#7DayReviewChallenge: The BE5T yet? Let's find out... also I'm calling her Storm.

  1. G_Samuel_Grech_KUNa
    Cupcake Dec 6, 2017

    G_Samuel_Grech_KUNa , Dec 6, 2017 :
    Day One: Unb-bo...boxing Day.

    As the title may have implied, I had some trouble opening the box. Don't laugh, but after I tore off the outer plastic it took me a good 5 minutes to (impatiently, but carefully) pry apart the box. Now I'm not sure if I just happened to get that one difficult box out of a million, but you sort of want to get the new snazzy phone you just bought instantly, you know?

    That aside, when I finally pried the box apart in order to gain access to the pearl inside, I was greeted by a simple, sleek, and stunning masterpiece. The OnePlus 5T is light, thin, and has a smooth, matte finish that just begged for a couple oohs and aahs. I'll leave the rest of my opinions on its aesthetics and whatnot for the other days, but simply put, I think Storm looks extraordinary.

    As with the rest of the contents, I was pretty surprised by the size of the dash charger, it's quite the chunky little thing. However, the speed at which it is going to charge the phone is definitely worth the extra bulk. The USB-C cable is OnePlus' red round type, as it has been for a few generations I guess now, but I would have preferred the flat cable type like I had gotten with my OnePlus X...yup, I'd gotten that little experimental phone OnePlus made, still have it and is still as functional as the day I bought it! Butttt it was time for an upgrade, and I was especially desperate for a new camera (the X was a bit lacking in this department...ok it was REALLY lacking but it was ok during the day in a pinch). The complimentary pre-installed screen protector and transparent case are very much appreciated, an example I feel should seriously be a standard for all phone manufacturers to follow.

    The included manuals and whatnot are kind of cool, but who reads those anyways? I just want to turn on the phone and enjoy my new phone! To be continued...

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  3. G_Samuel_Grech_KUNa
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    G_Samuel_Grech_KUNa , Dec 7, 2017 :
    Day Two: Design/Display, Display, Display Day.

    Responsive, crisp, vibrant... all of these describe the new 6.01", 18:9 (or 2:1) display found on Storm. My OnePlus X pales in comparison - it has thick bezels, is fairly regular in terms of size and doesn't get too bright. The new display estate is just awesome, I immediately opened up YouTube and starting looking up nature videos in order to try it out and was just blown away. The contrast was high, the colours were bright, and the images were crisp. I couldn't get enough of it. I did find that most (if not all) videos weren't quite filling out the display (due to the ratio), but being an AMOLED and all, the black bars blended right into the rest of the phone. The speaker was loud and clear, another big improvement to my X(tinct) phone, however I think a second loudspeaker in the earpiece should be put into OnePlus' agenda, I'm sure it'd be much appreciated by all.

    Going now to the aesthetics and feel of Storm, there are a few things I want to point out.

    Something that pretty much everyone notices and mentions right away is how slippery-smooth the phone is. After I was done admiring the surface, I knew putting it in the provided case right away was definitely the smart thing to do. A case which I would note (which I haven't seen noted by other reviewers anywhere else from I've seen/read) has raised corners on the front - not a raised lip all around, but just raised at the corners (I didn't take a photo of it, might attach one tomorrow). I think this is a nice touch especially for the top edge where your ear rests...nobody wants the lip from some cover digging into their ear all the time, day in, day out.

    The second thing I wanted to mention is the NFC antenna. I think it was the first thing I noticed actually when I flipped the phone around and started reading the stuff on the back of the phone. It is quite visible and personally I don't really like it. I wonder if there was a more creative way of incorporating it into the logo at the centre of the phone or something as even its position is a little awkward being right above the money-making dual-camera. It's not exactly in a place I wanna be tapping on a regular basis.

    Now for the buttons... not as clicky as I'd hoped in all honesty. They do click nicely and consistently, but lacks a certain oomph that I've grown accustomed to with the X. Their positioning is nice too, gone are the days of hitting the power button when looking for the volume. I say this as they were placed next to each other on the X....I know right, not sure who made that design call. Moving on... Lastly, the notification slider. This is another of my favourite OnePlus features, and it slides smoothly and stops at the stages quite nicely. It does lack a bit that oomph I just mentioned, but is still satisfactory.

    Well I'm off for bed now...tomorrow is camera day, so I better let Storm get charged up, I know I'm pumped.