#7DayReviewChallenge - From Apple with love

  1. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 1, 2017

    doeheart , Dec 1, 2017 :
    My name is Matty and I made the choice to switch from the iPhone SE to the new OP 5t. Yes - quite a transition! But a welcomed one, however settled in to apple's interface I was. I hope to bring some general observations from a routine social media/browser/photo heavy user and also from the perspective of switching over from apple.

    Day 1 - UNBOXING DAY

    So I was very excited to be buying this phone, after all the hype and the things I'd seen online. I'd been popping in to my local O2 shop and purring over the handset. So imagine my despair (ha!) when I went in to the shop yesterday to find out they'd sold out of both the 64 and the 128gb models! So with my head hung low, I put down a £49.99 deposit and readied myself for a weekend of waiting. Until this morning, I got a text telling me the phone was actually ready! I raced there, picked it up, put it in my bag then carried on around work waiting for home time.

    I wasn't let down.


    The box has a very classy feel. It's hard not to feel as though a lot of the inspiration in the clean cut design has come straight from apple, but perhaps that's just because I'm familiar with apple products. It's not a bad thing, however, as I happen to love the sleek, simple design of the packaging. It feels quite luxury as you open the box to reveal...


    What struck me most, having swapped from the tiny SE, was the sheer size of the phone! See below for a comparison:

    Getting used to that difference in size in the handset and the screen is going to take some getting used to - I'll probably end up with a few broken teeth/bumps by the end of these 7 days as I drop my SE on my face enough as it is haha

    But back to the unboxing - I lifted up the phone, to find a case which I hadn't known was included and the charger.


    So first impressions? Purely from the unboxing experience, I'd give it a solid 8/10. Whilst I personally found the phone to be exciting, a bit sleek and pretty - I thought as a whole, there wasn't much in the way of a treat. Maybe it was the lack of headphones, maybe a sticker or two wouldn't have gone amiss. Maybe the price difference between this and a more premium phone makes that difference in the unboxing experience. That said, I don't feel the need for there to be an "experience" if the product's benefits are what you bought it for. And giving oneplus the benefit of the doubt, I thought the packaging and the way it was displayed was really classy. The red, white and black is a classic combination and didn't feel tired. I love that the wire is red - it stands out and is bold. I love the white plug. It still all feels a bit similar to apple, which again - is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Overall, I am excited to get settled in to this phone and to see what tomorrow brings.

    (Also - apologies for atrocious image quality - I've had to do some creative compressing to get them on to this post. I'll make sure they're better sooner!)

  2. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 2, 2017

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    doeheart , Dec 2, 2017 :
    Day Two: Design/Display Day.

    So today was this phones maiden voyage - a busy day of Christmas shopping with my boyfriend, streaming Xmas music whilst wrapping up presents and using GPS and data all day with a bright screen. Keeping in mind that these were all things I could not even begin to do with my iPhone SE if I wanted a measly 5% left by the time I got home.

    I'll leave my thoughts about its performance for another day and focus on its design and display.


    I for one happen to LOVE the preinstalled backgrounds this phone came with. I think they're fun, fresh and stylish. I opted for this purple display straight away before setting the theme to dark, the LEDs to purple and my keyboard to dark. I am a huge fan of the simplicity of this front screen, having come from an apple phone where all your apps are automatically on the front screen. I haven't had a chance to play around with widgets yet, but I like to keep the first screen as minimal as possible. I was the same with my Samsung S6 prior to switching to apple.

    The screen is very clear and I hardly see pixels, which indicates to me that it is high quality. I'm not by any stretch a screen buff, I have a Mac book with a retina screen and I briefly switched to a Chromebook and REALLY struggled to see the difference between retina and a pretty standard resolution. The OP5T screen is perfect for me - it's big, it's clear and it really stands out. I've been watching Netflix on it and I've been so impressed with the quality and the size. It really feels one off watching TV.

    As for the overall software design - I've been really impressed with the simplicity but also the customisability of the whole thing. Having grown used to apple's stylish yet rigid format, coming to andoird has felt a little liberating tbh! I'm still not using the "shelf" feature and am failing to see the point of that, but I'm sure it'll come with time and increased use.

    Another thing I loved about the design is the ability to customise the icons seen when you drag down from the top:

    I love how I can set this to display the things I use most - WiFi, data, location, torch.


    I have to be honest - I haven't seen much I don't like yet in terms of the design and the display. I'm personally really not a fan of the white bar you get at the bottom of apps - I think it's often uneccessary and actually quite distracting? It isn't enough to put me off the phone but I do find it annoying at times.

