A closer look the OnePlus DASH USB-A cable connector

  1. sbooth
    US Brand Ambassador Jun 20, 2016

    sbooth , Jun 20, 2016 :
    Having compared the DASH charging cable for the OP3 to a traditional USB 2.0 and 3.0 cable, I would say the DASH cable socket connector physically appears to be a hybrid of a USB 3.0 type A connector, but with some obvious differences.

    A. The OP3 USB cable socket connector offers beefier VCC power and ground contacts/tabs for the higher current requirement of DASH charging.

    B. The Data+/- contacts are there to support USB 2.0 (legacy 3.0) interfaces and there is also an interesting single third/rear contact, which is typically the USB 3.0 ground drain (GND_Drain) line. In this case, I believe the drain line is being used as a device signal/detect/feedback line to facilitate the DASH circuitry within the wall adapter itself.

    C. The USB 3.0 super speed (SS) TX and RX contacts/tabs are not populated in the OnePlus DASH cable socket connector; confirming the cable and the OP3 are USB 2.0 data speed devices only.

    With that said, the OnePlus DASH charger cable works with other 5VDC wall adapters and/or PC's as a USB 2.0 cable and the DASH charger itself works fine with other USB-C 3.0 cables. When another USB-C 3.0 cable is used to charge the OP3, the OP3 will charge "rapidly", but not at DASH speed. The 6.6 foot cable I like the most is this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E3MOIAS

    I will continue to investigate other options to possibly "liberate" the DASH capabilities.


  2. Tokolozi
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    Tokolozi , Jun 20, 2016 :
    Nice writeup, I suggest checking resistance on the different lines. Maybe the phone is using these to see what cable/charger is being used.

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  3. parsa5
    Jelly Bean Jun 20, 2016

    parsa5 , Jun 20, 2016 :
    So would this cable still enable Dash charging when used with the dash block?

  4. sbooth
    US Brand Ambassador Jun 20, 2016

    sbooth , Jun 20, 2016 :
    Which cable; the aftermarket 6.6' one I ordered and received? If so, NO. It will charge pretty quickly, but not at DASH speed. There is something telling the DASH wall adapter the cable is not the DASH cable. This could be as simple as the DASH wall adapter NOT wanting to sense the USB 3.0 data pins with the exception of that center ground_drain pin. I am going to probe these lines when I get the time and see. In a perfect world, we could just grab any USB 3.0 cable, hack the high speed data pins off - leaving the ground_dran pin and test to see if this combo fools the wall adapter in to thinking the cable is a DASH cable. o_O

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  5. parsa5
    Jelly Bean Jun 20, 2016

    parsa5 , Jun 20, 2016 :
    Thanks for the great clarification! I think the dash charging is simply amazing but this is certainly one of the downfalls of this implementation.

  6. cssoz
    Honeycomb Jun 22, 2016

    cssoz , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Try testing Anker products ? USB-C ones https://www.anker.com/products/B8174011

  7. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Jun 22, 2016

  8. Pr0metheus2
    Donut Jun 25, 2016

    Pr0metheus2 , Jun 25, 2016 :
    I think an USB 3.0 extension cable (male to female) should work with original OP3 DASH cable and in reality we don't need to cut usb3.0 data pins because this pins are not populated in OP3 DASH cable anyway. So, if we use 1m USB 3.0 extension cable, we have in reality longer dash cable.

    I am going to buy one to test it.

    Just one important note about this cable for everyone wanted to buy extension cable - buy only cable with 20AWG power wires (smaller the number, the better), data wires can be 24 or 26AWG. Otherwise, charging current won't be high for dash charging.

  9. G_Jon_Pileot_pvCS
    Cupcake Jun 27, 2016

    G_Jon_Pileot_pvCS , Jun 27, 2016 :
    Chances are pretty likely there is at least a resister between a couple of the pins that the phone and charger detect to make sure all parts are compatible. That would be pretty easy to replicate and VERY common, iPhone chargers and Samsung chargers are well known for this, tho the values and pins vary depending on model and manufacturer.

    Would be interesting to see a teardown of the cable and charger to see what makes them tick...

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  10. Feijoeiro
    Eclair Jul 2, 2016

  11. G_Jon_Pileot_pvCS
    Cupcake Jul 4, 2016

    G_Jon_Pileot_pvCS , Jul 4, 2016 :
    So I picked up a "Platinum(tm) 3.3ft braided charge sync cable" at BestBuy... I gotta say this is the beefiest charging cable I've ever seen, makes the OP3 cable look like silly string.

    When I plug it in the DASH charger one way I get about 300mA. Flip the connector at the phone around, 1.5A.
    If I use a third party charger I get about 1.5A. Not sure what the DASH charger is doing but something hinky is up. Will be nice to see a teardown of the DASH charger. Not especially a fan of the way OnePlus implimented the USB-C, hopefully its shortcomings can be overcome with software updates...

    I'll probably end up just using the dash charger and cable as one unit and third party cables everywhere else, with different chargers or to transfer data.

  12. Waka_Yama
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 4, 2016

  13. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Jul 4, 2016

    Tokolozi , Jul 4, 2016 :
    I think in USB mini b the extra pins where needed for the high current, but usb C already had higher current capabilities.

  14. Waka_Yama
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 4, 2016

    Waka_Yama , Jul 4, 2016 :
    I'm not sure if i understood you correct. The picture is showing a micro usb plug with 7-pins.
    Regarding USB C: Isn't that just the specification for the plug? I can have USB2.0 with an USB-C, USB3.0 with USB-C... and so on. At the moment, USB-C ports in smartphones are just there for size reasons.

  15. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Jul 4, 2016

    Tokolozi , Jul 4, 2016 :
    Yes the two extra pins where I beleive for higher power delivery, so 2x the pins for 2x the theoretical max current
    Not only, especially not as it's actually bigger then USB mini B

  16. azndoodle
    Froyo Aug 16, 2016

    azndoodle , Aug 16, 2016 :

    Thanks for this info! This is very useful.

  17. loopingz
    Cupcake Oct 26, 2016

    loopingz , Oct 26, 2016 :
    Cool and precise information here.
    I would suggest 2 hacks on the cable.
    First with a good USB c cable. Remove a notch of the D+ and D- line to make it the same. It is easy for the charger to check that.
    If it does not work I suggest doing a pcb to exactly match what is needed. D+ and D- shorter and GND and VCC larger. It is also something that they might check on the dash charger side.
    Has it been tried or should I start?

  18. loopingz
    Cupcake Oct 26, 2016

    loopingz , Oct 26, 2016 :
    Did you find what is connected on the USB C side? Can you spot difference on the USB connector? Did you cut the cable to check wire number and diameters?