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  1. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 1, 2017

    fdiblasi , Dec 1, 2017 :
    Hey guys,

    I am completely new to this forum and have never had a OnePlus, so I think this is a great idea to encourage new users to share opinions!

    Before getting the 5T, I was using a phone from another manufacturer that claims to be a flagship killer too, and even though I have enjoyed using it for 2 years, as soon as I saw the new OP I told myself it was time to upgrade. A few days later, I ordered and, after some waiting and building excitement watching reviews and comparisons... well, here it is!

    As soon I got home I started the unboxing. The branded box was intact and has a good minimalistic design:


    The phone was the very first thing I found, what a stunner!! The metal body looks sleek and the screen is thinner than I expected, it feels really nice in the hand.

    As the unboxing continued, I found the famous dash plug and cable, a sim card pin and a transparent silicon case - I really wanted the carbon one! But I couldn't complain really. Overall, everything was well compartmented.

    I decided to start the device. Restoring all the data from my previous phone took quite a while (thank God it wasn't and iPhone) but at least I could explore some initial features while other processes ran smoothly in the background. I have to say, the face id and fingerprint sensor are so fast it's not even funny. But well, I think that I have said enough for a first impression!

    pd: sorry about the terrible picture quality (old phone), I have a feeling it's going to get a lot better!
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    Eclair Dec 1, 2017

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    fdiblasi , Dec 1, 2017 :
    DAY 2: Design and Display

    The design of the phone makes it very comfortable and appealing. The 5T has a great fingerprint sensor location and the alert slider is something every phone should have. I am also happy to see that headphone jack is there and that the screen has a strong Gorilla Glass 5 protection. One of the things that I am struggling with, however, is the location of the volume buttons; I kind of feel that they would be more accessible on the right side but I might get used to the left. The phone feels compact and very robust thanks to its metal body, and although many competitors have gone for glass to enable wireless charging, I kind of prefer the 5T material and I don't really care about that feature.

    The amoled display is amazing compared to my previous phone's; I know there are some even better out there but it kind of gets to a point where it doesn't even matter. Let's face it, it is a ridiculously stunning, sharp and bright display. It is also important to note that a slightly lower resolution really helps battery life, and a tip that I can give is to set the phone on dark mode on display settings to save even further. Here are some cool wallpapers: a classic one, one that I have borrowed from the 'Shot on OnePlus' gallery and a night shot of my garden haha.



    One of the biggest issues I am having, however, is the bottom navigation bar. I have tried using the hiding feature in the buttons' settings, but it still doesn't look good and it's very uncomfortable. Every time I type I accidentally hit it and when it's up, its white background is very unappealing and bright at night. It just doesn't feel right. I might get used to it but at the moment it's a bit of a burden for someone who has always had traditional displays.

    Overall handling this device and watching anything on it is mostly a pleasure, and I believe that some tweaks might make it even better!
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  3. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 2, 2017

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    fdiblasi , Dec 2, 2017 :
    DAY 3: Camera day

    Camera is certainly a big feature nowadays. I didn't have the highest expectations, and I don't think I can consider myself a good photographer, but I certainly wanted a phone that could shoot some good pictures. The very first picture I took of my garden didn't let me down!


    Unfortunately, London's weather didn't really allow me to shoot in optimal, natural light conditions, but on the other hand, living close to a couple of landmarks and a shopping trip made it up a bit. I played with some features for landscape pictures (HDR, HQ, panorama and WB in pro mode) but i don't really have the knowledge of many modes and I guess that no tripod + shaky hands + no optical image stabilisation on the back cameras + low light conditions don't really make the best possible pictures. Yet, still, the phone performed quite OK!







    At some points the phone had quite a lot of noise with dark backgrounds and when you zoom-in the pictures can lose quite a bit of detail, but overall I was quite happy with landscape shots.

    I also met up with my girlfriend and a friend and made a photoshoot of my cat, using portrait mode, normal and selfie camera (with and without beautification mode), here are some shots:





    Again, some pictures didn't blur properly in portrait mode and I am not particularly fond of the beautification mode, but this is something you can simply turn off. Having said that, already two people that I have taken pictures of have loved them and asked me to send them over.

    Overall, I do believe that the camera can do with a few software tweaks, and it's a shame that the lenses don't have optical image stabilisation, but there is certainly a huge potential! The phone can perform really well in certain conditions, which means that the hardware has what is needed. I have read that OP team is already working on different aspects for the next update(s) so these are great news! Keep up the good work.
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  4. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 3, 2017

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    fdiblasi , Dec 3, 2017 :
    DAY 4: Performance

    So this is definitely one of the most important aspects of a phone for me, not only because I get very frustrated when everything crashes, but also because a good performance is a sign of durability and good battery consumption. I probably chose the 5T because I wanted top specs at a reasonable price, and I guess this is where this manufacturer excels. I did not mind paying a few extra pounds to get the 8/128 version, I wanted the best bea5T OP had to offer.

    I have ran a couple of tests and, overall, my phone does a good work and performs similarly to other 5Ts and well above 99% of competitors:




    These tests have to be taken with a pinch of salt (and no, OP are no longer cheating as some people believe), but they certainly send two very clear messages: 1- whatever you run on your device is going to run like Usain Bolt and 2- run pretty much as many things as you want, it will all go smoothly and background apps won't crash.

