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    loco-cork , Nov 29, 2017 :
    Day One: Unboxing Day.

    HoHoHo - early Xmas this year.
    I've got myself the OPO over 3 years ago, and it was love / hate relationship, more to the love side as it is the only phone ever that I've used for more than 2 years.
    After 3 years ... and when the project ROM Exodus died ... I found it hard to find a stable ROM with similar experience.
    Editing video quite often on the OPO eventually caused the 3GB ram to be a bit to little.

    So here I am ... getting myself an early present!!!

    I went full mental ... and without testing if I will like the phone or not ... bought quite of a package for €654.83.
    This included:
    - OnePlus 5T Midnight Black 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage
    - Dash Car Charger
    - OnePlus 5T Big Bold Boss Bundle
    - Dash Power Adapter UK
    • Dash Type-C Cable 100 cm
    • OnePlus Bullets (V2) Black
    • OnePlus 5T Protective Case Sandstone
    • OnePlus 5T 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector.
    ... and a complimentary clear silicon case.

    Also went with priority delivery, so the parcel arrived today, just after 8 days (would be 7, but yesterday there was nobody home to get it from the courier).


    OP5T Unboxing 1.gif


    The parcel contained 3 the same boxes. One with the phone and two with all the extras.

    I have to say the packaging is class in it self. The box from OPO was a nice presentation. The one from OP5t is way mor compact but still really nice, minimalist and aesthetic. I didn't unpack any phone for 3 years (except my girl's Xiaomi - which was like something from grocery store), so I felt like a new born virgin.


    All those boxes. Big ones, little ones, medium ... so much stuff to unwrap. Like a child in a toy store. Great!!!



    I have to say though ... the best box was not the one of the phone ... oh no ... it was the one with the headphones. The real top class ... matt black with that pleasant kind of rubbery feel to it.


    Like I said ... not unboxing any phones myself for quite some time ... but have seen some from Samsung, Xiamomi or Apple ... no other company puts so much attention to every detail. Who else would have thought about those white plastic clips keeping the red dash charge cables rolled up into circles?!?!


    To the phone now ... that is the bit I was very sceptical about ... you know, all that talk about copying the apple growers and stuff ... or looking like any other Chinese phone ...
    Well ... being a geek ... and 'the guy you go to when your electronics do't work as intended' ... I've held quite a number of various phones ... starting from cheap Samsung to the most expensive ones, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Sony, ... and just few days ago the insanely expensive 10 ... yes iPhone X. Here I have to say that it really takes good photos ... will see how OP5t compares later ... but I honestly think that OnePlus have no reason to be ashamed here. Ok ... the design is not really fresh ... we've seen it before, but it works for this device. It looks good, it feels as solid as the one I just mentioned ... and it is half the price.


    This phone is also really well balanced (it never worried me before, but since I am thinking of getting the Osmo Mobile ... it may be a welcome characteristic). You can place tip of your finger under the phone exactly in the middle ... and the mobile stays there.




    - Screen protector (cool design).


    - Next to the older brother




    OK ... enough for today.

    Day Two: Design/Display Day.
    Design ... Design ... hmm ... it will be hard to get 200 words this time.

    Well ... I really got used to my OPO ... and enjoyed its design ... so for me OP5t is first of all DIFFERENT!!!


    It is sleek, a bit slippery but pleasant to hold at the same time.
    Even though it is kind of matt finish ... it still attracts marks from your fingers.
    I am not worried about this too much, as I always use my phones in a case.
    You can rest assured that this OPO is 3 years old ... but it looks like new only because it very rarely left its case (first 2 years it was Orzly Fusion and Ringke Fusion after).

    Did any of you notice that Orzly had a Fusion case for OP5t on their website for pre-order ... and it is after disappearing? Shame as I really wanted that one.