    I also really don't like the format of the contacts, I wish I could choose what colour people are. I love that you can put emojis in the title. I hate that my google keyboard doesn't put emojis in the suggestions because I loved that about my iPhone. I could just type cat and it would suggest the lil emoji. I mean maybe I'm just not using the keyboard correctly? Who knows!


    Can we talk emojis? I'm quite the modern girl in that I express myself with a lot of emojis [e]1f602[/e] I have whole heartedly accepted tiny yellow faces as one of the many different ways of communicating emotion. It's daft, my boyfriend teases me for it, I'm sure there's plenty of people who hate those who over use them but I just happen to LOVE a well placed [e]1f631[/e] here and there.

    But the android emojis are - no offence - absolute garbage compared to iPhone emojis [e]1f602[/e] For real though, I already miss my iPhone emojis but then maybe I just need a little time to adjust to the android way of life. I'm sure in a couple months I couldn't stand to lose these weird little blobs.

    Maybe the less said about that the better!


    Over all I am really enjoying this phone - performance and display have really shone today. I am quickly settling in to this android life and I'm excited to see how it handles my working week - I have a job that requires a lot of travel and thus I'm heavy on data and GPS and I stream music a lot too. So we shall see where we stand at the end of the week!

    I mean the bad things are so trivial and minor that I'm really not considering them in the overall review - emojis and colours in contacts are hardly deal breakers when what you're left with is a bargain of a phone which is simple, stylish and performs beautifully.

    We shall see!

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  3. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 3, 2017

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    doeheart , Dec 3, 2017 :
    Day 3 - Camera Day

    So this is where the reviewing process gets interesting for me because capturing life around me is an important part of my phone experience.

    Being completely truthful, I haven't quite made my mind up yet on what I think about the 5t's camera. I honestly don't think it's half as bad as some comments I've read. I think we have to be really honest about what we actually need from a phone camera. Do we need to be able to set up a studio and start charging £500+ for professional prints? Not really - it's a phone camera. Do we need to be able to take snaps of day to day living with a reasonable level of quality given the price? Odd shots of food, loved ones, pets and our trips out? Sounds about right. I'm honestly not sure what everyone was expecting but for me, I think the 5T camera is about right. Before I go more in to depth here are some photos with minimal or no processing which show off what I think the camera is good for:


    View attachment 637658














    I've used portrait mode in some of these pictures. Some of them were taken in less than optimal conditions. Personally I find the condition to be acceptable. I haven't tried looking at these on my laptop but I think I know what to expect. Which is the same from my iPhone my old Samsung S6 and every other phone I've had. Average photos with the odd one looking ace.

    I have felt frustrated with low light conditions and what people are describing as the paint effect but you can minimise these results by taking your time, thinking about lighting and thinking about how you photograph your subject. Again, if I want professional quality shots I'll use my DSLR because that's the point of having a proper camera... I don't expect my mobile phone to replace a traditional camera with a deep lense because tbh, physically it's impossible to get the same results without turning a phone in to a camera lol

    As for the selfie mode - love it. Not a fan of the extra beautifying mode but then again [e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e] I could do with a bit of blurring here and there lmao Not gonna complain about that!

    I've had a wee toy with the pro mode although none of these photos show that. I really like it but it takes work to become familiar with it as it isn't as intuitive than the controls of a DSLR. My longest photography relationship was with a traditional SLR and I used to process and develop my own photos so digital in general is taking some adapting. however for a bit of gimiccy control over photos, pro mode is fine.

    Video wise, love the quality of sound and of the recording. I find it farrrrr superior to my iPhone in terms of stability when filming. I may try uploading a few vids to demonstrate this but I'm a fan and will be using the video function quite a bit I anticipate.

    Overall, this camera is perfectly functional. It has it issues but then it's hardly a premium phone. I think if we're being completely honest, there are some very unfair and unreasonable demands being made of a humble phone camera. I don't expect any photos from a phone to stand up to being zoomed in on a giant monitor when the majority of the photos we take are just guff clogging up the internet on irrelevant social media platforms /Sass.

    Next time you're hoping for a photo taken on a smart phone to win any major awards for photography hola at me cos I thought we were just taking daft photos or our pets and the odd photo of a day out....

    So make your own mind up but I think with a bit of adjustments from one plus and a bit of adjustments to my own personal attitude and expectations... this camera will be just fine for what I need it for.


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  4. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 4, 2017

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    doeheart , Dec 4, 2017 :
    Day Four: Performance Day.

    So! Performance - the big factor for most when buying a new piece of technology. I'm going to be honest - this element of my review is purely based on experience as I'm not really that clued up about tech specs but there are plenty of good reviews if that's your bag.