    Obviously, performance also relies heavily on OS but here OP5T been the cleverest of the pack doing the simplest of things, use nearly stock android with a few cool tweaks and don't try to reinvent the wheel at the expense of potential bugs and dodgy themes. But more on Oxygen in a couple of days.

    The result, in practice, is a device that hasn't, and doesn't seem to be going to, disappoint me. It feels good to simply swipe the screen in comparison with my old device.
    I run Asphalt 8 (pretty demanding):
    Smooth. I run ten more apps:

    Smooth, smooth, smooth. I then come back to Asphalt 8:

    The game hasn't crashed, nice one! I did try opening a few more apps and coming back to the game after 20 minutes and the game had frozen, but I guess that was abuse, and even so I am not even sure if wasn't just the game's fault. Other lighter apps can stay opened for a ridiculous amount of time, I won't even test that.

    The fingerprint sensor and face ID continue to work lightning fast and I keep showing it to everyone I encounter haha, people go bananas. Having said that, in some rare occasions face ID has failed even though I was in decent light conditions.

    Overall, I really can't complain in this section, the 5T has an amazing performance.

  5. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 4, 2017

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    fdiblasi , Dec 4, 2017 :
    DAY 5: Battery

    My previous phone had a 4000mAh battery, and that was probably its only very decent feature (even though it had such a bad RAM and overheated so frequently it wasn't always that good). I was a bit concerned about the 5T not having a bigger battery than previous models and having a bigger, brighter screen. Having said that, I have not been disappointed by battery consumption so far. This comes back to the notion that a good performance means better power consumption.

    The dash charger is a bit bulky and I wish the cable was a bit longer, but coming back to my old phone, can you imagine how long it was taking me to charge a 4000mAh battery with a micro-usb (no quick-charge) cable?!! The first time I plugged in the 5T and saw the charge speed I nearly cried haha.

    So for today, I have tried to use the phone in the three modes suggested (idle, normal usage, heavy usage) to see how the battery performed. I woke up and put my phone on charge, by the time I took a coffee and got ready to go to uni the phone was on 90ish%...I love this, seriously.


    As you can see, the first part of the day is a bit steep; at this point I was commuting and I was doing normal usage activities i.e. browsing the internet, reading articles, social media - my commute took more or less one hour. During the following hours, I was in 3 2-hour lectures and my phone was mostly idle; I did do a 2 hours audio recording of the last lecture (privacy law, in case you want it) while checking occasionally PPT - this is why the middle part is relatively flat and steady, even during the recording time! I then went back home, put the screen on medium-high brightness and played Asphalt 8 for about an hour and a half - which is why by the end of the graph the curve gets fairly steep, still a fairly decent resistance. I was particularly happy to see that the phone didn't heat up for a second after playing for so long. Here's a screenshot of the most consuming processes:


    As I finish typing this review (it's taken me a while):
    the phone has consumed a further 4% battery.

    Overall, even though the 5T may not have the best capacity, it has solid battery performance and the charging time is as good as it gets. Even after a very demanding usage,the battery hasn't needed an extra charge, so I am pretty confident to confirm that the slogan "1 Dash Charge per day keeps your anxiety away" is true so far. Hopefully the battery will have a good lifespan too.

  6. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 5, 2017

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    fdiblasi , Dec 5, 2017 :
    DAY 6: Oxygen OS

    So as I have implied before, I am not particularly fond of some super changed OS that try too hard to be original and simply end up messing up with performance and user experience. I was previously using Miui and simply couldn't stand its themes. Another factor that I really appreciate is frequent analysis of data and new, well-made updates, it really shows the manufacturer cares.

    I believe that OP have struck the right balance here, and that while Oxygen OS is not invasive, it does have a number of very good features and gives you a lot of freedom in terms of customisation (which is what any android should do). Furthermore, the system runs really smoothly and small things like an app shelf or the widget tab on the left make general navigation comfortable.

    Other than the features I've mentioned in previous posts (you know i love the fingerprint and face sensors), I really like the wide range of gestures available, such as double tapping to wake up the phone, drawing letters (I use it for camera and torch) or signs when listening to music. I also really like the gallery's mapping tab and the layout of its collection tab. Finally, since I like playing occasionally, I think the gaming DnD is quite good too.

    On the other hand, I know it's tricky to find a solution, but I am still not happy with the bottom navigation buttons. Maybe an option to separate the keyboard from the buttons would improve this. The camera app is also not at its best but again, I know the team is working on this (and no, it's not as bad as people say either, it seems like there's only lovers or haters). Also, the night mode has bugged a bit and I feel like the auto brightness is not always on spot. I am not particularly struggling with screen size but some people might also benefit from a one-handed mode. Finally, a feature that would allow your face to become an animoji would be.. haha nah just kidding, don't waste money and time on this please.

