#7DayReviewChallenge - Can we make it to the END ?

  1. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 25, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Day One: Unboxing Day.

    Hi I will like to say that this is my first OP phone and I am very excited to get to use it: D, now I did not win this or was sponsored, I bought this phone with my own cash for personal use so I will be reviewing it from a regular, first time, previously mostly iPhone using, customer perspective.


    So let’s get started shall we with Day One: Unboxing Day– let’s hope it’s not like day one Garry’s incident… just kidding.

    I would describe the experience as a bit of a roller coaster, since I opted to get it launch day just as it went on sale I was a bit disappointed that it took 4 days to get my hands on the phone, even with priority shipping – seeing as some people reported getting it in 3 days with standard shipping – it is what it is, BUT I got it in the estimated time I received when I ordered it so OnePlus did not break any promises, yet... :D, they delivered exactly on time. And o boy… I was PUMPED!


    Obviously when I got the box it did not look very exciting, just a regular brown box, but knowing what's inside I felt like an archaeologist going into a ruin in search for a legendary artifact.


    After cracking open the front door of the brown box the treasure inside did not disappoint, like an ancient sarcophagus, there inside that box waited the real treasure, and I had my tools ready (see first picture of the post), like any good archaeologist, to get in !


    The bottom slowly slides out, and there it was in all its glory. I will say it is a well-made box, the material feels nice and smooth, but sturdy, BUT I will say one thing I do have a request, OnePlus PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a box that keeps the RED bottom portion and give it a BLACK instead of White top, that would look so good…


    And just like that I WAS IN ! First thing that struck me was how HUGE it is, now I was using a iPhone 5 as my daily driver and compared to that this thing is a beast, my iPhone fits on the OP 5Ts screen and even if you measure from top to bottom it's smaller then just the display :D. Like a small child on Christmas day I tore into it to find all that this box has to offer! and was greeted with quality packaging for all the goodies inside.


    Now inside the sarcophagus there were many treasures, jewels! Gold! Stickers to troll my friends with iPhones!


    Actually what you get in the box is a very nice:

    - thick USB type A to C cable for data transfer or charging

    - the very nice dash charge brick

    - a quick start guide, also called the thing I never read, and safety info

    - a sim ejection tool – not essential since most of us probably already have a few or some object to substitute for it, I WILL SAY I miss the small plastic holder from the OP O era that had the red holder you could use as a key-chain

    - and even if there are no headphones – except for France, lucky…- we do get a decent case ! So you are all set to take your phone out in the cruel, pointy, sandy, scratchy world.

    Of course that is just the topping on the cake (even if the phone is the thing on top but we will gloss over that point of my analogy) the main event is of course the phone!!!!

    It comes in its nice plasticy cradle to hold it tight, with a pre-applied plastic screen protector! So if you don’t mind the feel of the plastic screen protector and how it smudges you are set!!! – Personally I find plastic protectors not to my liking since I started using tempered glass ones, can’t go back –

    And of course for me then came the fun of peeling the plastic off the back, booting it up for the first time and seeing the animation (remember this is my first !) putting in all my details, and figuring out how to transfer all my data off my iPhone to it, and what apps that I had on my iPhone and are not in the PlayStore and I would need to find a substitute for, plenty to keep me busy :D

    Of course I got it with the case and screen protector bundle, and by the texture of my table, I think you might be able to guess what case I got for my phone :)) - I tried to put on the screen protector, not much of a success, we will talk about that another time -


    Now so far this has been a awesome experience, 11.4 out of 10 , no doubt, but the packaging is just 90 % of the final grade... -JoKe-. Will the phone live up to my expectations? will I encounter any bugs? or will I get mad (because of something) and trow it from the 7th floor of my apartment building, guess we will find out in the next episode...

    To come :

    Day Two: Design/Display Day.
    Day Three: Camera Day.
    Day Four: Performance Day.
    Day Five: Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day.
    Day Six: OxygenOS Day.
    Day Seven: Conclusion Day!