    Size wise both phones feel similar. OP5t is a bit easier to hold but at the same time, comparing to OPO, it feels like it's about to slip out of your hand if you happen to loosen your grip. Sandstone is great for that.
    I couldn't really tell the difference in the weight of both devices, so had to check it in the specs ... and surprisingly it is exactly the same (162 g).

    Back to the looks. 5t looks really good. It is like a sport tuxedo (if such a thing existed). It will look perfect with your fancy tracksuit and a night dress or suit.
    The antennas only noticeable due to their grey colour. The rounded screen feels ... hmm ... feels irresistible ... and you want to touch it the dirty way ;)
    Putting that screen protector on it without frustration and losing patience was another challenge ... I assume that's the story with all rounded screens. It was just so much easier with OPO.


    Volume and power buttons give noticeable and sturdy feedback when pressed and are well placed as they are straight under my fingers when I grab the phone. With the placement the same goes for the fingerprint reader.
    I really like the slider on the side, as it gives you option to change your profile settings while your phone is still in the pocket. I just hope (didn't test it yet) that it will be also possible to change profiles automatically, depending on location or Wi-Fi for example.


    That's it for the design ... I think that I will get to like and enjoy it.

    Display now ... and that's a hard one too.

    The density is the same so there should be not much of a difference, right?!?
    And yes on cropped macro pictures you can see pixels.

    DSC02740.JPG DSC02741.JPG
    OP5t and OPO

    Do I care ... I couldn't give a f... (go back!) ... I couldn't care less.
    First of all ... I will not use any VR sets with my phone. If I ever get to wanting a VR ... I'll buy VR goggles designed for that purpose. For now I still enjoy watching xxx movies the old fashioned way ;)

    Second ... a bit of a story ... Recently I was buying a new TV. Went to the shop, looked around and decided on something up to €600 with 4K. The salesman pointed to all the Samsung TVs that were starting at €1k. I just don't like Samsung so I picked a JVC for €550. That man, just to annoy me, put it next to Samsung and asked if I see the difference. I have to honestly admit that there was a difference (more in the brightness of the screen than anything else), but it was not worth €450 ... and you know what was the most important thing ... I have no other TV at home to compare it with.
    JVC is with us, picture is sharp and clear, and we enjoy it.

    The same goes for the OP5t. I will not be comparing it next to some other phones. Today I've compared it with OPO and that's it for another 2 years (or more).

    The following pictures are straight from the camera without any edits.

    OP5t and OPO (both set to full brightness).

    OP5t and OPO (closer look).

    I didn't have a phone with AMOLED screen since my Nokia N8 ... and I am happy that it is back.

    OP5t and OPO (the same picture and the same brightness setting).

    OP5t and OPO (the same picture and the same brightness setting).

    I think it is a matter of preference, but I took this photo just today and I am sure that the scene looked more like the one shown on OP5t.

    This screen colour customisation is one very welcome feature.


    Ok ... I wasn't sure if I get 200 words ... but now I'm sure that i have doubled it.

    One last thing ... the display is really good (may be not the best, but hey it is also not €1000).
    For those who are not decided it 18:9 (2:1) is any good. I think that time will tell. One good use for it might be the camera. For example when you are filming in 16:9 ratio, you can have your view unobstructed as all the controls will be on the rest of the screen.

    P.S. Can someone tell me if it would be ok for this challenge to skip a review on one day and catch up with 2 reviews the next day? I really have a party that I need to go to ... and believe me ... drunk review may be funny ... but it won't be too informative :)

    Day Three: Camera Day.

    Guys ... people have to work. Because of that the only pictures I was able to take today are at night with bad lighting . Not looking for excuses ... just hoping that some flexibility is allowed and can take some day shots tomorrow and add them then.

    For now we just carry on with what we've got.

    I am not going to list any specs ... they are boring ... and easy to find.

    As it is camera review, not edits were made (besides resizing), and all the shots are straight from camera (some with effects applied within the camera app).

    For comparison some shots are taken with OPO, 5t and Sony RX100.

