#7DayReviewChallenge Onepluskay’s OnePlus 5T aka Bea5t Review

  1. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 22, 2017

    beastkay , Nov 22, 2017 :
    Day One: Unboxing Day
    Hey, guys I'm not a reviewer I'm just a fan who was super excited for this new BEA5T #Oneplus5T that's why participating in #7DayReviewChallenge and will complete it for sure ;)
    I'm from India and I just bought it from amazon at exact 4.30pm IST.
    Amazon will be providing it asap if you're from northern part of India otherwise they will take a day.

    So that's all about from where I bought it now let's start the unboxing !

    When I saw it I was like whoa and it really is a stunner, charmer, beauty in hands, not believing me just have a look ;)


    When you'll open the box your eyes will be on Bea5t then under that you are having the quick start guide with one transparent cover this time and under it you will be having your dash charger and cable but I don't know why the dash charger is big.

    :- I didn't liked the bulky charger.

    Moving on sharing another fantastic click of my new Bea5t ;) ;)


    At last want to tell everyone how much happy I'm right now because this 8/128/835 chip set in this beast is awesome :cool:

    Day one ends :)
    Coming up next...
    Day Two: Design/Display Day
    Day Three: Camera Day
    Day Four: Performance Day
    Day Five: Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day
    Day Six: Oxygen OS Day
    Day Seven: Conclusion Day
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  2. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 23, 2017

    Stickied Post
    beastkay , Nov 23, 2017 :
    Day 2 : Design & Display day Starts...

    So after the Unboxing day now the day comes where I have to talk about Design of this charmer and what I feel about the Display so why to wait, lets get started ;)
    [Design/Display Day]
    That's my new wallpaper first I thought to use the official wallpapers but then this one came to my mind and I really liked this wallpaper because of this 18:9 display, 6.01" AMOLED display with a pixel density of 401 dpi which makes this picture amazing it's like icing on the cake.

    Now here are some pictures for the design, you can have very nice pictures on the internet but I thought to click my own because I'm having this charmer with me so let's give it a shot ;)


    Headphone jack is still there because OP knows the importance of it, LOL AAPL :p :p
    Other than this we can have a look that the little curve screen of OP5 is missing over here which was creating some issue for tempered glass screen protector, it was not sticking properly over on that corner areas.
    Still it looks so sleek, now lets have a look to left side of it.

    Here, we can see the same alert slider and volume rockers as same as OP5 but I feel it different I'm not talking about the buttons I'm talking about the feel and presence of this device in hands it's like really bewildering.

    That display of 6.01" in the same size of OP5 is just amazingly fitted which will make you feel really good for sure.
    One more major thing that a little bulk on camera edges is a life savior for the lenses.

    At last I'm super impressed with the design and new 18:9 display because they're at best :) :hearteyes:

    Sharing a last photograph for Day 2

    As @MentalDraco asked me about the buttons are they wobbling and yes they're wobbling a little but you do so then only otherwise they're just fine but if it comes to do a review then we have to mention each and everything we are getting to know about the device.
    This point goes to #Draco ;) Cheers !

    Edit : This is a must buy smartphone because of it's design and display trust me just try it once and you will love it :)

    Day 2 : Design & Display day ends.

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  3. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2017

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    beastkay , Nov 26, 2017 :
    Day Three : Camera Day Starts...

    [Camera Day]
    So after a break I'm writing this review for the most important thing in a smartphone which is Camera and which is very important for op users because we always want to get a optimized and well speculated functional device, it's like more icing on the cake with some extra berries :)
    It's like we want more and more like sometimes we act greedy :D
    Too much general talk now let's focus on Camera.

    Let's now see what specs for camera is bundled with Oneplus5T :-

    • Rear Camera 1 (Main Lens) 16MP with 1.12-micron pixels, f/1.7 ( It's same as Oneplus 5)
    • Rear Camera 2 (Second lens) 20MP (IMX 376k) with 1-micron pixels, f/1.7 (Improved from the predecessor)
    • Selfie Camera is still the same as predecessor (Oneplus 5)
    I was expecting OIS this time when everyone was saying and talking about camera has been upgraded only one thing that comes to my mind is about OIS but it's still missing.

    I was testing it's stabilization while taking pictures on a bike ride please have a look : -
    Not so sharpened and not even so blurry it looked nice on the phone screen but here we can see some jitter or noise because bike was on 40-45 KMPH speed.