    Hey guys hope you enjoined this first part of my review - if you have ANY questions about ANYTHING feel free to ask and I will try to answer them :D the best I can !

    - also if you want me to perhaps test something let me know -
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  2. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 26, 2017

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    MentalDraco , Nov 26, 2017 :
    Day Two: Design/Display Day.

    Now we we continue where we left off last time, at the most important part THE PONE !


    Compared to it's brother the OP 5, the 5T has a larger display, a 6.01 inches with a ~80.0% screen-to-body ratio, flowing the 2017 trend of bigger displays, less bezel, versus the OP 5 with a 5.5 inches display, and a ~73.0% screen-to-body ratio. With the increased size and new 18:9 aspect ratio comes a new resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels, but because of the increased screen size it has the same density as before of ~401 ppi as the OP 5.

    The technology of the display is a Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, with modifications to help with outdoor visibility, but dose it get bright enough? certainly dose, if you are not out in a sunny day and you turn up the brightness it can actually get painfully bright. Now the screen has adaptive brightness adjustment, and while it works alright in low light conditions it turns down the display to low making it hard to see, and causing eye strain, if OP made some tweaks and pumped up the brightness in low light conditions then it would be perfect.

    The display is protected by GorrilaGlass 5 so you will be guarded from scratches up to a level 6 on Mohs scale of hardness. - Thanks JerryRigEverything -

    You may ask yourself, I saw the Pixel XL 2s problems with the dull display, is the OP 5Ts display the same, thankfully you need not worry, the display is bright, vivid, colorful, or even dull ? Let me explain, the screen comes with multiple calibration
    possibility so you can get the type of color you want on your screen. Among the possible options for display calibration we have Default, sRGB, DCI-P3, Adaptive mode, and everything in-between ! - custom color that gives you a slider to adjust to your hearts content -

    Now because it is an optic AMOLED display the darks are darker then the darkest dark you can find on a phone, looks amazing.


    As you can see in this shot in the darkness you can not tell where the darkness ends and where the display begins !


    Not exactly my kind of wallpaper but it shows off the impressive colors this display can push.

    Of course with the new format certain apps might have problems to stretch out till they are optimized, and thankfully the most important one, YouTube, has a functioning zoom feature to make sure that we can fill out the screen.

    Also the symmetric design of the bottom and top bezel makes it look very pleasing, even if sometimes if it's dark at first i can't tell if I am holding my phone upside down :D

    Of course the display is the most important part, the part we interact with
    everyday, but that dose not mean we can neglect the rest of the phone and it's build.


    So the phone, its size is 156.1 x 75 x 7.3 mm - or 6.15 x 2.95 x 0.29 in - compared to the OP 5 that has 154.2 x 74.1 x 7.3 mm (6.07 x 2.92 x 0.29 in) so it is slightly bigger but by a negligible amount,
    BUT BE WARNED - cases from the OP 5 will not fit the OP 5T. Also the aluminium frame & back with the front glass comes to a weight of 162 g - or 5.71 oz -.

    The back has only a nice minimal OP logo, and that is it ! unlike other companies who like to put their name on the back and sometimes on the front, as well as product information printed on the back, the OP 5T has an amazing minimalist design, with a very nice black color and texture that feels very nice. But it is very slippery and even if it is not so prone to fingerprints as a glass backed phone, it still can catch a few. Also because of it's metal design, a design that i prefer over glass phones -it dose lack wireless charging so if that is important to you, you will not find it here .

    The camera hump is slightly bigger - apparently because of the modifications on the inside to fit the bigger screen - but it still looks good. Also the antenna lines are well placed and colored to keep them as hidden as possible. And the NFC is in the camera bump area.

    Now, obviously now that we are talking about the design there is no doubt that from the back it looks like an iPhone 7 plus, there is no denying that, and we have to acknowledge that thanks to its membership in OPPO, it has a few more brothers that look similar/the same with different specks and android based OS.

