with a professional camera. So far, I've been happy with it, but I don't use it on a regular bases so the only shots I took were for this review. And if it feels your heart with joy, it looks better and more natural than on other devices, as it is not as strong and fake. I was also pleasantly surprised by how well it works around the edges, especially when people on OP5 were complaining about it.
    For the front facing camera, I believe it works very well and its beautification effect is very nice. Some, including myself, complain about that is zooming in when using third party apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram. Again, this is going to be fixed in a future system update.
    Another are to be reviewed is the video mode. Both rear facing lens lack Optical Image Stabilisation, so all the stabilisation is made electronically (EIS). This is the first phone with EIS that I am using and I am enchanted by how well is stabilises videos, including 4K. Though it gives it a robotic like movement, the video is smooth and if not much movement is involved, it looks like it is attached to a gimbal.
    We also have the option of recording Time-lapse and Slow-Mo. Below is a Time-lapse video of me making a coffee ;)

    Overall, the camera is very good, though it lacks so many things. Fortunately, most of the issues described above are software related. With a little bit of patience, all these will be solved. Specs wise, the camera was a good choice by OnePlus, promising very good photos, especially with that large aperture and 16MP, but all is in OP's hands. If they release the proper software and maintain it nice and clean, the camera has the potential of being one of the best smartphone cameras.
    Tomorrow is Performance Day so if there's anything you'd recommend trying (games, apps, tests) please let me know :)

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    stefansstan , Dec 3, 2017 :
    Day 4: Performance

    With a little delay, here is my performance review.
    There is honestly not much to say about this. With an enormous 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 835 processor you wouldn't expect any lag from this phone. And in all fairness you don't get any. I had open 21 apps and all of them responded accordingly. But let me be honest and say that I am not a heavy user and opened those apps just for the sake of this review. I would consider myself a medium user, mostly using my phone for social media, editing photos, chatting and streaming. But in all this time, I haven't experienced any lag or latency.
    When you say OnePlus 5T you say fast! In the short time I had this phone it never left me down. I'm not a gamer, but tried playing Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3 and it went so smoothly! I am impressed by how quicly it launches an app and how easy it is to multitask at all times. On my previous phone, my phone used to slow down when the battery was at around 30-35%, but now, even at 10% everything seems fine, not slowing down at all.
    Another fast feature is Face Unlock. At first, being used to unlocking my phone by pressing the power button and entering my pin, I was shocked by how fast this was. I have face unlock on my previous device as well, but I still had to swipe up to unlock the phone. Plus that it wasn't fast and wasn't recognising my face every time. With 5T I had no problems whatsoever. I unlocked my phone in pitch dark and still worked. Sure, it was a bit slower, but it had to light up the screen to actually scan my face. Most say it is not secure, and I agree with that, but I've tried fooling it a few times with pictures (printed and on another phone) and it didn't work. The only way I could actually "fool" it was by pointing it to a mirror.
    Overall, this is a mini computer that you can carry in your pocket. It actually makes me a bit sad that the laptop I'm writing from has the same amount of RAM.
    And in case you care about stats - which may differ from one user to another - here are mine:
    Antutu: 169422/3D 70656/UX 48579/CPU 390000/RAM 11187
    Geekbench: 7854 - CPU Single Core: 1963/Multi Core 6635

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    stefansstan , Dec 3, 2017 :
    Day 5: Power Consumption/Dash Charge
    As I said in my previews post, I am not a heavy user. But the best way to show how much this batter lasts, I will make a quick comparison: on my previews phone, I used to get home with around 15-20% battery left. starting the morning with 100%. Now I get home with 40-50% battery and start my day with around 90% because I don't charge over night anymore. That should say a bit, right? With an average SoT of 5h30min I believe the 5T is a winner.
    I don't have the phone really optimised for battery saving, as I always have the Bluetooth on because of my smartwatch and I let the app run in the background. But even so, the power consumption is quite impressive. With ideo streaming around 1 hour a day, continuous chatting and social media, photo editing, the battery still lasts! And I think it's safe to say that most of us are medium users.
    Coming to dash charge I have only one word to say: WOW! Being used to around 2 hours charging time, the dash charge simply blew my mind. In my tests, in 30 minutes I got 58% battery and made it to 100% in a bit over 1 hour. But all this comes with a downside: you're hooked to using only OnePlus AC adapter and cable. These two just don't work separately! But beside that dash charge is cool, is also going to keep your phone cool because most of the power conversion happens in the adapter and not in the phone. This also means that your battery will last longer, so don't worry that you'll phone will start decreasing its battery life after 6 months!
    OnePlus claims that it can give a day's power in half an hour with Dash Charge, so, at least for me, it's valid! But even so, I carry the charger with me all the time just because I would be afraid that I might run out of battery, even though so far it was never the case! Even after 36 hours, I still had 25% battery.
    Fun fact: that's called "Nomophobia" : growing fear in today's world — the fear of being without a mobile device, or beyond mobile phone contact.