    I should post a very nice picture in the start but that's how I started testing the camera so I'll follow my sequence :)

    Next I visited a place where lot's and really lot's of lights were there so I took out this Bea5t and started clicking some pics of it, please have a look to them : -

    Max 2MB ( So Compressing a little )

    Really liked the lights so tested Depth effect on this pot :)

    Another One :-
    This one I tried it again in bokeh but I can do it a little better, I wanted to capture as much I can in a single frame that's why I covered road signal, roads, the side lighting and the blue magical pot.

    I want to compare which color is looking nice on screen so clicked kind of same shot but different colors so check these close ups : -
    I liked the blue one :D

    I wanted to check how much details it can capture in low light so had these also : -
    I really like this picture please let me know if you liked it :)
    Was trying the camera as much I can in that location to get the best results out of it but I had Oneplus 5 for sometime with me I gave it to my brother, it was also sort of same kind in terms of camera performance so let's have some more pictures then we will talk more.

    Now It's time for some pro mode in which I'm not so good :D but tried to get some nice shots

    and one more in portrait :)
    This light was very bright I tried to make it low as much possible on that focus point and got this shot.
    Last outdoor picture :-
    These were some of my outdoor shots that I tried to test the camera in night, I wanted to see how it performs and I am happy with the results because it gave some nice pictures but if OIS was there then there should be much more life in these pictures specially pictures which wobble while you clicking them.

    Now I will show some Indoor shots that I've taken to test how much details it captures and how it looks : -
    This one I took it after my squash session and I've taken this via a transparent wall and this is looking nice :)

    Let's play some focus game
    Focus on what matters for me its Oneplus :)
    Focusing on my 3T right now ;)

    I'm not a apple lover that phone is just a piece of object for me right now ;)
    It belongs to my friend.


    Trying to be little bit creative
    Pro mode is love literally it gives you so much power whether you want to focus on first clip or second it's in your hand and I focused on the closed one because it was coming nice and the thread details were looking good in the frame.

    I visited a school for a thanksgiving activity and had some clicks while kids are playing so sharing that too with you.
    Last pro-mo shot which is indoor tandoor flames shot : - IMG_20171016_110419.jpg
    We are getting some noise over there but detailing is nice.
    It is capturing nice details when it's outdoor but indoor it's still the same as OP5 there will be a slight change which normal users like me not able to see in the results.
    Last picture for this post to test the front camera (selfie)
    I'm always happy with the front camera with it is 3T,5 and 5T because the amount of light and details they capture it is really nice combination.

    So my overall experience with 5T's camera was nice but I was not so happy because it's giving the same results as it's predecessor, I'm saying it because I used both of them and not able to see a drastic change in the camera output.

    I've tried to test it in each and every environment or surroundings where people will try to have some photographs.

    But overall happy with the results :)

    Day 3 : Camera Day ends.

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  4. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 29, 2017

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    beastkay , Nov 29, 2017 :
    Day Four : Performance Day Starts....
    [Performance Day]
    Today we going to talk about that unit which we love the most and which we want from our high end devices which is Performance. We measure this unit by testing lots of application in one go, we try to suffer the device and really test the OS very hard and by which we get to know how is the device performing and where it's lagging and up to what level it can go to.

    We have various applications also which do this for us by just running them and sit back and relax.
    The apps which I'm using are : -

    • Antutu Benchmark
    • Geekbench Benchmark
    I can use a lot more apps but I've tested my OnePlus5T manually which I like to do because everyone is having there own way to test it and I will talk about this later but first lets see some tests results by these above mentioned applications.

    This is all about the raw performance but I always believe in user experience and which is flawless and very smooth there are no problems at all but if we compare it with it's predecessor then it's kind of same and not much difference.

    On Geekbench also it's like butter and the single and multi core scores are like telling us that it's the best out of best in the market which gives some of you more confidence about the OP5T ;)

    But Now it's the time to tell you guys how me or every noob tries to test it's device and get the results out.

    1. Opened each and every app that I have in my 5T
    2. Now trying each and every app out of drawer.
    3. Testing camera and having pictures at the same time.
    4. Listening songs and pausing them in between.
    These basic stuff's sometimes makes your device lags or slow but here the best SoC and that LPDDR4X Ram
    which make it blazing fast and give it that much of capabilities by which it can survive and provide the best results. This best chip set is the heart and making it best performer out there in the market.
    In terms of :-
    • Multitasking
    • Benchmarks
    • all other features like (Face unlock, Fingerprint sensor etc)

    Now it's on you whether you are just going to see the numbers of the apps and will make your decision and some of them will test it out and then try to find out whether it's good or not.
    In my case I'm the second guy and I used it thoroughly and came to the point that I liked it because the response from this device is like overwhelming user experience and which
    I'm liking and loving.