    OPO (1/4 s, f/2, ISO 3200)

    5t (1/4 s, f/1,7, ISO 3200)

    RX100 (1/4 s, f/2, ISO 3200)

    Clearly the enthusiast camera (rx100) wins here ... no surprise here ... few years back it was valued at two OP 5Ts.
    Still, all of the photos have significant amount of noise ... nevertheless 5t is a huge improvement over OPO. That wider aperture does the job.

    OPO (2 s, f/2, ISO 3200)

    5t (2 s, f/1,7, ISO 3200)

    RX100 (3/10 s f/2, ISO 3200) - shorter exposure as at 2 s it was already overblown.

    Again, photo from RX100 is the most pleasant for the eye. It looks like OPO has a bit less noise but 5t registered more detail ... again thanks to wider aperture.

    OPO (13/10 s, f/2, ISO 800)

    5t (13/10 s, f/1,7, ISO 800)

    RX100 (13/10 s, f/2, ISO 800)

    Bit of a surprise here ... colours from RX100 are too saturated ... photo from 5t represents almost exactly whats there ... and it also picked the most of details.

    Last comparison with close to similar settings ...



    And the winner (here) is ... OP 5t ... caught the most of details with the most accurate colours. Not sure what the other two did ... but that car is definitely red, not orange.

    Now ... for some fun ... quick session with my own homegrown model ;)

    No RX100 this time ... it was not really fair to compare one of the best compacts in the world (even though few years old) with huge sensor and Zeiss lens with two smartphones.
    Still worth remembering that in those demanding lighting conditions 5t won twice and came second for the rest.

    The session was spontaneous ... so no tripod and none of exactly same angle stuff.
    No comparison side by side either. Just few shots from each camera in a row ... and decide which were more joy to watch.

    OnePlus One:





    and OnePlus 5T:

    That blurred background effect really kicked in here (as for me a bit to harsh on that printer).

    Better on this one.

    Nice bokeh!!!

    With the light from behind of the subject the beauty effect algorithm goes a bit crazy ... almost took the girl's face off. By the way ... don't tell her that I called her 'the subject" ... if anything, she is the object ... of my desire ;)

    For me ... pictures from 5t are nicer to look at ... even though sometimes the algorithms are hit or miss ... most of the time they work nicely ... and can be always improved with an update. OPO is just in a different league at this stage ... lights were bright ... photos still grainy.
    It clearly shows how much advancement was done in photo technology over just 3 years. Still I like my OPO ... and it stays ... as a backup.

    Now selfies ... taken by the model herself.

    OnePlus One:

    Ohhh ... the front camera is just ... what it is ... slight movement (not great conditions, but not too bad) and it is all mash potatoes.

    That's better ... out of 12 shots ... 3 were usable. This damn cat just won't sit still.

    OnePlus 5T:

    This is better now ... out of 5 shots ... all were usable.

    Ok ... that all folks ... for today anyway.
    I might add some daylight shots tomorrow.

    The next days will be in this thread but other posts ... as you can upload only 50 files (pictures, vids, etc.) in one post. So ... KEEP SCROLLING!
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    loco-cork , Dec 2, 2017 :
    #7DayReviewChallenge - Sceptic as F***!!! - Continued ...

    Few more pics shot by day ... day in Ireland ... country with 3 days of sun per year ;)





    Clearly 5t wins here ... photos taken by it are sharper, brighter and colours are represented way better.

    I just spotted something that my indicate that 5t uses different way of compressing JPGs.
    It goes for all pictures taken with both phones, but as an example I'll use those two of the building just above.

    The one from OPO is 4106 x 3120 and 8.66 MB.
    The one from 5t is 4608 x 3456 and 3.48 MB.

    That's a huge difference in memory usage.

    Day Four: Performance Day.

    I can say what we all already know ... OnePlus 5t is crazy fast ... and that's at everything ... at least everything that I was interested in.

    It unlocks in a split of a second.
    It produces / renders videos in one hell of a demanding app in no time.
    It comes on top in benchmarks ... not really interested in those ... but they are there to test so why not.