    Now the design dose not look bad, not at all, but it would be nice in the future if we could get something more unique similar to the OP O, or my favorite OP 2 (for its nice replaceable backs), but we will have to take a wait and see approach.

    Thankfully thanks to the new front and its implementation of its side buttons, there it diverges from the iPhone similarities.


    Here on the right side (or left depending how you look at it) we have the dual sim tray - unfortunately not a hybrid sim tray so we can have 2 sim cards or 1 sim card and 1 micro-SD - but at least the phone has a decent amount of internal storage, and we also see the power button, now even if the button is clicky the quality of the fit could be better, it is a bit wobbly .

    As you can see, not the biggest problem in the world, but now that the phone has reached 500 - 560 euros (or more in dollars) this is becoming unacceptable. And even more so since if you want to have your phone replaced it will take up to 12 days ! - not counting shipping back and forth - and consider that the new phone you get might still have wobbly key, this wobble can extend to the volume rocker as well, while some people report no to very little wobble, or that the volume or the power button is wobbly, so OP employ more PEOPLE and tighten your CQ, I will not pardon this next time.

    Now that I got my grievance out of the way - spoiler alert my major one - we get to the best part of the phone !


    Now except the awesome USB type-C port for charging and data transfer (USB 2.0, Type-C 1.0, perhaps in the future 3.0 would be nice but not a deal breaker) WE SEE like an mirage in the desert, a 3.5 Headphone Jack !!! even if this seemed like something regular just 1-2 years ago now it is becoming less and less common, and considering the amount of awesome headphones, and accessories that use the 3.5 jack it is a breath of fresh air to see it. Now I understand that a dongle is fine, but i would rather not carry it.

    Did I say that was the best part ? o well there is another best part ! on the volume rocker side we find the notification slider ! as a former iPhone user I love having a button to toggle my notifications on or off. I would say it would be nice if when you put it in it's most upper position the bottom part of the slider was red. (like when you use the iPhones slider)


    Now whether you like the similar to iPhone design that it shares with other phones aw well or not, there is no doubt that it is a well built phone with it's own unique flare given by the alert slider and 3.5 jack. Except the CQ issues that appear with it's buttons - and the fact that replacing it will leave you without a phone for up to 12 days, and might end you with a phone with the same problem - I can say that i have no complaints, I like it, i really do.

    Perhaps if you are not a iPhone design fan, or you do not like big phones, then this is not for you.

    I will would call this a nice refresh for the OP 5 to bring it in line with the latest fashion that phones have in 2017 and that customers demand, without cutting things like the 3.5 audio jack, showing us that this time OP did listen to what it's customers demanded (unlike the lack of NFC in the OP 2).

    We can only hope that they keep improving it and that they make MAJOR changes to both design and hardware and stop the ascension of it's phone to the premium price range, in my opinion it is quite high.

    So so far so good I have not thrown my phone off the balcony, but you never know, perhaps what comes next might change my mind, we will have to see in the next episode.

    To come:

    Day Three: Camera Day.
    Day Four: Performance Day.
    Day Five: Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day.
    Day Six: OxygenOS Day.
    Day Seven: Conclusion Day!


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    MentalDraco , Nov 27, 2017 :
    Day Three: Camera Day.

    - O boy...

    First let's refresh ourselves on the specs :

    Primary Dual shooter has a 16 MP shooter with f/1.7, 24mm, 1/2.8", 1.12 µm, EIS/gyro and a 20 MP shooter f/2.6, 36mm, 1/2.8", 1 µm with phase detection auto-focus, 1.6x optical zoom, dual-LED flash with some expected features like Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR, panorama

    Unfortunately no OIS .....

    While the video capabilities are 2160p at 30fps, 1080p at 30/60fps, 720p at 30/120fps. O yes and we can't forget about the secondary shooter, a 16 MP with f/2.0, 20mm, EIS (gyro), 1.0 µm pixel size, that can do 1080p, with Auto HDR, and beautify (turn it off as soon as you can, looks bad, at least in my opinion)

    Now unfortunately because of the post limitations I can't load the pics in the full glory, and the horrible, cold, dark, rain/snow weather over here did not make my job easier, still I packed 3 things with me to take some shots and compare the pics - unfortunately the Samsung S7 and the Nikon 3300 did not make it to the hunt since they are off with my colleague at a wedding shoot, but that is not gonna stop me from taking some shots for you guys.

