#7dayreviewchallenge "old wine in new bottle" ??? Let's check!!


What do you feel which unboxing experience was better??

  1. OnePlus5

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  2. OnePlus5T

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    YASHPLUSONE , Nov 22, 2017 :
    Unboxing day
    Got the device after a long wait in the line outside the store. Had to double check weather it was a 5 or a 5t as surprisingly both the boxes are completely same and hardly distinguish able. If it wouldn't have been for the small t on one side of the boxes it would have been a difficult task for store keepers, Given they have stocks for both the devices. Also on top of the box where you generally see the logo has a minor update it has a raised dotted feel.
    and with the OnePlus 5T also the have maintained simple clean elegant packing with the 5 noticeable clearly at off angles
    Unboxing experience was good although not as great as that with the OnePlus5, guess the box had a bit more friction compared to that with the OnePlus5. The casey packing of the device a little bit bigger camera slot was great as always.
    Was quite amazed that OnePlus included a soft case, even though I like the phone naked. One sim ejector tool which I did not use cuz I had already got one with OP5 and a quick start guide and a safety information card which no one reads. And the same dash bundle.
    Altogether mixed feelings of the unboxing as it was not a totally new experience but yes it's just the unboxing and we can't prejudice the device. As it is told don't judge a book by its cover. So yes let's see what the actual device holds!!
    but on the whole the excitement and anxiety of opening a new device prevailed throught the unboxing experience.

    Day 2: Design/display Day
    Design!! Well no words can describe how brilliant and amazing the design of the phone is (ONEPLUS5) I love the design of the OnePlus 5 with the amazing horizon line which makes it feel slimmer than ever. Wondering, why I am not talking about the T?? Well not all may agree but I personally like the design of the 5 more than that of the T .

    1.i am basically not a fan of an 18:9 aspect ratio and slimmer bezels, the OnePlus 5 is and will be the best design implemented and cut into a smart phone.
    2. Nowhere have I ever said that the 5T's design is bad ,it is amazing and one step higher than the OP5 but when it comes to a honest opinion I just love the OP5. it has good bezels to hold on and not to forget the iconic front fingerprint scanner is just a deal breaker for me
    3. Coming back to the design of the 5T it feels incredibly slim has a nice elevated and a much smoother camera hump unlike with the OP5 where the cutout it sharp.
    4. Fingerprint scanner: to be honest I have never used a faster fingerprint scanner that the one on OP5 & the T but the placement, I know even the company is not happy by placing it there, just as @Brian Yoon said at launch but yes you have to sacrifice something in order to achieve greater things(new view). So let's just not fuss about it and use our faces instead(facial recognition) OMG!! 0.4S it is incredible fast you just look at the phone and tadaa your in!! And as far as the accuracy and security is concerned I haven't seen any issue. i know its not as secure as the "notchy" phone is but it has a fingerprint sensor something the notchy company has eaten just as they have done with their fruit.

    5.last but not least headphone jack: Hats off there, as removing it would only affect users who use it and for the ones who don't use it don't bother!

    This one really caught my eye, well I'm not talking about the immersive display but the colours and the quality the display reproduced.
    I was wondering why didn't anyone @OnePlus boast about the quad HD+ display, later i saw a video wherin a reviewer was saiying the display is not quad hd+
    I googled several times to confirm weather it's quad HD+ or not.
    This is my favourite wallpaper and also I like that red colour in temperature and time in AOD

    Altogether the display is awesome. What I love the most is the new sunlight display I don't know to what extent this is an all hardware feature. Let's hope it arrives on OP5 also.
    You decide!
    It has great viewing angles, great colour reproduction, good outdoor view and most importantly it is 6.01 inches so far there is definitely nothing to complain about. Let's see what things unfold next!!