    Please enjoy few short clips that I've taken

    First is the video rendering / clip editing test in Quik app. This app is quite demanding and often made my OPO roasting hot and frozen at the same time.
    I often edit videos on the go, for family, friends, small businesses etc.. Possibility of smooth, error free edits was on top of my list when deciding to buy this phone.

    At first try my OPO actually got as far as 57% and froze. On the second try and after cleaning RAM it got there ... but as you can see 5t got there like in no time.
    I often use this app ... and seeing it working so flawlessly for the first time really put smile on my face.

    Second is the clip of face unlock test.
    Here I've compared 3 phones. Oneplus 5t, Oneplus One and my retired but (thanks to LineageOS) still rocking Nexus 4.

    My poor and old Nexus 4 was kind of hit and miss on this one ... can't blame the little thing at this stage. Both OnePlus did well ... but the software on 5t must be really cranked up for this feature as it is like a bullet.

    Third clip is of the Antutu benchmark test. All three phones again.
    I'm not really interested in the results because benchmarks hardly represent flawlessness, user experience and general pleasure of using particular device.
    Anyway ... here it is for the ones interested in numbers crunching.

    Sorry for the white screen on the 5t at the end ... for some reason it is not so easy to film amoled as it is with IPS.

    5t killed it ... OBVIOUSLY!!! ... no glitches in renders ... all smooth as can be.
    The One did not too bad but there were some clearly noticeable glitches in renders.
    Nexus 4 ... I am happy that it didn't catch fire :)

    Results were as follows:
    5T = 181033 (almost the same as iPhone X at half the price ... 3 times the OPO result ... and almost 6 times higher than the old Nexus)
    One = 59323
    Nexus 4 = 30824.

    Day Five: Dash Charge/Power Consumption Day.

    Hello again ... busy day coming to an end ... time to check, list, review, and compare ...
    5t was in my hand for most of the day ... and it still doesn't need to be charged. So how am I supposed to test the Dash Charge if this phone just doesn't want to die.

    Ok ... I'll try my best ...

    5t is so fast ... it can actually capture a screenshot while rotating the screen.

    Say ... WHAT?!?!

    First ... funny story ... before I have set up 5t this morning as my daily driver and put my SIMs in it ... I've already had Muzei app set up for my wallpapers ... and an addon / plugin for it called APOD Muzei. It sets your wallpaper at set interval to NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.

    This morning though ... my screen was black ... no wallpaper.
    I have spent about 30 minutes playing with various settings on my 5t, rebooted it, reinstalled Muzei ... was going crazy ... until I reopened Muzei and it's customisation settings and saw this ... title of the wallpaper from NASA ...


    Really funny NASA dudes :)

    Ok ... to the subject ...

    My morning started with ... 83% of the battery ...


    Today until now I:
    • used Facebook for about an hour in the morning ... few more times after during the day,
    • installed something like 78 apps ... and set them all up (about 3 hours),
    • rooted my 5t ... I wanted to stay unrooted for a while but was kind of forced to root. I'll tell you why tomorrow,
    • did a full backup in TWRP of almost 12 GB (which took just 150 seconds ... WOW!!!) ... Remember - you have to unset all your passwords etc. for those,
    • Installed all the stuff that I needed the root for (more tomorrow),
    • did another backup after that of over 12 GB (which again took only 157 seconds),
    • used Google+, Instagram, Twitter for about 1 hour,
    • Listened to Spotify while testing 2 sets of headphones and various equalizer settings as a preparation for tomorrow's review (about 30 minutes),
    • edited and rendered a short clip ... joined of about other 45 shots that were downloaded of the net (took me about 1 hour),
    • watched few clips on YouTube for about 30 minutes,
    • uploaded the edited clip to Facebook.
    ... and it is NOW ... 22.14 ... and the battery is at 17% ...


    ... and the SOT from today is ...


