#7DayReviewChallenge - Can it be "better" than my Samsung S7

  1. Kwiatek_m
    Eclair Dec 2, 2017

    Kwiatek_m , Dec 2, 2017 :
    DAY 1: Unboxing Day

    As a fan of Samsung phone I decided to buy something new and something different from my Samsung S7 dual sim phone so I bought it in a first hour of selling time. First time I was in shock how many people want to be the first customer to buy this phone.

    Finally I bought it and after about one week a DHL courier deliver me a package. It was wrapped in a plastic bag with a DHL logo on it. Inside there was light brown box. When I opened it I saw white box with big 5 on it. My firt impresion was " Oh my........" What a huge box!


    OK. Lets unwrape it I thought. I took it out and opened the white box.

    This time I saw a phone. It was huge for me. My biggest phone was Samsung S7 and Honor 8 which is even taller. Oneplus 5T is 10mm taller and 5mm wider.


    When I cool down I started to open the rest.

    Inside the box we can find phone, charger, usb to usb-c cable some paper and nice silicone cover (plus for that oneplus) and sim cover ejector. Unfortunatelly there wasn't any earphones (why oh why. Do we have to pay for everything. With my Samsung S7 I received a nice earphones.)


    I put a cover on a phone and boot it up for a first time. Meanwhile I looked on a phone with a cover on it . It was nice made but one the back side it is equal with the glass lens. It shoud be a minimal outside to protect against scraching.
    Oneplus 5T is my first phone this manufacturer. I have never had any Oneplus before only Samsung S5, S7,Honor 8, LG L90 dual, LG G4S. Every phone I use should have 2 sim slot because I have my private and bussines sim in one phone.

    Front glass is protected by plastic sticker. When you move a nail on the screen it leaves some marks but better this than nothing. Corners are protected by the cover (cover is little above the glass).

    After booted it up I use buid-in apps to transfer my google account details from my Samsung S7 to new Oneplus. There was no trouble during this process and after few minutes a had fully prepared handset to play.

    Pictures was taken with my Samsung S7.
    During testing I will compare Oneplus 5T to my Samsung S7 and Honor 8.

    Ps. Sorry for my English but my native language is Polish. I am not a reviewer but typical user of phone. and this is my first time when I write something like that. I still look for the best phone for me.

  2. Kwiatek_m
    Eclair Dec 3, 2017

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    Kwiatek_m , Dec 3, 2017 :
    DAY 2: Design/Display Day

    Ok. First lets talk about the dimension. 156x75x7mm is a very big change for someone who has 5" phone like me and my Samsung S7. Despite of the size OnePlus 5T is lighter. I don't say about its real weight but what I feel. 6" is more complicated to wear in a jeans because you feel it.
    Volume and power buttons are in the same position like in Samsung so it is easy to use for me. One new feature for me is the slider above the volume rocker. I have never us it before so I can't tell is it practical or not. On the bottom of phone we can find speaker, microphone, usb-c port and headphone jack (yes there's still here). It is in oppozite side comparing to Samsung S7. Buttons as someone said are little wobbling and the power button too "sensitive". I have set double tap power button to open camera and despite of taping ones the camera app started to open. It is really frustrating so I have to be very gently when I want to power on the phone.

    Here are some photos Samsung S7 and OnePlus5T

    Screen: When you light up the screen OnePlus 5T you will love it. Screen is clear, bright and sharp. 18x9 and 6" does the job. There is so much space for articles to read. Only problem is in youtube and 16x9 movies. Resizing them to 18x9 you will loose some up and down footage so I don't use it. Maybe in the future would be better. For now it is not for me.
    Now lets have a look for rest of the photos.

    Comparing the screen of OP5T Optic Amoled to Samsung S7 Super Amoled I can say that OP5T is great. It is the same league. For typical user you won't regret it buying this phone.