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    stefansstan , Dec 4, 2017 :
    Day 6: OxygenOS
    Also known as the place where all the magic happens. For those who have never used a OnePlus device - including myself - the operating system used is called OxygenOS and it is as close to stock Android as it can be. Of course, it has some extra features that do nothing but improve your overall experience. The phone is shipped with the operating system base on Android Nougat 7.1.1 but OnePlus promises there would be an update to Oreo in the first quarter of 2018.
    Beginning with: Gestures
    I don't find myself using them a lot, but there are a few that do come in handy in my daily use. Starting with three-finger screenshot, you can swipe in any direction with three fingers to capture a screenshot. Before I used to find quite annoying when trying to screenshot something and wasn't coordinating myself enough and was switching off the screen or changing the volume. But now it is as easy as pie. Another feature I like is taking a longer screenshot, like a full webpage or a conversation and the ability to edit it straight away - sounds silly but I do really appreciate it now, because I couldn't do it on my previous phone.
    Double tap to wake is really cool especially if you're as lazy as I am. Sometimes it is much easier to unlock your phone this way, rather than pressing the power button. And it works as a charm with Face Unlock.
    Long press to take a photo is a feature I will probably use once there would be a camera update. At the moment I am honestly not using the camera - I also own a DSLR so whenever I feel like taking pictures, I use that. But you can long press the fingerprint sensor for a easier way to take a selfie.
    Flip to mute for whenever you're in a meeting and want to quickly stop your phone ringing. Also works wonderfully when you just want to ignore someone.
    Other features include: music controls - draw < or > for previous or next track; drawing a letter on the screen for opening apps such as O for Camera, M for Music Player and so on.
    One of the most debated feature OxygenOS brought to the 5T was Face Unlock. Even though this is not as secure as the fingerprint scanner, personally I found myself using this more often. It is just so easy to double tap to unlock and then the devices recognises your faces and unlocks the phone.
    A new feature added is Parallel Apps. While this is not new to Android, it is nice to see OnePlus introduced it to its devices. With this, you can create a copy/clone of your social media app, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Whatsapp, so you can use multiple accounts at the same time. This feature really comes in handy, since the phone is dual sim and now you can use to Whatsapp accounts. Of course, Facebook and Instagram had this option built in already, but is nice to be able to log in to multiple Snapchat/Whatsapp/Twitter accounts.
    Two features that are really underrated are Read Mode and Gaming Do Not Disturb. Now you can select with witch apps you want to use them and the feature will start automatically. I use Read Mode with Google PlayBooks and the transition from colour to black and white and vice-versa is smooth unlike the autobrightness which is quite sharp.
    Now, you should really take advantage of the AMOLED Display - and save some battery as well. You can choose the theme of the phone between light or dark and add your favourite colour as an accent. Because black is really black and doesn't use battery - like the phone is off, you can also select a darker wallpaper and save some battery. Since we are talking about the display, you should also know that OnePlus offers screen calibration. You can choose between Default - I left it with this one as I am happy with it, sRGB, DCI-P3, Adaptive Mode or Custom Colour. All I can say about this is: each to its own.
    The Alert Slider is something every phone should have. Even though you cannot customise it, it comes with three options: Ring-Do Not Disturb-Silent. The Do Not Disturb mode is what you can find on other Android phones as Priority.

    I can't say I found any major bugs in the short period of time I had this phone other than the ones reported on this forum, but I am really looking forward to their improvements. This phone can work magic if its software is improved and well maintained. But there is no perfect software :)
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    stefansstan , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Day 7: Conclusion

    Finally made it to the 7th day. One day later than planned, but here it is: the good, the bad and the 5T.
    This is my first OnePlus device, as I said in the first post, so I cannot comment on what was here before. But for me the whole experience started quite bad, having the phone delivered after one week, weak replies from the Customer Service Team, but once I received the phone, everything was great. Not perfect, though.
    The good:
    The phone has an impressive display. Even though it is 1080p, the AMOLED display is definitely amazing. I switched to this display from a QHD AMOLED. I can't tell the difference in pixels and somehow I believed the 5T has better colours. Packed with 6/8GB RAM and 64/128GB storage, the phone is a beast. It is very fast and responsive. Speaking about fast, so is the Dash Charge, reaching 100% battery in a bit over an hour. And judging by my experience so far, half an hour charge gave me a day of use. Among this, the battery keeps up very well with the large 6.01inch display. The 5T brings new things as well, such as Face Unlock, Parallel Apps and a new aspect ratio of 18:9. It also keeps the old such as the 3.5mm headphone jack and a very close to stock Android software, the OxygenOS. All these come at an affordable price of €499.00/€559.00. But it also comes with these....
    The bad:
    You may not have seen anything about it on youtube reviews, but the camera is quite bad at the moment. Non of these are hardware problems, though. OnePlus needs to upgrade camera's software as at the moment the pictures lack in details, giving the photos a waterpainting effect. The HDR is also extremely awful, however, the ProMode saves the day. Worry not, all these problems can be solved with a software update, which, actually is promised to arrive at the beginning of this month. Speaking of updates, the phone doesn't come with Oreo out of the box. This means that there is no Treble Project support. Another things the phone lacks is waterproofing. OnePlus has assured the customers that the phone is resistant against rain and minor splashes, but there is no warranty for it.

    The list can go and on for both the good and the bad. What about the 5T? Is it worth it?
    I would definitely say yes! Just think about the incredible specs this phone has! And if you don't like the OS it comes with, there's plenty of others, surely less stable, on XDA forums. Once you buy a phone, the software can continuously be improved, but the hardware not. Choose wisely: do you want a phone that will lag and be outdated after 1 year? Or a phone that will operate smoothly after a longer period of time? I always go with the second one ;)


    This has been my independent review of OnePlus 5T. I've tried to be as objective as I could, based solely on my experience over a short period of time with the phone and understanding that no software is perfect. Any feedback is extremely welcomed and appreciated.
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    stefansstan , Dec 6, 2017 :
    It was listed as private . But it should be available to everyone now :blush:
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