    Day 3: CAMERA DAY.
    The highlight feature of the 5T which I love the most.
    Pictures taken with the OnePlus5 we're great but the T has raised the bar!! Excellent depth clarity and true colours is just the stepping stone to explain pictures taken with the OnePlus5T.
    Amazing portraits, fluid pro mode and what not....!
    I love the way the camera has been shaped it's so smoothly engineered I know that the hump is a bit bigger than what we had seen on the OP5 but yeah a bigger hump gives you better photos!!
    So bigger is better.
    The combo of a great camera with a bigger screen is icing on the cake! The replacement of the telephoto lens with a secondary lens was indeed a great idea!
    So a big thumbs up there.
    Lowlight performance is jaw dropping, never expected this, specially with very poor lowlight performance on OP5 with the OP5T grainy dark pictures are a thing of the past.
    Looks like intelligent pixel technology is working hard and kicking in just in time.
    Talking about selfies they are splendid! The feature I love the most is the make shift screen flash it helps a loooot. It helps me click amazing selfies even in pitch dark. Thanks to it I don't look like a zombie at late night parties and I don't have to hesitate to pop the phone out and host a selfie and then later be embarrassed over a bad one as of now it has not let me down, and I hope things to remain the same.
    While low light video and photos still aren’t quite as fantastic here as they are in some far more expensive smartphones, OnePlus 5T out-performs the 5. but that is in no way a reason to upgrade from the OnePlus 5. but if your driver is a 3 or a 3T then upgrade to the 5T is a good decision.
    As OnePlus devices have in common from past couple of generations, this OnePlus 5T camera creates beautiful images. Sometimes elements come with a bit more color than they do in real life. But sharpness is great, and end quality is the best on the market today.
    Rounding it up amazing camera good performance and above all low light spledid!!
    I have amazing shots but the server does not accept size above 2mb. So thats bad!!

    Day 4: performance day.
    I am a bit late on arriving to the performances.
    The reason is the device itself ,have been triying way too hard to find one bug or one single flaw in the device's performance but, I don't know weather to be sad that even after various test I did not see the phone go down or be happy that it digested everything that was thrown at it. Well the T is definitely a bea5T as @Crystal Z. Has already told fast is just a key word but only when you actually experience you realise how small the word fast is in front of the devices performance. From unlocking to getting all your tasks done this device slays it! Heating issues and lags are a thing of the past. Heavy games? Well gaming dnd and ice cold device you can be sure to win all the time. RAM I'd just a number configuring and optimising it to perform tasks with ease is the art to obtaining hassle free experience, the field in which OnePlus outruns every other phone manufacturing company. We have already experienced great speed power and lightning performance on the #OP5 but the T is top notch (without the notch iphoneX). It has evolved to become the best device making the best even better. To explain performance in words is extremely difficult I have tried my best but if you still feel I have said way too much about the device I suggest you grab one and experience the new view.

    I was and I still am astonished with how can the finger print on the OnePlus 5 and the T be soooo accurate and fast . I am very dissatisfied with the position but I feel that the taller display and slimmer bezels have compensated well! And also I have never used a faster fingerprint scanner than the ones on the 5 and 5T.

    What had caught my eye and still is, the face unlock ,I must say I am totally impressed with the the feature just as I was and still am with the rapid fingerprint sensor people are talking about it being secure and stuff but to what I have seen and experienced must say it's super fast and amazingly accurate and that is totally what I care about.

    Day 5: Dash charge/ power consumption day.
    Late for your morning class and that late night gaming has drained all the juice on the bea5T above all you plugged the device in but the switch was not on. I know how frustrating it can get. But worry no more the one plus 5T comes with dash charging "a days power in half an hour" may sound funny but it goes from 0-60% in just 30minutes and it is not a software optimisation, the juice keeps you active till your back home late at night!
    We have all seen thousands of videos on YouTube wherin the #OP5 has won all the battery tests no matter which "flagship" you put next to it. The OP5 gives the longest onscreen time compared to Google pixel 2 XL, Galaxy s8, iPhone 8+ and also the most advanced phone "iPhone X"
    But the 5T has made the best better. A bigger and a higher resolution display with the same 3,300mah battery sacrificing only 15 minutes is amazing
    And also unimaginable.I am definitely sure that if the headphone jack was sacrificed they could easily squeeze another couple 100mah of battery. But TBH I just love the way it is and even if I am running out of charge and time I always have my dash charger coming in for rescue. whats more? the OnePlus 5T is officially the fastest charging flagship device. In 30minutes it goes up from 0-57%. it charges completely to 100% in 1hr 25mins. giving 5hrs 43 mins of SOT at nonstop usage!! thats just 15mins less than the OnePlus 5 eventhough it has a bigger and a better display.

