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    JonathanPuddle , Dec 5, 2017 :
    Day One: Unboxing Day

    My wife is sorely in need of a new phone. Her current phone sucks, and I'm out of patience listening to her complaints, so I decided I'd buy her one for Christmas. This was a good plan... until OnePlus released the 5T. Why is that a problem? Because the 5T is really more phone than she needs, and I don't really need a new phone myself, (the 3T is hardly ancient)...

    Oh what the hell! Yeah, I ordered the 5T on opening day. What a keener. I'll give the Mrs the 3T (I still have the box). I decided to unbox the phone today at work, so she wouldn't catch me with it. As usual, the packaging is sublime, and everything looks gorgeous. The phone is snappy, and feels right at home in my hand. The fingerprint sensor on the back is an excellent placement, and so far I'm really really happy! Squeal!!!

    The included soft case is a nice touch, but I ordered the day 1 50% off bundle and got the Glass Tempered screen and OnePlus hard case. It fits like a glove, and is much nicer than the Spigen case my 3T sat inside.

    Here's the full unboxing video, and a guide to help you get that screen protector on in case you have trouble:

    Day Two: Design & Display

    I'm really impressed by the build quality, and the screen clarity and brightness. The screen is longer than on the 3T, which is nice. I still think the "edge to edge" language is a bit silly, but everyone is using it so let's be silly together, I guess. The screen feels more responsive to my touch than on the 3T, this could be due to the 3D glass screen protector being more capacitive perhaps than the plastic screen protector, or maybe just a system performance thing, but it feels snappier to the touch.

    I like using the Min icon pack and theme set. I've taken a screenshot and will upload it when I can figure out this crazy forum. It's honestly pretty frustrating, even trying to login has taken be through a sequence of redirect loops and all manner of problems.


    I highly recommend the 3D glass touch screen, it's glorious, feel just like using the phone with no protection at all. You should call it OnePlus Skyn, or Barely There, or something like that, you know what I'm saying.

    The movement of the fingerprint sensor the middle of the back works like a treat for me, the camera placement is great, and the whole overall design is just stellar. Way to go, OnePlus!

    Day Three: Camera

    It's freezing here in Guelph (Canada) today, but I ventured outside anyway. I took a selfie in the lunchroom first, and then took a photo of a Christmas nativity scene under awful office lighting. Outside I explored the derelict mechanic shop next door, and took some photos and video of leaves in the ice. The camera is fast! The 3T was faster than anything I had used, but now and again it could be sluggish to save a photo. Every photo I've taken on the 5T thus far has been snappy, and the 60FPS video still boggles my mind. It looks too real, and thus it looks fake... but good fake, like Halo 5 Guardians fake.

    I've played around with portrait mode, and I think I need to read up on how to maximize the potential. At present it's a bit of a gimmick, but I think it could make for some cool shots. I've also seen plenty of iPhone portrat mode shots that look garbage... so it's not just OnePlus users that are struggling to get this right.

    The multiple zoom levels are great, I took a few shots in the same position with different zoom levels, and they come out clear and crisp. Much easier than sliding a zoom, and then it looking awful

    All-round, the camera is stellar. Shrinking them down to 2MB so I can actually upload them to this form, pretty much ruins them. Ahh well.

    IMG_20171206_130853.png IMG_20171206_130902.png IMG_20171206_131012.png

    Day Four: Performance

    My usual benchmark for performance is Skype. Ever since Microsoft released the "new" Skype a year or so back, it's proven to be just about the worst designed, most sluggish, awful piece of garbage app ever made. But we have to use it, since we need to talk to our moms and stuff. Today I had an hour long Skype conversation and it didn't drop, it didn't buffer, and the app was actually responsive. That's a miracle. Well done.

    The face unlock is so fast I don't even realize it's happening. I'm still getting used to the fact that I can use face unlock. The same goes for fingerprint unlock, it's new for me, and so fast I barely really realize it's taking place. The combination of the two features, and the fingerprint sender in the middle of the back of the phone is very powerful. I pick it up, and my finger slides right into place and by the time I'm looking at it, it's already unlocked. If I pick it up with my other hand, or double tap the screen, then by the time my eyes are actually ready to look at It, it's already unlocked. It's honestly very, very fast.