    So there are a few key features this phone boasts and I'll go further in to that:

    Face Unlock & Fingerprint Sensor

    I have had great success with the facial unlock feature. For me it is becoming essential. I've tried pulling all sorts of expressions and it mostly always recognised me. Lighting can play a factor where it's dark but that's fair enough. I got a few people at work and my boyfriend to give it a go and see if it could be fooled, but to no avail! I'm not sure I would trust it to protect my most sensitive of information but for every day usage I find it really helpful. I can just pick up my phone and get in to it without having to faff with pin codes and so on.

    As for the fingerprint sensor, I personally find the placement to the rear of the phone really intuitive - I find that my finger naturally rests there when holding the phone in one hand. I've activated the feature where you can slide down on the sensor to bring down the toolbar at the top and I absolutely love that feature! It saves me time and is a really good use of that area. I haven't noticed any lag with this sensor, compared to my iPhone. I suppose the only drawback with it being on the back is when you're at a desk at work you can't just tap the sensor and have a cheeky check of your messages. That said, I'm sure my productivity will go up as a consequence lmao!

    Split screening! [e]2764[/e]️

    Right a disclaimer here - I am fully aware that split screen has long been a feature on phones but I'm only just starting to reep the awards. Mainly because this is the first phone that is big enough to get actual use out of this feature.

    I could watch a YouTube review of the Sims 4 PS4 whilst following my route on the bus making sure not to miss my stop - p. cool tbh! There was no lag whatsoever with this and even tho it was 2 demanding processes I had no difficulties.

    Similarly the other day I could use my calculator and keep at the same time. Also very good.


    Again, nowt but positives for this battery. It charges in a flash, it lasts ages given the usage I inflict on it. With my iPhone SE it was barely lasting the day however this battery has been really fab and has impressed me a lot. Even with a pretty bright screen, heavy media usage and lots of apps and multi tasking.

    Only thing I can't vouch for is performance while gaming because the thought of gaming on anything other than my PS4 confuses me because why would you play it on anything other than a console/pc.

    So overall I am super impressed with the performance and look forward to seeing how it develops over the weeks of use.

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    Eclair Dec 5, 2017

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    doeheart , Dec 5, 2017 :
    Day Five: Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day.

    Today I graduated! So naturally I've been taking millions of photos, videos, uploading large files to social media and ringing just about everyone I know. On the train home I was streaming Netflix for 3 hours. When I got home I decided to bake and played music at max volume for around 2 hours. I begrudgingly downloaded candy crush and played that for a while too. All while using internet to message. Ive also used maps and GPS a lot today. I've managed to get through 3gb of data LOL

    The battery is still remarkably full in my opinion - 41% and its saying that it could last 16 hours. I've yet to run it down to below 20% where as with my old phone I was lucky if it lasted the day.

    I am SO impressed with dash charge - it's fantastic. I've never known charging speed like it. I can't say if it's the fastest as I don't have any actual timings to compare however from personal experience, I can say that it's been invaluable. When I'm about to sleep I can just pop it on for 30/40 mins and it's pretty much fully charged. I can take this phone out and not really have to worry about a charger. I dare say I could have a night over without charging and I'd still be okay the next day. This is really important for me because I am the sort to worry about losing charge.

    So yeah v. impressed with this little battery - it charges fast and packs a punch. I'd definitely recommend this phone for those who want a reliable handset that can last under heavy use. It's reliable and well worth the money.

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    Eclair Dec 6, 2017

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    doeheart , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Day Six: OxygenOS Day.

    Now this may end up being more of a discussion on changing from iOS to android but I'll try to be specific to oxygen OS.

    Also as a disclaimer, as I have already mentioned - this isn't going to be a fact heavy review but more my own experience using the phone for daily living.

    So! Oxygen OS - where to begin? I've mentioned this throughout my previous reviews but I think it's worth mentioning. This phone has incredibly user friendly interfaces. I am surprised because it can be as simple as you like or as customisable as you like. This feels like a good tactic to me - compared, say, to the rigidity of iOS. With this phone, it feels a lot more like you're in control to some degree of what the phone feels and looks like. But without the complexity of needing to know the ins and outs of how it works.

    Linked in to that, oxygen OS is a very attractive operating system in my opinion. Just comparing to my old phone - the Samsung S6, I was REALLY glad that it didn't come preinstalled with a load of bloat ware. Where as the Samsung S6 had a load of features that I hated and couldn't be removed. The so called 'shelf' feature is something I haven't really played with yet however I can see how it would be useful. For example, on my S6, swiping right brought up a majorly laggy and annoying news feed which frankly, never got any use. However the shelf reminds me a bit of a similar feature in iOS where you can put widgets such as public transport times, reminders etc. I can certainly see myself using the shelf more as I aqcuaint myself with android's interfaces.