    Now I garbed my iPhone 5- not an amazing phone but SUPER common here where I am, a compact camera - Panasonic ZX 1 Lumix - and of course my OP 5T, with an umbrella and thick jacket and went off to the park.

    Now I decided to take it as a regular consumer so - no pro mode, no tripods, just hold them in my hand and take a shot with them, this should simulate what most people will do with their phone, take it out when they want to take a quick pic. of something. Now actually the bad weather is a bit of a help, making conditions less then perfect for cameras, just like the real world you must be ready to take a good pic. no matter the weather !

    So lets get started !

    - ATTENTION ! - I will provide a link with all the pics I took so you can compare the photos to your hearts content on your own time, at the best quality.

    Link !!! - - - > https://we.tl/7TJxFaOx45 < - - - !!! kniL

    Here you will find 3 folders :

    - OnePlus 5T - has the pictures and video off the OP 5T OBVIOUSLY ! - - and an extra folder with more bonus shots -

    - Camera - has the pictures and video off the Panasonic ZX1 -

    - iPhone - has the pictures and video off the iPhone -

    In the flowing set of images the first one on the left is from the Panasonic, the one in the middle is the OP 5T and the one on the right is from the iPhone .

    Set 1-

    Webp.net-resizeimage (1).jpg
    Set 2-

    Webp.net-resizeimage (2).jpg
    Set 3-

    Webp.net-resizeimage (3).jpg

    As I mentioned pleas download the images if you want to see them proper.

    Now we can see that the iPhone, representative of the older phone, ore cheap camera on a phone seems to do the worst, blurrier, grainier, and just worse then the other 2, now for the most part I think the OP dose a good job, but when you zoom in a different picture becomes clear ...

    -Set 4-

    Webp.net-resizeimage (4).jpg

    Let's zoom in on the tower in the back...

    Set 5-
    Webp.net-resizeimage (5).jpg
    Now it's clear that the iPhone and camera are kind of granny, the OP brings more color and looks clear, but it gives the image a very strange effect, it almost looks like it was painted, edgers are softer, and up close it looks like you have a painting.

    This is very obvious in Set 3- the tree trunk looks very strange, softened, almost like, well as I said it was painted.

    The image is just to processed when you get close to it and this is apparent when there are more difficult light conditions, now plenty of pictures end up fine, and without this effect, and most will probably never notice if you just post them on something like Facebook, but plenty of times this will happen and for people who notice this, and care it will probably drive them insane.

    Now i just took this photos fast and furious, kinda like I was a tourist, so take some more care, take perhaps a few more shots of the subject and you should be fine, but this IS A PROBLEM. OP needs to tweak the processing of the image, and thankfully apparently updates are on the way. Will they help ? Well that remains to be seen, it is a bit sad since the phone is so powerful and runs so smooth that the experience can be RUINED by the camera.

    Now what would i rate the camera. well at the moment I will say it is above average, takes plenty of shots that look amazing, but it is a far cry from perfect, IF i was to pick a number between 1 and 10 I would say it is about a 7 or 6 depending on your opinion, but I think it is a 7.

    Also the camera is fast, focuses fast, and snaps are taken in the blink of en eye, this helps a lot !

    O and wait the front camera, got to say something about that, well I think it looks good. I am not a person that takes selfies, just use my front camera as a mirror from time to time and when i do a video call, but it seems very capable.

    Webp.net-resizeimage (6).jpg

    Even in a not very good light scenario it looks decent !


    Also if you use the Portrait, depth effect, of the main twin cameras it usually works well, occasionally it will blur something you don;t want blurred, but that happens with all phones that have this feature. So far for me it worked well.