    I honestly have never seen results like that. Really impressed here.

    Now I can charge it and test those 2 slogans:
    • 1 Dash Charge per day keeps your anxiety away,
    • A Day’s Power in Half an Hour.
    So ... I'll be back in 30 minutes.


    Ok ... charging started at 22.30.


    It is 23.00 now ...


    ... and as you can see the battery is at 75% ... insanely fast ...
    and it says that it will get to 100% just in 14 minutes ... WHAT THE F...ABULOUS?!?!
    I'll wait ...

    ok ...so after said 14 minutes the battery was at 89% ... and it go to 100% at 23.49 ...
    so, in 1 hour and 19 minutes ... which is an outstanding result.


    so YES ... Dash Charge really delivers!!!

    Day Six: OxygenOS Day.

    OxygenOS 4.7.2 based on Android Nougat 7.1.1 (with security patch from 1st October 2017) is what we get our 5T with ... and with a promise of an early update to Oreo.


    How close or far is it from stock android? Hard to say ... as I didn't use stock since my Nexus 4 (and that only at the beggining of its life).
    Therefore I am going to compare it with Resurrection Remix that was running on my OPO ... and compare only those feature I was actually using. Like RR or Exodus are highly customise-able ROMs ... I'd say that I've used probably 20-30% of what they offer. Hey it is always better to have and not use than want to use and don't have ;)

    I also have some experience with MIUI on my girls Xiaomi ... but it is so deeply customised and modified by Xiaomi ... that I find it completely unintuitive and wouldn't call it Android anymore.

    First of all I have to say that this OS is really smooth. I've pushed this phone really hard over last few days ... and there was no hesitance, hiccup, freeze or reboot ... nothing ... just delivering what you asked for.
    That's how it runs ... which doesn't necessarily mean that OxygenOS is perfect. It is very close though!

    I think that everybody likes happy-ends ... so I'll start with the stuff that needs improving ... and finish with what I like. (These are ONLY my personal suggestions)


    Battery status ... you can display the percentage next to the icon ... Make it inside the icon and it will take up less space.

    It would be nice to have an option of changing the number of rows and columns in quick settings ... also when unfolded. It is a big screen ... you could easily fit 6 icons instead of 5.


    Alert slider ... the feature I really like ... and cannot be copied by competition easily as it is hardware related. One issue here though ... no actual option to make the phone dead silent ... alarms will always go off. I, for example, need my phone to be really silent at work ... my solution to get notified was the MiBand ... no sound or vibration from the phone ... all important stuff showing on the band.


    This is a cool feature in this OS ...this, not sure how you call it, left panel of the main screen where you can have all your 'go to stuff, like widgets, appointments, recent contacts ... what not ... but it would be cooler if possible to change it to Google Assistant (just as an option).


    For now I'll stick with Nova Launcher.

    OK! ... Honestly, I am nitpicking here ... all above are just little issues ... and issues for me only ... but may as well be OK for someone else ... they're just appearance ... UI ... not errors or bugs.

    It is all OK ... some people might prefer the left panel on 5t more than Google Assistant.
    This system is light, no crazy customisation going here. It's prettier than the one from Samsung, that is bought by millions, and every time I see it ... it makes me feel sick. :mask:

    So ... now I will tell you what led me to rooting the 5t.


    This may be cool feature. I have tested it on bluetooth and headphones (Bullets v2 and Xiaomi Piston v3 - both sound almost the same). It would be all great if I had no previous experience of those headphones with another phone.
    I used them with OPO when it appeared first (with CM and their equalizer). It sounded nice, but besides that it had that cool feature of remembering different settings for different devices. One setting for speaker, another for BT and different one for headphones.
    Oxygen OS misses that. Once you get used to good vibrant and dynamic sound with custom presets for all your devices it is hard to get used to below your expectations.

    This short video should explain it well.
    It also shows one feature missing in the camera app ... that if implemented could make 5t ... REAL FLAGSHIP KILLER.