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  3. Kwiatek_m
    Eclair Dec 4, 2017

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    Kwiatek_m , Dec 4, 2017 :
    DAY 3: Camera Day

    Camera in smartphones is very important to me. I use it in my work and occasionally to take some photos of my family and places I go. Someone could asked me why don't you use professional camera? I am not a photographer and my phone is always with me it is small.
    I am satisfy with ma Samsung S7 shots so lets compare it to OnePlus 5T. Occording to producer OP 5T has double camera one for normal shots and the second one for shots in low light. My pictures aren't very colorfull because of the weather outside and winter time which is moving closer and additionally OP5 T doesn't have optical image stabilization so it is more difficult to make clear and sharp image.
    Lets take a look.

    upload_2017-12-4_18-16-59.png upload_2017-12-4_18-16-59.png
    upload_2017-12-4_18-17-52.png upload_2017-12-4_18-17-52.png

    upload_2017-12-4_18-19-2.png upload_2017-12-4_18-19-2.png

    Samsung S7
    upload_2017-12-4_18-21-25.png upload_2017-12-4_18-21-25.png

    upload_2017-12-4_18-22-47.png upload_2017-12-4_18-22-47.png

    upload_2017-12-4_18-24-4.png upload_2017-12-4_18-24-4.png

    upload_2017-12-4_18-28-53.png upload_2017-12-4_18-28-53.png

    Samsung S7
    upload_2017-12-4_18-30-30.png upload_2017-12-4_18-30-30.png
    upload_2017-12-4_18-32-38.png upload_2017-12-4_18-32-38.png

    Samsung S7
    upload_2017-12-4_18-35-48.png upload_2017-12-4_18-35-48.png

    OnePlus 5T
    upload_2017-12-4_18-38-47.png upload_2017-12-4_18-38-47.png

    Samsung S7
    upload_2017-12-4_18-40-4.png upload_2017-12-4_18-40-4.png

    OnePlus 5T picture are not as sharp and bright as taken by Samsung S7. Samsung makes pictures warmer. Now I see the lack of OIS is a very big issue. All photos was taken from hand. On phone screen they look nice but when I download them to my computer I am not satisfying. Samsung S7 is 2016 flagship phone and OnePlus 5T is from November 2017.
    What can I say. Should I sweeten OnePlus. Maybe the change something in update. I don't know if I can say that Samsung photos are b......r.

    I use Auto mode as everyone who shots spontaneously.

    Sorry for double posting image

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  4. Kwiatek_m
    Eclair Dec 5, 2017

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    Kwiatek_m , Dec 5, 2017 :
    DAY 4: Performance Day

    As I think everyone has read and watched youtube with static testing program like Antutu or Geekbench.
    I don't want copy this results so beter if I tell about my feelings with this phone. User experience is more important than just numbers
    So far I haven't noticed any application crasched. Of course aplication I use. Like almoust everyone I use social media app, navigation, market like alli and others.
    Applications are opened quick and they stay in memory all the time. They were never closed. I don't know if this results depend on the version of the phone we have. I have 8GB Ram and 128GB storage.
    My next important feature in every phone I had apart from camera is navigation and how quick and stable GPS is.
    So GPS in OP5T is very fasy and accurate. It catch fix very quickly so its like a charm.

    There is a screeshot I've taken. Ihis test I have been doing inside my hause. OnePlus and Samsung were lying next to each other


    Samsung S7

    I don't play games "maybe I am too old or maybe I don't like it. I need phone to be quick , stable and I could rely on it and OP5T is what I want.
    There is no lagg or maybe I didn't notice and all this stuff we own to the 835 snapdragon chip, Adreno 540 and quick LPDDR4X Ram. Additionally we have stock Android with light Oxygen OS.
    I want to mension one more thing. I am double sim phone's user so preciate that I don't have to change the sim default mobile data to receive multimedia text. In every phone I used I had to change it to receive it properly with a picture so in OP5T I don't have to waste my time.
    Wifi and mobile data are on the same level as Samsung S7. 5Ghz and 2,4Ghz works fine but I have notice some strange thing. Even it is stronger 5Ghz signal the phone always connect to 2,4Ghz network. I don't known why. Looks like 2,4Ghz is a priority. I had to change it to 5Ghz manually.