    Remember Download The Files If You Want To Compare And See The Extra Shots (some night shots, some video clips and a few more pics)

    So so far so good-ish... let's see what happens next, we will see on the next episode !

    Link !!! - - - > https://we.tl/7TJxFaOx45 < - - - !!! kniL
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    Marshmallow Nov 28, 2017

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    MentalDraco , Nov 28, 2017 :
    Day Four: Performance Day

    Aaaaa, performance the thing we want from our phone,
    now you may wonder how do you define performance, just run a benchmark ? biggest number wins right ? Well it's not that simple, even great hardware can perform poorly if the OS part dose not play nice with a awesome machine that performs horrid.

    As we know android phones, usually have performance ageing problem, the older they get the more they lag, NOW as is the 7 Day REVIEW I can't say what will happen in 3 months, but from what i heard, read, and watched about previous OP phones, the general consensus is that they don't seem to lag. Now that is not to say that you may not need to do a cache wipe sometime in the future, but they seem far less prone to lag.

    I would put this down to the Oxygen OS, while giving very nice customization options it is still very close to stock android.

    But what are the parts that drive this phone? Well if you recall the OP 5 then you should already know, the parts that drive this phone are top of the range of what we find in headphones to this date. But let's have a bit of a refresh.

    The OS is built on top of Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) - with BETA for Oreo said to start in December and a full release in early 2018. The Chipset is Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 a CPU that is a Octa-core (4x2.45 GHz Kryo & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo) with Adreno 540 GPU with 128 GB, 8 GB RAM or 64 GB, 6 GB RAM.

    Of course those are just some words so let's start with some examples and explanations.

    The storage of 64-128 GB is decent, most all of us will be pleased but if you some micro SD cards with movies or music you will be disappointing, but the storage is backed by 6 or 8 GB of ram, do you really need 8GB of ram ? probably not, but it is nice to have, now I would say that most of us will never see a performance difference between 6 and 8 GB of RAM, so you should make your choice based on the storage and not the RAM. If you take a lot of photos, those 4K shots will eat up memory, and if you go RAW it will be even more.

    But how dose the phone run, well I will say so far so good, it's very very snappy, all apps load fast, close fast, pictures are taken instantly, no waiting for processing so that is good. Opening a huge number off apps also is not a problem they all seem to not require and reloading, and pick off where you left them, now i am not a power user so I use only a few games and a lot of productivity apps so I will never run out of ram, and from what i have seen in other videos testing the RAM of this phone (8 GB and 6) it seems to be able to hold many many games loaded.

    I will also say the heat management is good. If you saw the tear-down of this phone you will note that there are no copper heat-pipes in this phone, but it manages to handle the heat very well. Sure after a long time gaming or shooting 4 K it will get warm, but it never got anywhere close to uncomfortable, just a bit war to the touch, perfectly normal.

    The fingerprint reader is FAST, instantly unlocking the phone, but that is to be expected, the more interesting feature is face unlock. That is also very fast, but it will occasionally fail. From what i gathered in my testing you need to keep your phone about an arms length away and the top camera at about eye level for the most consistent result, doing so unlocked my phone every time. Using it on the side or at certain weird angles usually works but will occasionally require you to tap the screen to try again. The only things that seem to be an issue are very bright lights behind you and if it is very dark.

    Also i tried to fool the face unlock, with no success. Now i did not try to scan my face and make a mold or something. But pictures did not work, an image on a monitor did not work, with the eyes closed it dose not work. The only way i was able to unlock it without looking at it was with a mirror, but that requires you to look in the mirror, so i would not call that a success in beating face-unlock.

    Overall I WILL call the experience with this phone very smooth, sometimes you do find a bug here and there, but i have not been able to find anything to affect the performance - we will talk about any bugs i found in the OS part of the review DAY 6, hold on tight for that one -

    Now I have been more of a iOS user, returning now to android and seeing how smooth it CAN run when it's well implemented and the phone has the hardware to take advantage of it is a bit of a shock !