    I really think that camera app needs Pro Mode also for video (preferably with sound control too).

    As you can see Viper4Android and Tasker were the 2 apps that I needed the root for.
    It really shouldn't be too difficult for OnePlus development team to address both. Automated profiles should be easy enough to implement. As for sound ... if Viper4Android can do it ... it means the hardware is there.


    Still ... 5t is a great device in my experience ... and getting the above solved was a breeze.

    Here is what you need:
    • root
    • Magisk and this module (to be downloaded within Magisk)
    • Screenshot_20171204-171307.jpg
    • ... and you are DONE!

    Now to the stuff I really like.

    Alert slider. Very usefull ... even though not perfect ... this hopefully can be fixed.


    Night mode.


    I was using the CF.lumen before ... but this works the same. Changes colours of your screen to warmer or cooler depending on the time of the day ... making it easier on your eyes ... and apparently easier to fall asleep when you done reading at night.

    Reading mode.


    Turns everything to black / grey / white ... makes your screen look like a newspaper ... and you cannot take a screenshot of it ... as it will come out in full colours.

    Screen calibration ...


    ... to provide for all the tastes, or professionals needing that sRGB.

    Parallel Apps.


    It can be very useful for someone running 2 accounts of everything on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or other apps (one personal and the other for business).

    Choice of Bluetooth Audio Codecs.


    For the hardcore gamers ... 'Gaming Do Not Disturb ...


    ... which can be used with any app ... so you can stop all notifications while watching Netflix.

    That's it for today ... summary tomorrow ... and don't get me wrong here ... OxygenOS is a well developed and truly capable system ... especially the camera ... about which I'll talk or rather show you more in the summary. It is as smooth as one can desire ... and my audio test shows that all teh capabilities are in this phone ... just need to be brought to light.

    Day Seven: Conclusion Day!

    OK ... time to wrap up ... I am not sceptical anymore.

    TL;DR : loads of PROS ... no cons ... one trade-off ...
    I will and already did recommend it to my friends ... BUY IT!!!

    I committed a summary video which you can find below ... it's just easier to talk than write about this stuff.

    Anyway ... 5T is a great piece of modern technology ... it delivers on the promises ...
    • Unboxing was a pure pleasure ... no one wrap it like Oneplus,
    • Design is sleek, stylish, ergonomic ... will match a businessman's suit as well as sportsman's tracksuit. AMOLED display is as black as coal. It's a big display in a small body ... and delivers beautifully accurate colours,
    • Camera ... masterpiece in itself ... delivers sharp and crisp photos in almost any conditions ... video stabilisation ... even though only electronic (EIS) is amazingly good in delivering smooth footage,
    • Performance is overwhelming ... backup in TWRP was crazy fast (12GB in 150 seconds ... while it used to take up to 6 - 8 minutes on OPO). Face unlock, fingerprint reader ... they are so fast ... that one might think that they are not there at all.
    • Dash Charge ... works wonders ... from 17% to 75% battery in 30 minutes. Full day without charging while using it like crazy was no problem either,
    • OxygenOS ... simply works ... close to vanila Android with a number of necessary customisations under the hood, plus extras like Night Mode, Reading Mode, gestures and many more ... and hey ... if you are missing something, you can root ... and you still have warranty,
    • Conclusion?!?! ... scroll down ... watch the video ... view the pictures ... and go straight here .

    Notification on the black screen.

    Crisp colours

    Next to N8 dinosuar

    Shot on 5T:



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    This review is so good. I can even close my eyes and read it back to myself in my mind.

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    That's the display picture you're seeing.:p

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    Always makes me laugh that. One of the best episodes. Anyway I'm off for a walk :rolleyes:

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    Nice clicks , what did you take your pictures with?

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    Sony RX100 and a6000

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    Great review, if I could like it again I would certainly do.

    Can you please share your prons and cons with regards to other future of OP5T, it would be very interesting. I do appreciate that some time would require to see those, hence would wait.

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