    As for apps and games and everything else, the memory is massive as ever. I have laptops with less RAM. This phone is a beast, but it feels like a lady. Well done.

    Day Five: Battery

    Have I already had this phone for 5 days?! It's a thing of beauty, I tell ya. I'm finally getting used to the rapid unlock with face and/or fingerprint. The usability is off the chart, it's like I never have to even think about security. Anyway, battery life. Today has been a decidedly normal day for phone use. Facebook in the morning, email throughout the day, Bluetooth in the car, videos on Wifi and cellular data, then Facebook in the evening. By normal day I don't mean super heavy, but a fairly normal pattern of usage and standby. From an overnight fresh charge around 7am this morning, I'm currently at 54% ~ 17 hours remaining. That's marginally better than I used to get in the 3T, so well done!

    One day this week I did much heavier usage, watching video and filming stuff, and playing games. The battery is holding up great, and generally speaking it looks like I'd need to be gaming for hours, or have a whole day of tweeting, in order to have to charge more than one.

    And when it comes to charging, dash charging is simply brilliant. In just 10 minutes I can get like what... a quarter charge almost? That's outrageous. Who even counts 10 minutes when they're doing things. That's a car ride, not even. Now I just wish I had a dash charger in my car...

    Day Six: OxygenOS

    So I guess I downloaded the 4.7.4 update just in time :) I've bene a fan of OxygenOS since I got my OnePlus 3T. I've used all manners of Android flavours, from HTC, Samsung, ASUS, Motorola and Cyanogen, and I think OxygenOS is my favourite. It feels like stock Android, but polished and made smoother.

    My favourite feature so far, as I alluded to above, is the face unlock and fingerprint unlock combination. The when my phone is locked and I double-tap on screen (my usual method when the phone is not in my hands) it unlocks practically in an instant. If it misses me, I can hit the smiley face and it'll try again, or I can pick it up and drop my finger under the sensor, which feels totally natural.

    Sliding across screens, sliding the app menu up or the notifications area down, or long pressing on apps to get options are all slick, smooth, and beautifully animated. It's important that the animations don't waste my time, and they don't in OxygenOS.

    The new (in 4.7.4) buttons in the camera make switching between video, photo and portrait 100 times easier, thank you! Settings are easy to access and logically laid out. The gallery app is one of my favourite ones.

    My only gripe with this update was that the Google Now searcher on my home screen stopped working after the update. The one on the left screen worked fine, but the home screen didn't, until I removed it and re-added it. All good now! Way to go OnePlus on a beautiful Android implementation.

    Day Seven: Conclusion

    In 7 days I've gone from thinking this phone was a very indulgent upgrade from the 3T, to falling head over heels in love with this thing. It's the best phone I've ever used, by a significant margin. The hardware build quality is astounding, it feels sturdy yet lightweight, slim yet easy to hold and operate with one or two hands. The available carbon case and glass screen protector from OnePlus are highly recommended, and are actually the best case add-ons I've ever used as well. The glass is so gloriously smooth and flat, that if I lay the phone on a table glass down, it slides around like butter. Conversely, laying it on the back provides for a perfectly grippy texture. Using the case with the Spigen magnet patch and car mounted holder is perfect, the grippy material on the back of the case mates with the car holder and the bond feels very strong.

    I've been taking photos and video all week, installing apps, playing games, and messaging. The unlock is so fast I'm still blown away. I compared the face unlock with a friend's iPhone X at a Christmas party last night, and the OnePlus won every single time.

    OnePlus came to market with shockingly affordable phones, and the 5T is still a bargain. The price has been creeping up, and I'd like to see that stop right about here. I don't need waterproof or anything else really... this feels perfect.

    Thank you OnePlus for a stellar piece of technology.

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    JonathanPuddle , Dec 9, 2017 :
    I'm absolutely loving this phone. While on paper it's not much different than the 3T, the little details make the every day user experience SO much better.

    And the carbon case is awesome. I'm just loving it.

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    Epudds , Dec 9, 2017 :
    I bought the 5 a number of months ago. Although the new changes are small it's seems like they'd make a big difference.

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