    I do like that it isn't too linked in to Google or any other 3rd party apps as that really frustrates me about windows computers and past android phones I've had. I really hope that this doesn't change throughout updates. I get a Moto feel from the lack of annoying adverts and news which is for me, perfect.

    Performance wise, this is definitely a nippy phone which seems to be maximised by a simple OS.

  7. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 8, 2017

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    doeheart , Dec 8, 2017 :
    Day Seven: Conclusion Day!

    So! It's the end of 7 long days with this nippy little phone and I'm excited to discuss my overall verdict of the OnePlus 5T.

    I came to the iPhone SE looking for speed, a good screen and above all - BATTERY LIFE. Did it deliver? Boy it did. I've been relentlessly impressed with its battery life. I mean I charged it last 1 day and 15 hours ago and it says it still has 3 hours left - mad! I used to have to charge my SE almost twice a day and it would almost always die before the next charge. Not really good enough in these modern times.

    Getting used to a big phone as taken some adjustment - I never quite feel as though it's fully safe in my pocket, and I get the occasional cramp from holding it weirdly. It also feels a bit wild having it out in public so obviously when it's such a huge screen. Almost like a neon MUG ME sign above my head lol. That said, I know most of this is adjusting from a comparably tiny phone. I mean this phones display alone is bigger than the SE's entire body. Wild!

    The camera has taken a bit of adjusting too as I am used to a higher end quality of shots from my iPhone, however I'm over it now. I was surprised to see people returning this phone for the camera quality alone. I think it felt like a big deal to begin with, but I've moved on. I think what the phone offers in other benefits, makes up for the lack in camera quality. A lot of this could change in future updates too. Which will leave me feeling like I've won ha

    I have really slipped well in to android and how this phone interfaces android. It has been really easy for me coming from iOS and I haven't felt like it's been an upheaval. The phone is majorly usable, customisable and I honestly can't fault it.

    And I've even come to terms with the android emojis [e]1f602[/e]

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  8. meatandy
    Oreo Dec 1, 2017

    meatandy , Dec 1, 2017 :
    Congrats on finally getting your new toy.

    Just a word of advice , keep your case installed and find yourself a tgsp for a bit of added protection.

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  9. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Dec 1, 2017

    dsmonteiro , Dec 1, 2017 :
    You can upload them to a hosting of your liking and then link to them. ;)

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  10. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 1, 2017

    doeheart , Dec 1, 2017 :
    Thanks! I'm pleased to finally get it. Yes, I've got a better case on order for grip and so on.

    I did try but I had to compress to email then compress to upload so the images have lost a lot of data! It'll be better as I settle in to this new phone and stop being such a noob hahaha

  11. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Dec 1, 2017

    MentalDraco , Dec 1, 2017 :
    Good stuff :D i came over from a iPhone 5 :D

    Here is my summary of the experience so far :p


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  12. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 1, 2017

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  13. TheOfficialAndrew
    Donut Dec 1, 2017

    TheOfficialAndrew , Dec 1, 2017 :
    You won't be disappointed with #OnePlus. I have the #OnePlus5 and I'm waiting for the #OnePlus5T that I ordered. I love that OnePlus offers flagship specs in a midrange smartphone.

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  14. GuitarBart
    Jelly Bean Dec 2, 2017

    GuitarBart , Dec 2, 2017 :
    For the emoticons you could install an extra keyboard. There are some apps out there to bring iPhone emotes to android. I never really use them much but it might be useful :)

  15. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 2, 2017

    doeheart , Dec 2, 2017 :
    Ooo I might give it a go, but also I should probably just get over myself lmao

  16. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 2, 2017

    doeheart , Dec 2, 2017 :
    Here's a cheeky preview of one of the shots taken in oort wit mode that I'm quite happy with:

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  17. GuitarBart
    Jelly Bean Dec 2, 2017

    GuitarBart , Dec 2, 2017 :
    Haha could be. Be careful with app permissions though. Some keyboard apps might be a bit malicious haha

  18. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 3, 2017

    doeheart , Dec 3, 2017 :
    A couple more - again not the most amazing quality but also not terrible like I've seen some people making out ha






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    Marshmallow Dec 3, 2017

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  20. Mohnish_Chawda
    Cupcake Dec 5, 2017

    Mohnish_Chawda , Dec 5, 2017 :
    Me too. Switched from iPhone 7 to OnePlus 5T. i have been absolutely loving it. Hope OnePlus continues to build on quality products.

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  21. F_Michael_Mulheran_AjJK
    Gingerbread Dec 5, 2017

  22. doeheart
    Eclair Dec 5, 2017

    doeheart , Dec 5, 2017 :
    Yeaaahh I realised the other day [e]1f602[/e] D'oh