    It's smooth as butter ;)

    Day 4 : Performance Day ends.

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  5. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 30, 2017

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    beastkay , Nov 30, 2017 :
    Day 5 : Dash Charge & Power Consumption Day starts...

    [Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day]
    A day's power in just half an hour you must be aware of this sentence for sure if not you should try a Oneplus device and you'll get to know what I'm talking about :D
    Jokes apart, this is what dash charge is all about it's so fast that I've fallen in love with this technology.

    Let's talk about it what Dash Charge is the new technology from OP which introduced at the time of OP3 and it's still ruling the markets because it provides 60-63% of battery charge in just 30 mins.


    This is with full brightness on and lot's of applications running in the background sometimes I never close them :p


    Now let's talk where I consume a lot of my battery(Power consumption talk )

    • Community
    • Instagram
    • Snapchat
    • Data always on
    • Adaptive Brightness
    • Full volume media
    There are the some of tasks that are always happening on my 5T and it's giving me a full day backup with these applications running the background which is nice.

    Overall, you don't have to worry about the battery if you charged it up once a day then it's going to be there for you till the days ends.
    But there could be improvements dash charge is not the fastest, the fastest is qualcomm quick charge which gives you 75-80% battery in 30 mins.
    So there could be some improvements but that is for each and every aspect.

    Next up is OxygenOS Day ;)

    Day 5 : Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day ends.
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  6. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 1, 2017

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    beastkay , Dec 1, 2017 :
    Day 6 Starts...

    Now it's time to talk about the communicator which helps us humans (to be more specific) to interact with hardware (machine) which basically knows as Operating System and for Oneplus it's OxygenOS :)

    Let's get started.

    [OxygenOS Day]
    When Oneplus launched it's first smartphone which was having cyanogenmod (discontinued) in which there were lots and lots of customization and that point of time only they were providing this kind of product.
    So for geeks like me it was the best deal in the market, so now that OS is discontinued but Oneplus never gave up they build their own OS and in the begining they faced lots of issues with it but via community and experts in their team made this OS wonderful and exceptional.

    I really like how light kind of feel it provides when we just unlock our phone and it's so smooth without any lags and errors. It's super responsive and they're providing a hell lot of customization's and I don't miss cyanogen at all after the experience of OxygenOS.


    Now I'll share some pictures of my Oneplus5T and will talk about what else I love about this OS.

    IMG-20171201-WA0014.jpg IMG-20171201-WA0015.jpg

    Features what I really like and use in daily life : -
    • Shelf
    • Three finger screenshot
    • Two finger music play

    Shelf is really useful it provides the most significant information according to your usage and we can customize it also with some widgets.
    Let's take an example I was using walker tracker for some days so there was a widget with that app we can put it on shelf so no need to open the app to see how many steps you walked.
    Just unlock swipe right, your steps are there on the widget.

    Three finger screenshot (Gestures) I am always using this feature because I take lots and lots of screenshots regarding work, meme or on snapchat :p

    Two finger Music play also a very nice gesture it's super fast and time efficient, how I use it ?
    Bike ride ?
    How to play music in my style ?
    Double click then two finger swipe down it's done :)

    I want to mention one more
    Entered Gym so it's time for some rock music !
    Double click then two finger swipe down it's done :)

    I was little bit excited because I use this feature in this scenario so I wanted to share.


    Overall experience with OxygenOS is like super smooth never had a bug or any problem, I really love to customize what this OS provides but it's having a little drawback which is on time updates. We are not getting updates on time and if we are having it then it takes a little time to be bug free.
    Other than this I don't have any complaints :)

    Day 6 : OxygenOS ends.
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  7. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 2, 2017

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    beastkay , Dec 2, 2017 :
    At last Day 7 and this is going to end...

    So the last question Will You Recommend it ?

    [Conclusion Day]
    After a lot of testing and typing my reviews (thoughts) over here this #7DayReviewChallenge made me addicted to the community and now I'm always looking to the forum and reading about new articles and all.
    Really very nice contest by Oneplus and I'm very delighted to participate in this and yes I'm completing my challenge so very happy about it.

    What do I think about Oneplus 5t aka Bea5t ;)
    This device is really good, it really feels amazing in hands and the 6.01 screen with in the same size as it's predecessor is really attractive and you will for sure going to love the feel of bezel which is premium.