    Day 6: oxygen os day.
    Nothing can beat the software experience thaT oneplus has offered. experience so slick no words can explain, now i totally know how difficult it would have been at the oneplus launch for @Brian Yoon and @Szymon K. to explain oxygen os. and i clearly saw them struggling (anyone would). defining software can be as difficult as to defining the color yellow. basically you need to experience to appreciate cuz no words can actually satisfactorily describe how redefined the software is. what is stock android?? the one which even android does not use? well we all love stock android but we fail to understand one shoe size cannot fit every foot. oxygen os is tailored best to suit everyone's basic needs. and coming to us oneplus users we are very luck to have this in our phones. The best operating system with a pinch of added perfection is infact the best way we can define OOS.
    As a user i am here to share my honest review and experience, i have nowhere given statistics or graphs to describe the potential of the 5t. well we all have google for that job. what i am here for is to convey what a user's emotions and experience will be like while personally using and holding the device, which in my sight no non living superpower will ever be able to do. by adding a few colors and a bit of statistics and some stupid rising graphs ,and the highest one being the device i am talking about, i can boost my review easily to the top but unfortunately i am here to express and not impress. we will request oneplus to host another contest for colourful and appealing review and i will then portray what my potential is. (i guess we have gone a bit too far off topic lets come back).
    Not much has changed in OxygenOS since the OnePlus 5. It’s still very simple, and includes a few apps that make the Android experience fully user-friendly. This includes OnePlus’s own File Manager app, local Gallery app, and a Community app for us OnePlus users to converse and attain tips and tricks and answers to questions and not to mention thousands of duplicate threads and word battles!
    Oneplus has strained and refined an already excellent software experience and made it exceptional all while maintaining 0% bloatware.
    there are such mere additions in the operation system which we would hardly every notice but all of those have contributed to an amazing user experience
    that simple small led which some smartphone companies have completely neglected plays a vital role in my daily usage. i know what is happening in my phone without even having to turn the display on thanks to the 8colour tones customizable led light.
    those gestures on the device are flawless and on point at all times. just draw s on the display and tadaa you have the flashlight on! draw an O open the camera and never miss a shot again struggling to find the camera app or unlocking the device, what i love the most is the swipe down on the fingerprint sensor which brings down the notification bar. these small thing about which we have never noticed or have never paid any attention to have be blended with perfection giving you the best user experience now and always!!
    all this while giving you complete freedom at customization making sure you #neversettle.
    remember those million whatsapp conversation screenshots you have sent to someone wondering were do you have to stop scrolling in order to take minimal screen shots all while not missing a single message! bid them adieu longer expanded screenshots reduce upto 4 screenshots fitting all the content in one!!
    no wonder how many times you have locked the screen while trying to take a screenshot worry no more swipe down three fingers and your good to go!!!

    are the essential apps you use launching slower due to other not soo worthy ones??
    add your priority apps and see the app open in a swish.

    the region where i was disappointed was the attempt to squeeze more apps in the notification drawer which will eventually arrive on the 5T i wouldnt mind to swipe to the next page rather than click on something else in the crammed drawer. i want space and i loved it just that way!

    the option to change themes, fonts, reading mode and night mode have complemented the amazing oled display well. i read a lot late nights and i love the reading mode, but while playing games or browsing i prefer the night mode. i am wondering how has oneplus managed to squeeze such great thing i such a light os. i totally love the device 99.99% satisfied amazing effort oneplus keep up the good work

