#7DayReviewChallenge - From the One to the 3 to the 5T. Oneplus through the ages.


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  1. DaxNagtegaal
    Marshmallow Dec 7, 2017

    DaxNagtegaal , Dec 7, 2017 :
    I have a Oneplus One, which I loved and used for a very long time. Bought it on December 17th, 2014 and it's still doing great. I had a Oneplus 3, which I loved, but unfortunately it was stolen after less than a year of ownership.

    Then I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8+, which I liked and have been using for the past 4 months, but I never really enjoyed using it. It is painfully slow compared to Oneplus devices and I missed the responsiveness that makes it exciting to navigate through the UI. Because I also own an S8+, I will be comparing the two a lot in my review. The S8+ has been praised for many things, especially its design, by basically everyone, so it will be interesting to see how the 5T stacks up. The S8+ is also available for about the same price if you hunt for sales, or dare to go for a used one.

    I received my Oneplus 5T today. Today is December 6th, so I don't actually have 7 days to do this review challenge, but I'm still going to do it. I will group Unboxing Day & Design/Display Day together to make sure I submit my final edit before 10pm EDT on December 11th.

    Day One: Unboxing Day.

    While the packaging of the Oneplus 5T is less impressive than that of the Oneplus One. It definitely isn't bad by any means. The packaging is beautifully minimalistic, and I love how the phone is displayed right there once you lift open the box. I took some pictures, which I put into a collage below.


    I also got the official tempered glass, because I couldn't risk leaving it naked with this beautiful huge display. I am very clumsy and I accidentally drop my phone a lot, which is a large part of why finding a case included with the device was a very welcome surprise that I really appreciate. I actually already dropped it once. (Indoors on vinyl flooring, but still.)

    There was nothing special about the unboxing experience. It was exciting just like unboxing anything else, because who doesn't like new toys? But it wasn't anything special. The packaging of my S8+ was even more boring and that box was quite annoying to open, so Oneplus still beat Samsung, so that's something.

    Day Two: Design/Display Day.

    Display first, just because seeing it and comparing it to my S8+ has gotten me so excited.

    I'm not going to make this any more difficult than it needs to be;
    The display looks incredible. It's 1080p, I know, and I love it! Higher-than-1080p displays on phones are ridiculous. My S8+ has a resolution selector in the settings that lets you switch between 720p, 1080p and 1440p. I switched between 1080p and 1440p a few times, and I honestly can't tell the difference. For testing purposes I set my S8+ to 1440p and I've been staring at the exact same very high resolution images with my S8+ and 5T side by side, and I honestly think the 5T display looks better. The colors look nicer and it looks just as sharp.

    1080p also gives a major boost to battery life, so I love that Oneplus has stuck with it. If you guys ever move up to a higher resolution panel, please do it like Samsung does it and give us a 1080p/1440p selector in the settings.

    Below is my homescreen, with one of the included wallpapers. I really like the look of it so I don't have a custom one.


    Left is a screenshot, right is a picture taken with my S8+. The one on the right is much closer to what it actually looks like in real life. Nice and saturated, vivid colors. Blacks are beautifully deep too.

    Now design. There isn't a whole lot to say about a ~5mm thick glass & metal slab, but somehow there are still companies making ugly *** phones. Oneplus is not one of those companies, except for with the Oneplus 2, the back of that thing truly was disgusting. Sorry Oneplus.

    Thankfully we're not talking about the Oneplus 2 today.


    From the front, I must say that the S8+ looks better, I've always loved the design of that phone. The bezels are just slightly thinner, and those rounded corners on the display are stunning. I'm not a big fan of the curved edges on the sides, though. I much prefer a flat display. The 5T also has less visible sensors in the top bezel, which looks a lot better.


    From the back, though, the 5T easily beats the S8+. The matte aluminium looks a lot better and feels much nicer in the hand than glass, it's softer and more comfortable to hold. Sadly it's also very slippery, so it's easier to lose grip, but in turn it's much harder to break. The fingerprint scanner is a nice looking circle with a little black ring around it, in a place that you can actually reach, unlike the fingerprint scanner on the S8+ which is unusable. The Oneplus logo also looks a lot cleaner and more beautiful than the Samsung text.

