7t Pro - GSM and some other issues

  1. ryumari
    Cupcake Jul 3, 2020

    ryumari , Jul 3, 2020 :
    Hello all!
    I'll start with that I'm so badly disappointed about soft for this phone, that it's a very thin line at the moment for me to just give it back. Each and every day brings new problems and i have it only for a month now (my 3rd oneplus phone).
    Two problems which i couldn't fix till now, maybe someone has any idea how to solve it.

    1. When GSM range is lost (fe. underground garage) and GoogleMaps are ON - it can't reconnect back. Simply stays in the emergency numbers only' mode. I've turned off every battery saving options there are available in this phone, also did it for GMaps. In the programmer options I've switched "always keep mobile data" - ON. Nothing helps. It's annoying because when I'm driving a car, GSM range is bad and phone wants to connect to other provider (roaming is ON), it won't reconnect unless I'll restart my phone. Yeah, RESTART, turning off gmaps doesn't help, airplane mode doesn't help, only restart.

    2. I'm using app called "Bluetooth Autoplay Music" to turn on Spotify and play music when bluetooth connects to the one in my car. I always keep my phone in vibration mode. When the app will start music, it increases volume of the device, but when I'm leaving my car it should goes back to normal (and it does) but RINGTONES are still working. Even if device shows that they're OFF and only vibration is ON. All of it works. I have to move the side slider to the ringtone mode and back to vibration - then it becomes silent again.

    Factory reset didn't helped. ALL of the settings are the same as i had on my 5t and 6t - on those two everything worked fine (and still does on 6t). If i won't fix it, i'll just give it back and never comes back to oneplus ever again.

    Thanks for any advices on how to fix this issues.