    Face unlocking feature is the naxt thing I like. I hate to have finger scanner on the back because every time I to see the notification we have to lift it and put finger on the scanner (what a waste of time). In OP5T we can double tap on the screen and look at the phone and we have unlocked our device.

    Conclusions is that the performance to me is on the highest level.
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  5. Kwiatek_m
    Eclair Dec 6, 2017

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    Kwiatek_m , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Day 5: Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day

    One Plus5T is my first phone which has this unique charger with 4A and 5V. I didn't believe this charger could charge so quickly. Half an hour up to 50% from totally drained battery. For testing I have drained my battery to 1% (I known it is unhealthy but I ma doing it for science) and measured the time to 100%. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes and during this process phone wasn't warming up only the dash charger. When you grab dash charger and compared to samsung S7 charger first what you feel is the weight. Oneplus charger is heavier and bigger and Samsung unit looks like a toy. There must be somethig inside which compensate the price. It is not very cheap but totally worth it.
    During my tests I had lots of applications in the backgroud (I never colosed them), the brightness in automode.
    I consume the battery with
    - facebook
    - instagram
    - navigation
    - youtube
    - music with aerphones
    - outside my home H+ and 4G network
    - inside my home Wifi
    - at work Wifi
    Let's look at my screenshots. Every naxt day was better. First day I don't count so testing started from second day

    End of second day

    and the SOT

    End of third day

    and the SOT

    End of fourth day

    and the SOT

    As you can see from day to day it is better. So far the longest time was 1 day and 18 hours with 1 hour left. SOT is great almost 8 hour. It is for sure better than in Samsung S7.

    Overall you don't have to worry about your battery for a whole day. But when you consumed whole energy half an hour of charging and you are ready to go. For me is really really great.
    My Samsung S7 with 3000mAh is a way worse. 1 hour and 20 minutes with fast charging but battery is warm and 1 day is max what I could get.

    Nice OnePlus!


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  6. Kwiatek_m
    Eclair Dec 7, 2017

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    Kwiatek_m , Dec 7, 2017 :
    Day 6: OxygenOS Day

    OxygenOS and pure Android is a new for me who always use some manufacturer launcher lika Samsung, LG. They giva us a lot of stuff out of the box. For example we don't have to look for video player or music player it's just there in the software. I know you can say so big deal find something in the play market. No it is not so easy to find something good when you wouldn't have to do it. Free applications have lots of advertising which is very annoying and for better one you have to pay.
    Here in OP5T OxygenOS there is only gallery (good for that) and file manager (very light).
    In my opinion in OxygenOS should has just this typical applications like:
    - file manager with network connections (should sccess the network it's connected) - why do I have to look for this application. Nice app has Huawei. Their application has access to local and lan (through wifi)
    - gallery - lucky is here
    - music player (why oh why there is no music player)
    - video player (the same situation as music player)
    - weather forecast with widget - There is in OxygenOS but it has some bugs. (to refresh widget we have to open app and make refresh.
    These my must have applications which I would like to have in OxygenOS

    There is also some bug in translations in:
    - weather warnings - it is in anglish but my language is polish
    - connections settings - assistant noice cancellations
    -contacts manager settings - in showing contact (Sort and name rule)
    Below some screenshots

    Ok it is enough of complaining. Now I write my some good staff and my favourite features in OxygenOS.
    OxygenOS is very smooth, quick and very resposible. There's no lag (so far) and with every day it surprise me in a good way.

    Features I use in my daily life:
    - quick access to shelf and notification bar.
    - buttons
    - gestures

    Quick access to shelf and notification bar. Because of the size of the phone we can swipe down or up to access the shelf or notification. W can use it also fingerprint scaner. It is so quick pick up the phone, face unlock and swipe down and we are in notifications. Super!!
    Buttons. Autohide navigation bar, double tap or long press for quick access. Double tap power button to access camera.
    Gestures. Ther are a lot of different actions like: Swipe down or up to show notifications, long press to take a photo (especially in selfies), Screenshots with three fingers, double knock to wake up. Draw two fingers to to play or pause music and draw "o, v, s, m,w" to do some quick actions when the phone is locked. I use "o" to open the camera and "v" to open a flashlight.
    I've wrote only this features I didn't have in Samsung S7 and I like the most but I think writing about it it's not the same than use it.

