A Day with OnePlus 3T- The Beas"T"

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    Bhaveee , Oct 12, 2020 :
    Hey Community!

    We can all agree that we shouldn't start any series of TV Shows or Movies from the middle right?? We should always start from the beginning for a nice experience and understanding of the journey that the series is taking us on. Well, The Writers’ Club members are not filmmakers and actors, but we like to write. So we have created a series for you and this thread is a part of it.

    If this is is the first time you came across the series we call “A Day with OnePlus” I would highly recommend reading previous threads by my fellow WC members before this one.

    A Day with OnePlus 3t

    So @Batman360 showed us what a great deal OnePlus 3 was. But it was not the only thing that surprised us that year. In December 2016, OnePlus was back from the shadows once again, and, this time, they did something odd. They re-announced the OnePlus 3!!! Yes, but with some incremental upgrades that to some of OnePlus 3's weaker points.

    They called it the OnePlus 3T. The first-ever T variant.

    The Beas"T"

    Ok, that was lame but the specs it offered were sweet. The SoC wqas upgraded to Snapdragon 821 from 820 and a 5.5" AMOLED display. The battery was also bumped up to 3400mAh from 3000mAh. The 16 MP rear camera with OIS and EIS was untouched, but the 8 MP selfie shooter saw an upgrade to 16 MP selfie camera, and of course the tremendous 6GB of ram with 64 GB of storage. Also, the full metal unibody build with a new Gunmetal color was just breathtaking 😍.

    IMG_20201009_215715-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_215655-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_215756-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_220114-01.jpeg

    Rebooting the BeasT

    I would be lying if I say that I had this device packed because I hadn't, not because I don't care about my old phones or something like that, but because it is still so good to use that I just can't switch it off even after getting a new phone. So I apologize for not including an Unboxing paragraph (please accept some nice unboxing setup pictures 😁).

    IMG_20201009_221005-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_221629-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_221214-01 (1).jpeg

    I still love the metal build in hand. Yeah, I had some drops and you can see that in the pictures, but still a solid metal finish takes my heart every time!!!!

    Since I already have been using the 3T as my secondary device, it was easy for me to fully switch to it for a day. The first thing I did the day before writing this thread, was popping my SIM and giving my OnePlus 7T a day off (That guy needed it).

    Turning the device on still feels like using a modern-day device. The 5.5'' AMOLED display still has good colors. Coming from a fluid AMOLED with 90 Hz refresh rate, felt like the phone was lagging so hard (but it wasn't, it's just 90 Hz vs 60 Hz perception of my mind), and also the screen state felt smaller for the starting hours during media consumption but I got used to it.

    [​IMG] IMG_20201009_215844-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_215956-01.jpeg

    The device's performance is still the same when it was launched but here's the thing, modern devices are only an upgrade to what we had back then. So I can’t say that the performance has deteriorated with time. Since PUBG Mobile is banned in my country and I am not a Call of Duty Mobile player, I played a few games of Among Us and hey, BLACK was hella SUS!!!!!!! He faked Astroids!!!:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

    IMG_20201009_220311-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_220357-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_220412-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_220435-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_220451-01.jpeg

    Basic functionalities like calls, messages, cameras are still working just fine.

    Remember those days, when the alert slider was on the LEFT side of the devices!!!! Yeah, feeling old already???


    Oh and I just rediscovered an ANCIENT ARTIFACT in my 3T, say hello to “JACK”. I mean a headphone jack.


    Say Cheese…

    I love to play with cameras. The first thing I did on my day was to capture an early morning sky. Later on my day, I actually went out on a trip around the town with my friends and since my 7T was on a holiday, my old trustee was on the job. The cameras on the 3T are still some of the good old sensors we can find out there. The 16 MP shooter both on the front and back were appreciated by everyone. The ability to record 1080p60 or up to 4K videos, with dual stabilization of OIS and EIS gave a nice video recording experience.

    The 16MP front camera had sharp and detailed pictures and really good colors back in the time. It also had EIS that gave the videos nice stabilization and contribute to the sharpness of the selfies. I am not a selfie addict so not many front-facing camera samples and also that explains the emojis on my face.:sweatsmile::sweatsmile:

    IMG_20180710_191604.jpg DSCN6098-02.jpeg IMG_20190412_225116.jpg IMG_20180321_160313.jpg InShot_20201012_203449028.jpg InShot_20201012_204437653.jpg

    But the truth is, I wanted to push these cameras to their absolute limits. I went ahead and installed GCam. Don't get me wrong guys the cameras were really good but I was keen to have features like night mode and portrait mode so I searched for about a month for the perfect version and settings for the GCam on my 3T. And I won't say much but, here are some shots I took back in the day with GCam.