    I hate camera bumps, so I'm gonna slap Oneplus on the wrist just like I would with any other manufacturer. We'd all rather have a 1mm taller, wider or thicker phone than a damn camera bump.

    Day Three: Camera Day. Performance Day

    Today was supposed to be Camera Day, but it poured all day long here in Amsterdam. Extremely heavy rain, dark gray skies and wind from hell. Not a good time to be outside taking pictures. Also, today OxygenOS 4.7.4 will be released, which includes an update to the camera app and the photo quality, so I will postpone Camera Day until tomorrow, and do Performance Day instead.

    This phone seriously is a Bea5T, as Oneplus puts it. Oh my, the performance... It's my favorite part about Oneplus devices. All the Oneplus phones I've used in the past have just been so quick in every task I make them do. Actions are instant, animations are quick and smooth, and they only very rarely stutter. The 5T is no exception.

    I never close any apps because I just don't need to. It doesn't matter how many apps I open, how many things I'm doing at once, this phone just powers through it all without any delays or hiccups. My S8+ feels like a budget phone when I put it next to my 5T and perform the same tasks on both. Switching between apps by double tapping the recents button is instant on the 5T, where the S8+ always hesitates for a split second before switching. The 5T will already have the other app open and ready while the S8+ is still on the recent apps screen.

    Face unlock on the S8+ is usually so slow that typing my pincode is faster, unless it's in perfect lighting at the perfect angle. Face unlock on the 5T, on the other hand, is so fast that I couldn't type my pincode even if I wanted to, because I can't see the lock screen. The same second I double tap the screen or press the power button, it's already unlocked and displaying the last app I was using.
    I've had the phone for ~30 hours now so I've already unlocked it hundreds of times, and it's only failed twice so far. Even in dark situations, or weird angles, it works flawlessly. It's really convenient and it saves me a lot of frustration caused by unlocking my S8+. The accuracy and speed of Oneplus face unlock is amazing, and I'm extremely impressed. The fingerprint scanner is also extremely fast and accurate, but I've only used it about a dozen times on my 5T because face unlock is just so good. I know that the fingerprint scanner is amazing because it was on my Oneplus 3, so it would be on this phone too.

    Day Four: Camera Day. OxygenOS Day.

    Again, it rained all day. Really heavy downfall, there was even hail and snow! I have to keep postponing Camera Day because I just can't test the camera properly indoors.

    Before I even start talking about OxygenOS, I want to take a second to praise and thank Oneplus for their custom software policy. Giving us the freedom to unlock our phones and flash whatever custom software we want without voiding our warranty is something that I and many other enthusiasts really appreciate. They encourage the modding community, and their official tech support will even help you out via remote desktop if you manage to brick (break) your phone. So even if you end up hating OxygenOS (which you won't), it doesn't matter because you can just install a custom ROM with different features that you do like.

    OxygenOS had everybody extremely skeptical when it was first announced. When CyanogenMod dropped their support and Oneplus said they'd be developing their own ROM, everybody I knew laughed and thought it was going to be a disaster.

    We were only sort of right.. If I remember correctly, the very first OxygenOS version that was released for the Oneplus One was basically just stock Android with a customisable quick tile panel and screen-off gestures. Very barebones, boring and pretty unstable, but damn it was fast and snappy. Battery life was good, but other than that it didn't have much going for it.

    Thankfully OxygenOS has matured very well over the years, Oneplus really did a great job with this ROM. Just like the first version, it's still very fast and snappy, battery life is still good, but it's no longer unstable or barebones. It has a fairly small set of features and customisation options compared to some other phones, or custom ROMs, but the features it does have work well and add to the phone's user experience.