    Overall experience with OxygesOS is a pleasure apart of lack of some app and translation bug. Other than this a don't have any complains.

  7. Kwiatek_m
    Eclair Dec 8, 2017

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    Kwiatek_m , Dec 8, 2017 :
    Day 7: Conclusion Day!

    Main concept buying OnePlus 5T was changing my "old" phone Samsung S7. It is very good phone but wanna change my habit to Samsung brand. Internet is full of positive opinions about OnePlus and their phones.
    There is a question. What do I expect form new phone and does Oneplus 5T would be appropriate for me?

    Here are conditions I am expecting

    (it is not very easy because Samsung S7 is 2016 flagship with nice camera):

    1. Better or at least the same camera quality as Samsung S7
    2. Bigger screen with almost the same quality
    3. Fast and reliabe OS. I am swapping from Touchwiz.
    4. Good sound on earphones
    5. Nice to have IP67
    6. Solid build quality
    7. Good battery life
    8. Good specification
    9. Android update
    10. Look nice
    11. Good GPS

    1.Camera - what can I say? It is not bad but I was expecting something different than it is. Sorry but my S7 is making better photo in every conditions. I am trully disappointed.
    2. Screen - I think the screen is fantastic. I have Super Amoled in my Samsung S7 and despite of its higher resolution I am using FHD 1920x1080 because of lower battery drain. OP5T is sharp and bright enought for. Maybe I am not so demanding.
    3. OxygenOS - I like it very much because of it breath of freshness from touchwiz. Lots of gestures and shortcut buttons make it fast and very responsible. Nice but to be full of happiness is should has typical applications like video and music player (I don't like google music and video), gallery (it is) and better file manager with network association. I like Samsung music and video player. Gallery is also better in Samsung.
    4. Sound quality - Sound from OP5T is louder than Samsung S7 and quality in my opinion is on the same level. I'm not a music lover and I've try tried different earphones from Samsung though Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD, Snab Overtone EP-101M, 1 More E1003 Piston 2 Classic to Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Driver and it is ok for me.
    5. IP67 Water resistant - I really wanted OP5T was water nad dust resistant like my Samsung S7 but it's not. I'm really missing this feature.
    6. Build quality - I think build quality is on a high level. I don't miss for glass back like in Samsung S7. There is less chance to broke the phone during drop. Wireless charging it's not so important to me. Grabbing this phone you can feel premium quality.
    7. Battery life - Despite of its size it is much better than Samsung S7 so I'm very happy. Almost 8 hours SOT is a good time and one and half day of use. With Samsung best result was one day.
    8. Good specification - one of the best in the market but has no barometer, pedometer, heart rate monitor like Samsung S7.
    9. Android update - every phone I take should has latest android security patches and android version. Both Samsung and OnePlus have Android 7 Nougat with Oreo announcing. Security patches on both phones are from 1 october 2017.
    10. Look nice - I know it is very objective for everyone but I cerry my phone in a case so they both look nice.
    11. GPS - during my tests gps works fine and I had no problem. It as accurate as Samsung S7. I'm happy with it.

    Overall it is a very good phone and maybe not the best deal in the market but worth of buying and everyone should ask yourself what is expecting from new phone, take pros and cons.
    For me there is more pros than cons so I'm staying with OnePlus5T and I'm waiting what future brings with new Oreo in January 2018. Maybe they change something with the camera to be as good as Samsung S7 and I give OP5T best recomendation it can get.

  8. Csigger
    Froyo Dec 3, 2017

    Csigger , Dec 3, 2017 :
    I also switched from S7 and I love this Oneplus5T phone, totally worth it.

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  9. daddycool
    Gingerbread Dec 4, 2017

    daddycool , Dec 4, 2017 :
    I think your op5t shots are pretty good they almost look identical on some.
    we have a major camera update soon too so you will have to compare when that is released.