    IMG_20190412_235938.jpg IMG_20200402_220040-01-01.jpeg InShot_20190405_161713150-01.jpeg InShot_20190405_161651967-01.jpeg IMG_20190815_193332-01.jpeg IMG-20180401-WA0036-01.jpg 01.jpeg 6.jpg

    DISCLAIMER: All COVID-19 precautions were followed. Mask was removed for picture purposes only!!!

    When the phone wasn't the only fast thing!

    With OnePlus 3, OnePlus introduced the fast Dash Charging - A day's power in half an hour - that left everyone shocked⚡(pun intended). This fast charging technology was later continued to OnePlus 3T and it only got better with time. Dash charge is the ancestor of the new Warp Charge 30T and the upcoming Warp Charge 65 with the new OnePlus 8T. Man the technological advancement is also fast.

    IMG_20201009_221331-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_221237-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_221423-01.jpeg

    Oxygen is a must!

    Since we all know that the official android support for the 3T was till the Android 9 Pie update. I could root my device and push in a custom ROM build on Android 10 but honestly, there is no fun in that for me. Custom ROMs are cool, not gonna lie, but the feel of the Oxygen OS is just something I can’t give up even if it is a 4-year-old device. The near-stock Android experience with some level of customization is what I always loved about Oxygen OS. Speaking of Customization, do check out my thread on Homescreen Customization.

    So instead of going for a super feature riched custom ROM, I stick to the official Android 9 build for my device…… and also I am too lazy to do that:tonguewink:.

    IMG_20201009_221713-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_220611-01.jpeg IMG_20201009_220618-01.jpeg

    Final Hours with Beas”T”

    As my day came to an end, I had a deep thinking moment and realized, how far we have come in terms of smartphones. From design to software to features, everything is an upgrade.
    Thanks to my fellow Writers’ Club Members for this experience. It made me appreciate the tech we have today and also a trip down the memory lane.

    With that being said this is @Bhaveee signing out.
    Never Settle!!!

    This is a Writers' Club thread. OnePlus is always looking forward to highlighting great content from its community. If you have an amazing idea for a new thread you'd like to share or have already written an engaging thread you feel like everyone would like to read, please use this form to let us know.

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    Yash0498 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    im getting a problem with scheduled on and off.
    It doesn't work on time which i have set it for.

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    Bhaveee , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Thank you so much❤️

    Thanx @yashonagori

    Can't agree more @Rajendra.Bhat

    Its still the best!!!!

    Well that made my day!😍 Thank you so much! Never Settle❤️

    Which device are you using? Please make sure to search the community support before creating a new thread ☝️

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    KaranRIyer , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Hey there new thread writer @Bhaveee , this post is also well written as comparing different does not do justice but this content really feels to be continuation to the other 3 posts on Nostalgia. Wonderful concept to keep us hooked on the community. Well written post:D:D. Kudos to @dsmonteiro to start the Writers Club threads. Wonderful concept.:);)

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    MosheG1 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Awesome! Some of those pics were great! Especially that one of the lit up building with a blurry focus!

    Also I think dash charging was rebranded to something else later

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    Swatiranjan , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 13, 2020 :
    OP3T is one hell of a device,
    Actually this was the first OnePlus device I though of buying, Got settled with I phone though.

    3T was beauty with brain.

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    manas_aswal , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 13, 2020 :
    3T was my first one plus device bought in April 2017.
    Was fast with fluid performance at first.
    I read a lot of news articles and other stuff so couldn't believe that I could keep almost '80 tabs' of a resource hungry app like Google chrome open simultaneously.
    But then after 2 odd years it started to show some lagginess with deteriorated battery life and had to be charged twice a day.
    Now when I think in hindsight it seems that oneplus 5 was quite a major upgrade for a totally justifiable price increase over the 3T in terms of specs & more future proof.
    Snapdragon 835 SoC on a 10nm architecture which is more power efficient than SD 821 /14 nm SoC on 3T said:
    LPDDR4x RAM which is better than LPDDR 4
    UFS 2.1 storage ,faster than UFS 2.0
    New better camera module with dual sensors enabling boleh effect.
    Corning gorilla glass 4 on the 5 w.r.t 3 on 3T
    Nevertheless I have enjoyed the one plus experience and the smoothness cum refinement of the oxygenos so much that have now bought a 7T 🙃🙃🙃.
    BTW very well written .hats off bro.

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