7T Undelivered and Lost SMS Messages

  1. Rick Freedman
    Eclair Jan 9, 2021

    Rick Freedman , Jan 9, 2021 :
    I have a brand new 7T direct from the factory; locked for T-Mobile. Replaced my 3T.

    All works well but with one big exception. I receive SMS text messages perfectly when the device is active, asleep, even locked. But when "Powered Down," all texts sent during that time are lost forever.

    One Plus customer service have been incredibly helpful and caring. Likewise for T-Mobile technical support. I've followed all their advice and troubleshooting. Cleared cache for the device at least twice.Cleared both cache and storage on the "Messenger" App. Even did a total Factory Reset, all to o avail.

    I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and if so was it resolved?
    I personally believe it is a carrier issue and not a defective device.

  2. ghostofcain
    Marshmallow Jan 9, 2021

    ghostofcain , Jan 9, 2021 :
    Messages sent when the device is powered down, or simply not connected to the network, should be stored by the network until the device is next connected. if this isn't happening it's a network failure.

  3. Rick Freedman
    Eclair Jan 9, 2021

    Rick Freedman , Jan 9, 2021 :
    Thank you. After exhausting so many other options to find the answer, including the insertion of a new SIM card, I feel the same way. One Plus was even willing to replace the phone with a new one, since mine was so new. But I believe the problem would still persist.

  4. Rick Freedman
    Eclair Jan 23, 2021

    Rick Freedman , Jan 23, 2021 :

    I received a call from T-Mobile Thursday night. Their engineers claim the problem I've been having,
    (Never receiving any texts when the device is powered off) since the phone was delivered over a month ago, was common to all 7Ts and it has now been fixed? Great News!
    However, maybe T-Mobile is only referring to 7T owners who have the same "monthly plan," not all 7Ts?
    Although this is still hard to believe, since no one at OnePlus nor the Community ever shared similar problems with me, I'm satisfied my phone is fixed?
    Two straight nights and every text has been delivered once I "powered up the phone"
    after it was "powered off" for hours.

    I'm guessing it was a T-Mobile network or system issue, since there were no software updates from
    Any additional input would be greatly appreciated.

    Stay safe,


  5. drl431
    Community Hero 2020 Jan 24, 2021

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  6. Rick Freedman
    Eclair Jan 24, 2021

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  7. Bhaveee
    Honeycomb Jan 26, 2021