    Screen-off gestures, like double tap to wake and turning the flashlight on by drawing something on the turned off screen, are amazing. You can choose what icons appear in the notification bar, to keep it nice and clean. The software buttons are rearrangeable and you can assign a bunch of different functions to a double tap or a long press on any of the buttons. The display has a night mode, and a reading mode, which are both easier on the eyes at night. You can change the theme of the phone from light to dark, and you can choose an accent color to go along with the theme. Font size and display size can of course also be changed. Of course this phone, with its nice and large display, also supports dual window which works really well.

    All in all it isn't a whole lot, but it's everything that matters and I really like OxygenOS. It's surely a ton better than all the other manufacturers' stock ROMs.

    One small side note, Oneplus, you have to add support for HD Netflix streaming.

    Day Five: Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day.

    Battery life has been good. Slightly worse than the battery life of my S8+, which is to be expected considering the battery of the S8+ is slightly bigger at 3.500mAh vs 3.300mAh. I've been getting between 4 and 5 hours of SOT with between 15 and 20 hours of total usage. My S8+ would regularly get a bit over 5 hours, so Oneplus still has a bit of optimisation to do. There's always room for improvement in the battery life department.

    Before I post the following screenshots, I need to tell you my usage.
    • Brightness always between 70 and 100%
    • Location always on
    • Bluetooth always on
    • Browsing the web, texting/calling, taking pictures, streaming music from Spotify and watching ~30 minutes of YouTube in public transport is all quite typical.

    That second result was an unusually heavy day. Only 4G, no WiFi. Functioning as WiFi hotspot for 2 devices for 3 hours. Taking lots of pictures, streaming at least an hour of music to my Bluetooth headphones while navigating with Google Maps and full brightness all day. It still lasted me from when I left home to when I came back home with battery to spare.

    I haven't had a whole lot of time to really test the battery properly, only got 3 days worth of good results. Other days I'd forgotten to charge to full or forgot to take screenshots before charging to full, which is easy to do because of how damn fast it is. Below is a screenshot showing how fast dash charge is. The S8+ isn't nearly as fast.


    Dash charge is amazing. It's the very first thing I sorely missed when I switched from the OP3 to the S8+. It's so convenient to just plug in for a few minutes before leaving for an event and adding 10-30% to your battery like it's nothing. 10 minutes of charging adds ~20-25%, which is 1 to 1.5 hours of screen on time.

    Day Six: OxygenOS Day. Camera Day.


    Starting off with a nice photo, and an even nicer album so you all can see what I'm talking about for yourselves.
    Also, here is some footage of a snow storm in Amsterdam. It's heavily compressed so it doesn't look great, I just wanted to share my pain.

    The camera on this phone is amazing in good lighting, and it can be really good in low light too, but it's hit or miss. All of the shots in the album are point and shoot. I didn't tap to focus on either of the two phones, everything was on auto and I used the stock camera app on both devices.

    I went through the album with my girlfriend and she thinks that the 5T's photos look better on 13/15 photos. I agree. Sharpness is pretty much always equal, but the 5T just produces nicer looking images. The colors are more accurate to what they're like in real life, the images are clearer and the camera app itself is faster and easier to operate.

    I did shoot a video, and the stabilisation is quite impressive. Quality is good too. I don't have a sample because I just haven't really had the time, I've been extremely busy and the weather has been awful too.

    Goodbye S8+, I hope your new owner loves you more than I did.

    Day Seven: Conclusion Day!

    Everybody told me I was downgrading by switching from S8+ to 5T and that I would regret it. I don't. I don't miss my S8+, and I never will. I really like this phone, the whole experience is good. From the unboxing to the beautiful design, to the shockingly good performance, the great software and a surprisingly amazing camera. There's nothing major I dislike about this phone, it really does tick all the boxes.
    • Good design
    • Good display
    • Good performance
    • Good battery life
    • Good camera
    • Good price
    So, yes, I would absolutely recommend this device to anyone that doesn't want to spend 850+ euros on a phone. My girlfriend has a Pixel 2, but the display is too small for me so I'd get the Pixel 2 XL, which costs 1050 euros. For that price I can buy two 5Ts and still have 50 euros left over for 2 cases and screen protectors.
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