7T Pro - Regular or McLaren edition via OnePlus 6T

  1. MrMysakovich
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 10, 2019 at 8:35 PM

    MrMysakovich , via OnePlus 6T , Oct 10, 2019 at 8:35 PM :

    is it worth to wait 26 days and buy McLaren edition OnePlus 7T Pro?

    When I have opportunity to buy OnePlus 6T McLaren edition I buy instead of it regular edition, but I am not still sure, which device buy now.

    Can you help me with my decision?

    Many thanks.

    Never Settle

  2. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Oct 10, 2019 at 8:38 PM

    camohan , Oct 10, 2019 at 8:38 PM :
    Regular edition. The price difference is towards the brand and there is not a huge difference in the specs between regular and McLaren edition.

    If you are fan of limited edition and have funds, you could go for McLaren.

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