    DAY 7: CONCLUSION DAY -The Final Submission

    it will never let you down in any aspect
    it is probably the only phone i know of which has the same price of it predecessor all while having upgraded specs. although with OnePlus 5 the company has left the lower price range this guy is pretty decently prized. if prize is your concern don't hesitate this is one of the cheapest flagship, offering premium specs in the market.

    grab one IF,
    1. you want the best phone
    2. don't want to break your pocket
    3. wanna click amazing pictures (specially in the dark)
    4. you always forget to charge your phone or if you charge your phone in the 11th hour
    5. you need 0% bloatware
    6. you are fascinated by an 18:9 aspect ratio
    7. you love the rear finger print sensor
    8. you love sleek and stylish phones
    9. you love modifying the software without putting the warranty at a stake
    10. On screen buttons is not an issue.
    11. above all, the headphone jack is your lifeline (it is mine!) ;)

    don't buy IF,
    • You are a happy oneplus 5 customer
    • rear fingerprint scanner bugs you
    • you need large bezels to hold on
    • you go swimming with your phone
    • you are too obsessed with the word OIS
    • you fascinate charging your phone on a hot plate
    • you hate the headphone jack (WHY ON EARTH SHOULD YOU??) and love the c-type to 3.5mm adapter
    • you want stereo speakers
    • you don't have faith in OnePlus
    • Project treble is all you want.
    • last but not the least (specially for Indians) if your parents have denied for a too early upgrade!
    I have given you 11 reasons to buy as well as 10 reasons to not buy the bea5T , now its your call.

    P.S. : this is my views and approach to the oneplus5T. any errors or any other query please let me know in the comments down below.
    i have put a lot of effort in making this possible i would love to hear back from all the community members.
    i thank @Crystal Z. for this challenge as it brought the device and its user closer, i would have never analysed so deeply if it wouldn't have been for this contest. this contest has added yet another dimension to my approach to the bea5T.
    Thanks a ton.
    good day.

    Everything can't be perfect!! There are always 2 sides of a coin. You just have to try until u succeed and I clearly see OnePlus doing that.

    As far as concluding the title is considered, well both the wine as well as the bottle are fresh out of the oven! The design is 2k17 and the user experience has got nothing to complain about.
    A big thumbs up to OnePlus there

    *some photos are in the comments below
    As the server refused to accept shots above 2mb

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    Qazi.Rza , Nov 22, 2017 :
    You have the content but missed the depth. Well naturally that comes with the time..if you would have spent some good amount of time in the forum then you would realize that it not just a phone..but an emotion. For all of us though who are here for long. Peace!!

    This is not a fan language..Unboxing experience was good although not as great as that with the OnePlus5, guess the box had a bit more friction compared to that with the OnePlus5.

  4. Crystal Z.
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    Crystal Z. , Nov 24, 2017 :
    looking forward to next ;)

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    YASHPLUSONE , Nov 25, 2017 :
    hey!! @Crystal Z. can you please help me out??
    looks like I made a spelling mistake in the thread title instead of challenge I have misspelled it as challange please help me make the change as I can't change the title. [e]1f60a[/e]

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    YASHPLUSONE , Dec 5, 2017 :
    Well, @David Y. Helped me out. Thanks anyway!

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 5, 2017

    YASHPLUSONE , Dec 5, 2017 :
    the makeshift flash kicked in well. with the recent surprising powercuts it's not let me down!

    I don't have a photo genic face though.

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    YASHPLUSONE , Dec 5, 2017 :
    I have a copy of it without depth effect also! thanks to the option to save 2copies in the settings! [e]1f609[/e]
    BTW I clicked a ton of pictures. actually can't resist with a good camera and a super cute niece!

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    ajshanker , Dec 5, 2017 :
    Hey, thats a well sorted out review. Good images to match. Hope you enjoy your device. Cheers

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    YASHPLUSONE , Dec 5, 2017 :
    thank you

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