8T in 80 Challenge | Share your first impressions of the 8T!

  1. ericfeuerstein
    Froyo Oct 24, 2020

    ericfeuerstein , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 24, 2020 :
    I have not got the latest update yet but will say that in easy light conditions I still delete almost all pics i take as the quality is literally terrible using auto settings and either 12 or 48 mp modes. The pics seem like taken with a phone from 2010. Colors are awful and there is no sharpness at all. Like taking a picture with a banana 🍌 instead of a modern smartphone. Am i the only one seeing this? It's shockingly bad. May need to consider returning it and going back to my old phone... Bummed.
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  2. isolabig
    Cupcake Oct 24, 2020

  3. StepStorey
    Eclair Oct 24, 2020

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  4. Yash Pratap Singh.
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 24, 2020

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  5. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Oct 24, 2020

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  8. SabariNathNS
    Cupcake Oct 25, 2020

    SabariNathNS , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 25, 2020 :
    Just my things...
    The first time after I charge it I thought it's gonna blow
    But now I am getting an excellent battery life..
    Then the camera... The nightscapes I just loved it....
    The screen hats off... But a small problem when I am using it in dim light
    At last the killer performance....
    I just need guys you to know it's marvelous....
    No frame drops..
    No lag....
    Nothing... I am playing like a pro ☺️....
    1.120 hz display
    4. Battery
    Ultra stops at Nothing....

  9. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Oct 25, 2020

    Dresa91 , Oct 25, 2020 :
    Too late ;)

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  10. AkashS04
    Donut Oct 26, 2020

    AkashS04 , Oct 26, 2020 :
    There are many eve better looking phones on the market. Looks do matter but from usability perspective, I found zero value. 1st, there is no Headphone Jack which is the most important criteria for me. 2nd, it is too heavy. If one plan to keep the phone at desk and look that whole day, then it's good but if he plans to carry it to the office or anywhere, then it will be big issue due to bulky and heavy design. 120 Hz Display or 60 Hz, it won't matter for normal usage.

  11. szyszaaaa
    Cupcake Oct 26, 2020

    szyszaaaa , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 26, 2020 :
    What can I say? It is really great phone just take of my feet after first launch. My previous one was Samsung Galaxy S7 so I'm feeling like change car from cheap one to expensive.
    Oneplus 8t have everything what modern phone need. Smooth screen, 120 h working perfectly, Snapdragon makes phone runs like a crazy and at top of that 5g so paying money for this phone was great idea.

  12. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer Oct 26, 2020

    YRJ , Oct 26, 2020 :
    Hey there,

    I think you're mistaken, the phone weighs only 188g and is only 0.1mm thicker than the 7T.
    Since you aren't happy with the thickness as it is, I doubt the inclusion of a jack (which would make the phone even thicker) would amuse you.

  13. S1598018501329
    Cupcake Oct 26, 2020

    S1598018501329 , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 26, 2020 :
    I don't liek the Google messages and the new calling app. I want my one plus messages back. This is waste . I can barely even read through my Sms anymore. I bought a one plus because I loved how uncluttered it was. Want the old messages back.

  14. Y1603743008207
    Gingerbread Oct 26, 2020

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  15. Y1603743008207
    Gingerbread Oct 26, 2020

    Y1603743008207 , via OnePlus Community App , Oct 26, 2020 :
    Got it 🤙

  16. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer Oct 27, 2020

    YRJ , Oct 27, 2020 :
    Congratulations on the new phone!
    Hope you enjoy it :)

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  18. Y1603743008207
    Gingerbread Oct 27, 2020

  19. Y1603743008207
    Gingerbread Oct 27, 2020

  20. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Oct 27, 2020

    Stickied Post
    dsmonteiro , Oct 27, 2020 :
    UPDATE: Winner announced

    @YRJ did an amazing job going through all your entries, but he left me with the hardest choice – pick the winner among so many well-written entries. All the posts that are pinned will get 5XP as a small token to recognize their quality, but only one can win.

    This entry caught my attention the first time I read it! Congratulations @Areebanwar, your entry was picked among all others and you will receive the OnePlus Buds Z. I will contact you in a few days once the voucher code is ready to be used.