    Overall, the OS experience is smooth and great, and if the new update brings a few of the changes the community has suggested, it will take very good steps towards being up there, killing flagships.
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  7. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 6, 2017

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    fdiblasi , Dec 6, 2017 :

    It's been great to take this challenge since it's pushed me to see and test every aspect of the phone! I have also been actively checking the forums and noticed that many of the suggestions that I have given are shared by the community - it deserves a day review on its own. I know that OP are notorious for trying to develop many improvements based on community concerns, and keeping it alive with contests and raffles and very dedicated moderators shows they value this. But in the end, it all comes down to the members, they show passion for the project, and even if sometimes it comes in negative forms or frustration, no thread is left unseen nor unanswered. Treasure this OP!

    I know that at some points it might have seemed like I was pointing out too many problems... but don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy with this device and I think that OP have created something great. I keep boasting about it with people I know (that's word of mouth marketing for you, you're welcome hah) but truth is this device doesn't even need recommendations. This is what happens:

    - You mention you have a OnePlus,
    - People say "a what?"
    - You show them the device

    Done, you have a new potential customer. What, you don't believe me?

    I know it's in Spanish but, multilingual entries allowed, right? ;D

    Just stay unsettled and continue to work with the people that form this community, seriously they will give you better feedback than any market research. I know that I don't have a tenth of the experience or knowledge that many of the members have, but I will try to stick around and contribute too.

    Here are my 3 favourite things:

    - Bea5T performance and clean features
    - AMOLED bezel less screen has the perfect quality/consumption ratio.
    - The dash has won my heart.

    Here are 3 areas for improvement:

    - OS tweaks for navigation buttons and other small features.
    - Bring up Oreo! it's time
    - Camera - I am happy with it but I know it can be better, work on it and you'll tackle a lot of complaints.

    Thanks for having a look at my review, it's been a lot of fun!
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    Honeycomb Dec 2, 2017

    RSPBLR , Dec 2, 2017 :
    Neat review, unlike some fanboys who just keep saying only good things.
    Welcome to oneplus community !

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  9. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 2, 2017

    fdiblasi , Dec 2, 2017 :
    Thanks! Also, sorry about the huge amount of mistakes and typos. I have edited the posts to correct as many as I see, but feel free to point out any outstanding ones haha.

  10. tye359
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 6, 2017

    tye359 , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Excellent review - mine is sitting in the cupboard as its a Christmas present from the wife, so annoying not being able to open it. haha. Currently using my OPO which will be passed on to my dad.

    What screen on time are you getting on the average day? Also, is there a way to disable the second sim card notification? That would make my OCD go crazy!

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  11. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 6, 2017

    fdiblasi , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Hey! Thanks for the kind comment! I misunderstood the SIM question (hence the edit) I don't think you can remove the icon :/ I have a decent SOT, yesterday I was bit disappointed because it was at 22% after 5h30 SOT, I did use it quite heavily though, here's the latest screenshot of heavy use:

    View attachment 640310

    but I think it can perform better than that and go smoothly through the day if you don't abuse ;)
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  12. tye359
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 6, 2017

    tye359 , Dec 6, 2017 :
    You would think the system will be intelligent enough to know that only one sim card is inserted, so the 2nd icon wouldn't show up... oh well. I will do some tinkering when I get mine and see if I can remove/hide it!

    I don't play any games on my phone, so in a way the OP5 is overkill for my needs. 90% of the time i use it for whatsapp, spotify, tapatalk, youtube and web browsing.

  13. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 6, 2017

    fdiblasi , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Ahh no, the icon is just there because I use two SIM cards but one is inactive. If you just use one you won't have any issues don't worry ;)

    If you don't have a heavy usage you'll be more than fine.

  14. tye359
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 6, 2017

    tye359 , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Ah that's perfect then :)

    I get about 6 hrs of SOT at the moment, so I will expect at least that or better! Will be nice having 4G too when I'm out and about and not having to rely on terrible 3G!

  15. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 6, 2017

    fdiblasi , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Wow 6h in the very first OP after a few years now is pretty sweet! I hope the 5T's battery will have a good endurance. Since you're and experienced OP user any tips for battery saving are more than welcomed haha. And yes, 4G works like a charm, I had a xiaomi before which was meant to have it too but they didn't have the band for many UK networks. Now with the 5T it picks it everywhere and flies, even though I have a pretty low-cost network provider.
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  16. tye359
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 7, 2017

    tye359 , Dec 7, 2017 :
    I changed the battery in February so that has probably helped too.

    I always have location services switched off unless I need to use Maps, don't need them on for anything else! Airplane mode overnight to help with the battery drain. Apart from that I don't use any battery saving apps.

    Good to know regarding the 4G, I'm with giffgaff and they include it in their bundles, looking forward to trying it out :)

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  17. fdiblasi
    Eclair Dec 7, 2017

    fdiblasi , Dec 7, 2017 :
    I hope that the 5T's battery can be replaced without major issues! And yes, I am on giffgaff too and ni issues whatsoever, at least in London. Thanks for the battery tips!

  18. tye359
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 7, 2017

    tye359 , Dec 7, 2017 :
    I watched a teardown video, and while it does look harder to replace than on the OPO it is doable...

    You shouldn't need to change the battery for a couple of years though.