7t pro McLaren T-Mobile drops signal every morning

  1. Mj475
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2020

    Mj475 , Feb 13, 2020 :
    I searched but it didn't come up with any topics that matched. Every morning I wake up to a full signal but no data, no 2g/3g/LTE/5G. I live in a non "5g" covered area except for spotty signals, and have the t-mo signal booster in house as I'm not in a 600mhz area. Any other devices i own have full LTE, except my 7t pro. Restarts, changing the network connection and airplane mode have little impact and it just comes back eventually, I asked TMobile for help, but they've not yet gotten back to me. Phone seems good otherwise, gets 7-8hrs screen on time and have had few other bugs really, nothing I notice outside of some weird tint on a few photos. Wifi on/off, wifi calling on off, nothing changes anything it just does what it wants for a few hours every day and then it just seems to decide to want to get signal a few hours later. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I generally expect emails and other data related activities at 7-8am daily for work, it couldn't hurt if the phone was more interested in letting me have access!


  2. NeonX89 , via OnePlus Community App , Feb 13, 2020 :
    It may be your Location not your device, i have the same phone & Edition Constant 4G at home, when I'm out and about 5G works without a problem till you're out of range.

    Although I've noticed on T-Mobile our service does drop when i move around my house sometimes on this device and my other T-Mobile device it's definitely a Carrier & location issue.

    Good news not your phones fault it's more then likely location and spotty T-Mobile service in your area.

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    Mj475 , Feb 13, 2020 :
    I probably would've guessed that, but a note 8, s8, S7, iPhone 8 and even some old trash burner phones retain signal in the same spot, and the 7t pro has a full signal, but it just drops all data connection. I appreciate the reply, I'll have a look and see if there's some way to discern what frequencies may be nearby, maybe it's one getting shut down at night.

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  4. NeonX89 , via OnePlus Community App , Feb 13, 2020 :
    Well other devices not having the same issues, that might a software/OS bug or defective product, different issues? because when i get connections "dropped blank" happens to my other Nokia 6 also at random times. Weird... Especially since you have that extender in your house... I suppose it could be the extender having issues but then you said others ain't having the same issues..

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    Mj475 , Feb 13, 2020 :
    That's kind of the idea I got too and I can't find the tech manual on that signal booster, but you'd think if it has full signal one minute, the next it probably should still, even if it's not the new 600mhz as the other phones don't have that fq at all. If I turn data off there's a little X by the signal bars, even 2g says 2g if I force it to use only 2g. But by itself? it seems to just do what it wants to.

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  6. NeonX89 , via OnePlus Community App , Feb 13, 2020 :

    I kinda figured out T-Mobiles main frequency they tend to use for 4G LTE "VoLTE" is band frequency "12" bought an old Asus phone had all the known T-Mobile frequencies except 12 and the phone never worked except catching 1 bar of old 3g on one of their other frequencies a few times then never working again lol...

    So if the extender doesn't output "12" which it being from T-Mobile's it better have...
    Could be iffy.. But what you stated sounds like a glitch in the phone.

    I have mine set to (2g/3g/LTE/5g automatic) you could set it to (3g/LTE/5G) Might keep it from trying for 2g as for that x that's just a notification of data disconnected

    They did just push a phone update with bug fixes too so you should see if you might have any luck after the update?

    Barely get 5G in home but i get 4G especially well at home very weird that you would be having any issues especially with the extender I'd call T-Mobile over that issue sounds like it's the phone if not maybe it's confusing signal from the extender to the local towers.

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  7. Mj475
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    Mj475 , Feb 14, 2020 :
    That makes sense for sure, I just tried a few tower/signal apps and the only stuff around me that's 4gLTE seems to be band 66, the repeater doesn't have 66 at all though haha!

    It also says this phone is NOT VoLTE compatible, which could be either a junk app or just my current signal if it actually does. you're likely correct, it's got to be a bug but I hope it's not a broken build from t-mo like my note 8. it never worked properly again after that rich text messaging update garbage so I hope it's not the same disease, this thing already sneaks in a few blurry photos like it's drunk! You're right though, I'm going to have to call T-Mobile, sigh. haha

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  8. NeonX89 , via OnePlus Community App , Feb 14, 2020 :


    You have the the 7T pro 5G McLaren ? Although it doesn't have the volt LTE label it does have band 12 which in my area gives hd voice calls and "Voice over LTE" VoLTE

    If 66 is their main driver over there it might be their issue?

    If the extender has band 12 you should be fine which means it just might be a pure glitch between phone and repeater.

    Common towers around here are 12 and yes your phone has it forced enabled so even though it doesn't say it it's there. For VoLTE
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    Mj475 , Feb 14, 2020 :
    Yeah it's a McLaren edition, bought it 3 weeks ago direct from a T-Mobile store, not used etc. it's interesting you mentioned all that about VoLTE on band 12, I had a look at cellmapper and I'm surrounded by 66, some 4, and few 2. I'm basically circled by a gap in band 12 towers that surround just outside of coverage for me. I wouldn't be shocked if that wasn't part of the problem seeing as it's always in this location and it has signal but it still pisses the phone off, which could make sense if it wants to force VoLTE, kind of like setting wifi calling preference but the native default is try to force VoLTE. Every other single tower around has 12 among other bands. So basically my phone will be trolling me on purpose then, great news, ha!

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    Mj475 , Feb 14, 2020 :


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    Mj475 , Feb 14, 2020 :
    nice! thank you for pointing that out, I didn't even think to check for some reason. I'll almost be disappointed if it works in the AM, after all this! ha

  14. NeonX89 , via OnePlus Community App , Feb 14, 2020 :
    So i briefly was talking to T-Mobile over their t-mobile app you don't have to contact them over the phone by voice... I asked about 5g not being available in home and they just agreed they are going to set my "neighborhood" place as a priority location for their towers to be focused on.... That's amazingly kind... And asked me if had any other problems about service or devices i had a few unrelated questions to your issue but hey definitely worth trying to talk to T-Mobile's service over their app you should give it a try. Because that's definitely either a tower issue / device issue and you got the phone from t-mobile they may even issue you a replacement device if you just purchased it not to long ago "obviously if it's under their insurance though" lol

  15. Mj475
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    Mj475 , Feb 15, 2020 :
    The update ran last night and the data disappearance is fixed up it seems, but it made the camera is wobbly trying to focus and any dark scene in video does the black crush bit where it looks all gray and honestly not very black at all and I never saw either of those before. ive only had a few minutes to play around with it today but perhaps I'll see other stuff tomorrow as I check it out, but those don't particularly bother me the same way at all, if it's just that I'm going to just be happy I get text/call/data without checking.
    Ah yeah they are definitely helpful! that's awesome they will look into signal, I'm going to have to do the same for sure! I was hoping not to have to do that, especially if they get into the refurbished phone thing, ha those things can be so bad! I will definitely have to ask about the service part, that's excellent if they'll help out!