    As is how well multitasking works - even if not all apps support it -

    But this is all subjective, let's see some BENCHMARKS, and get some objective results.

    Screenshot_20171125-003350.jpg Screenshot_20171125-004240.jpg Screenshot_20171125-004455.jpg

    Hope this was as fun for you as it was for me and hope to see you in the NEXT episode !

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    MentalDraco , Nov 30, 2017 :
    Day Six: OxygenOS Day.

    So close to the end, yet so far away....

    So now we are talking Oxygen OS. Now I had run ins with android from time to time but I mostly used iOS so far. So for me it is a change, a double change, not only to android but to Oxygen as well.

    Now I will say it looks very clean, simple layout, nothing much to drag it down.

    But what differentiates it from your basic android. What is there to like? As I am just now re-diving deep into android I will tell you what I found awesome from the change from iOS.

    Now first I like the multitasking, it's smooth, works with the major apps, watching YouTube and browsing webpages at the same time is awesome ! I also like the small bubbles for stuff like Facebook, and I know android has it for a long time but as I said, I was mostly using iOS.

    Now I like the shelf, it is a nice convenient way to have some essential information accessed fast, perhaps some more stuff we can add to it would be nice, and some themes for stuff like the calendar would be nice since... I love the black theme the phone has and the fact that you can chose the accent color. Awesome stuff.

    The off-screen gestures are also cool, launching stuff, and controlling music, even if sometimes the gestures do not seem to register, so you have to do them twice.

    Of course all the apps, that android offers and the almost limitless possibility that they add, with custom ROMs added to that, launchers, icon packs there are so many combinations to customize it is amazing, I will say I like the basic OP apps that are offered, I like the minimalist design of it, even if some would like it to have more options, like how you swipe wto answer a call, I think that all the base apps do a decent job.

    Now as I said i was using iOS so I got so much customization and liberty now that I am completely satisfied, but for people that want something else they have the freedom to change things to their liking. I like that you can swipe down the notification with the finger print scanner( when you are in landscape you have to swipe from right to left so it can read that gesture 2). I like what happens if you do 1 + = in the calculator app. I like the customization of the notification LED but it would be nice to pick what color we want per app.

    Now as for bugs, I did have one or 2 apps close - but I just relaunched them and it was fine -, the OP weather app seems confused about the time of day, even if it's 22:00 it says it's sunny outside... trust me it is not :D, the navigation bar needs some adjustment in certain apps, for example in a black app it stays white, just looks kinda bad.

    For the rest, I can't complain, as I have already stated a lot that I went to this from iOS so I am super happy, I got so much stuff to mess with and customize I will be happy for a very long time, perhaps someone with more android experience and different ROMs and launchers and stuff might see the need for some more customization for most users I think Oxygen OS provides an awesome first experience for android, being simple, and fast, it just has NO lag and that is the KEY experience you want from your android device.

    The camera needs improvement, and there are bugs here and there, but I am a PC guy so I deal with that all the time (even if I was an iOS user for phones, I know I am a walking contradiction).

    As long as more updates are made to improve the experience, add features that people need baked in the basic experience, keep optimizing the camera and the battery life (and it is a very good battery life under heavy heavy load test I got 5:20 min SOT, and with normal use I get 1 - 2 days).

    The only worry I have is HOW long are we getting updates, if it's 2 years it would be nice but I don't think it is enough, my old iPhones, like a iPhone 5 got 5 years of updates (did not get ios 11) if we could get at least 3 years that would satisfy most people. And with OP refusal to join project treble (of course this would not guarantee longer updates), I hope OP can keep updates coming out for their phones, cause unlike a PC where I can change my OS and change my components to upgrade for many many years - a phone is set in stone, so the least they could do is give us a long update period.

    Sorry no images in this post :( not much I can show :) had no ridiculous bugs to capture :p.

    What will happen in the last episode of 7 day review ? find out on the last episode... I guess...