    Pros and Cons
    review 5t.jpg

    • Screen size - I really loved it how they managed to get this 18:9 display, 6.01" AMOLED display in the same size of OP5
    • Build Quality - In hand experience is really fantastic you can feel the premium quality while sensing it.
    • Specs - Best in the market that is the only reason they're the flagship killer ;)
    • OxygenOS - The best android version I have ever used because of the customization it provides.
    • Battery - Battery life is really tempting because you just have to charge it once a day and you're good to go.
    • Camera - There is not so much improvement in terms of camera quality it still resembles the same as it predecessor so it can be improved a lot. As they have improved a little when we see the specs for rear camera 2 but it's not showing much difference while comparing the photographs from OP5 and OP5T.
    • No Oreo - While the launch it was rumored that oreo will be there out of the box but it didn't happened :(
    • No Treble - Customization was the key when OP started and now they are not supporting it, that is really disappointing.
    • No IP67 or Higher - I really wanted the Bea5t to be a all terrain smartphone but it's not there and I'm really missing this thing very badly.

    Overall it's the best deal you can get in the market right now because at this price it's the best you can get.
    Yes, it's not the perfect phone but it's a flagship killer and you'll love the experience.
    So my answer to the first question of this post is YES !

    I'm not so happy because it's ending now the all geek talks review's and discussions but I'll be there in the forums and will help as much as I can give to the community.

    Day 7 : Conclusion Day ends.

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  8. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 23, 2017

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  9. dcmcc24
    KitKat Nov 23, 2017

    dcmcc24 , Nov 23, 2017 :
    Looking good.

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  10. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 23, 2017

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  11. Punk_69
    Lollipop Nov 23, 2017

    Punk_69 , Nov 23, 2017 :
    Nice and sweet ;)
    I like it !!
    But yea the charging adapter is very chunky and big !!
    Good luck for the next parts of the review !!;)

    Edit:- Here's how my op3 Dash Charge adapter looks like (it's too small infront of the op5t charger.)

    Couldn't reply sooner due to Andaman's crap internet :D
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  12. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 23, 2017

    beastkay , Nov 23, 2017 :
    Oh no issues, it's all about your support whether it's soon or little late :p

  13. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 23, 2017

    beastkay , Nov 23, 2017 :
    Right now I'm in office otherwise I'll also post the same size of dash charger I got with my 3T :p
    Any specific reason for the change of charger size ?

  14. Punk_69
    Lollipop Nov 23, 2017

    Punk_69 , Nov 23, 2017 :
    nope no idea ...

  15. ajshanker
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 23, 2017

    ajshanker , Nov 23, 2017 :
    This is the charger we get with op5 also. chunky but its square so no problem during packing while travelling.
    The international models have long thick chargers.

  16. Nezumi_
    KitKat Nov 23, 2017

    Nezumi_ , Nov 23, 2017 :
    congrats on your purchase :)
    and yeah that's a nice day-one review from you, i'll be sure to read the rest of it, enjoy your new device ;)

  17. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 23, 2017

    beastkay , Nov 23, 2017 :
    TYSM @Nezumiii :)
    Follow this post and can you share your thoughts regarding size of dash charger ?

  18. Nezumi_
    KitKat Nov 23, 2017

    Nezumi_ , Nov 23, 2017 :
    that one's definitely bulkier than mine lol, and every new oneplus phones are shipped with that bulky and newer charger brick i suppose. i still have the smaller one that's made by liteon.

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  19. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat Nov 23, 2017

    iNtEnSePL , Nov 23, 2017 :
    @onepluskay - more backlight for the photos, less screen brightness, more punctuation in text (like dots and commas) and less Bea5t in text (it may be cool for you, but irritating for some others).

    Oh and since it's a review - you tell the story, so don't ask questions to OP why is your charger this size. If you don't like it, write it (the charger is big, chunky and I don't like it!) - that would be far more valuable for readers than the question.

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  20. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 23, 2017

    beastkay , Nov 23, 2017 :
    Tysm for yor feedback, it's appreciated and will follow your advice ;)

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  21. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member Nov 24, 2017

    Crystal Z. , Nov 24, 2017 :
    Looking forward the rest;)

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  22. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 24, 2017

  23. Punk_69
    Lollipop Nov 24, 2017

    Punk_69 , Nov 24, 2017 :
    Nice ;)

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  24. beastkay
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 24, 2017

  25. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 24, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 24, 2017 :
    Good stuff :D, how do you do a Stickied Post ? just noticed now with all these new reviews :D

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