    Here is a consolation image :D of another one of my masks :D
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    MentalDraco , Dec 2, 2017 :
    Day Seven: Conclusion Day!

    o it is that time of the year, where it all ends...

    So I guess it is time to sum up my experiences crossing over from iPhone to the OP 5T and android.

    The overall experience has been a positive one, I will start with that.

    So let's take it part by part.

    1. The packaging was great, included case, awesome presentation ! so initially very nice experience even if I want a Black with Red box instead of white with red.

    2. Over all I like the metal build more then a glass build, even if you lose wireless charging, i just like it more. BUT more CQ is needed !!!!! The wobbly buttons are kinda unacceptable in a 500 + $ device ! MY 5 year old iPhone 5 has been abused to hell and back and has 0.000000 % button wobble.

    3. Love the display, nice contrast, very colorful, nice that you can adjust the color on it, love the little bezel design, and I don't mind the resolution, the display looks very very good.

    4. Camera - NEEDS WORK ! - People that have installed Google Cam are reporting better pictures so OP GET TO WORK ON YOUR IMAGE PROCESSING ! You can get good pictures with the camera but also a lot of bad ones.

    5. Performance is top notch, fat and fluid can't complain !

    6. The battery and the dash charge are both very good, getting 6 H + SOT time easy and when i drain it i am back in the game in under 1:30 min or just 30 min to the 60 % mark

    7. I like Oxygen OS, I have enough customization to start with, with a few more tweaks and the possibilities of apps, ROMs, launchers you can do what ever you damn please.

    As I said an overall pleasant experience, and for the price it is a good experience, far more than i expected !

    There are questions about the lack of Project Treble, and how long this will be updated, and the similarities to the iPhone and other phones that also look like an iPhone.

    I would say that O_P has done a nice image upgrade to the 5 to the 5T, even if it basically the same phone, somehow it feels like more of a phone !

    But for the next iteration they have to get a better camera, or better said software for it, and they need to find some kind of more unique look to the back. Also more CQ

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  7. meatandy
    Oreo Nov 25, 2017

    meatandy , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Easy with those knife's man .

    What other smartphones do you own that you could make some picture comparisons with?

  8. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 25, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 25, 2017 :
    At the moment just my iPhone 5, other phones are back home (I stay somewhere else for collage), but i have a DSLR, and a small compact camera I will use for comparison.

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  9. meatandy
    Oreo Nov 25, 2017

    meatandy , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Just a couple would be fine , if you wouldn't mind.

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  10. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 25, 2017

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  11. pa5t1s
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  12. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 25, 2017

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  13. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Nov 25, 2017

    pa5t1s , Nov 25, 2017 :
    TLDR : this is not an 'official' review from the #7DayReviewChallenge, isn't it?

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  14. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 25, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Why would it not be :D ?

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  15. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Nov 25, 2017

    pa5t1s , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Indeed! :p
    Anyway, quite a good one. Although I didn't get the point with your knives... :D

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  16. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 25, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 25, 2017 :
    To be able to get trough the savage plastic wrap on the box :D

    -also i just like knifes-

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  17. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Nov 25, 2017

    pa5t1s , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Haha, that makes sense !
    You could have made some lazy/lame comparison between OP5T slim design and the sharpness of the blade of your knife... :D

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  18. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 25, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Ehhh next time... next time...

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  19. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Nov 25, 2017

    pa5t1s , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Sure! Eagerly waiting for Design / Display ;)

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  20. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2017

    beastkay , Nov 26, 2017 :
    You are showing off your sword set :) I really like them and yeah nice Day 1 DRACO waiting for the other days ;)

  21. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 26, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 26, 2017 :
    thanks, i'll carve one out as soon as possible :D

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  22. ElfStone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2017

    ElfStone , Nov 26, 2017 :
    Nice! Great pictures by the way. Mine won't be as pretty, but since they will "randomly" select the winner, it shouldn't matter :D
    I just need to pull myself together and start posting.. too lazy though.
    Next week perhaps :D

  23. AdamWls
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2017

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  24. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 26, 2017