A Day With The OnePlus 5

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    razzor228 , Oct 13, 2020 :
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    Helloooooo Everyone!

    If you have been active enough in the community during the past week, you might be aware that @dsmonteiro finally got the opportunity to reunite with the OnePlus One. Well, he wasn’t separated from it per se, but his sim card definitely was! During one of our discussions at the Writer’s Club @dnagpaldg came up with the idea to do a comparison with his retired OnePlus 2 and his current daily driver the OnePlus 7 Pro. Little did he know that he was giving the perfect excuse for David to get back to the OnePlus One. And, that’s how most of us at the Writer’s Club decided to go back to our ex’s(ex-devices :p) for a day.

    You can have a look at the experiences for the previous OnePlus devices by the Writer’s Club
    Now let’s come back to my 24 hours experience of the OnePlus 5


    Well, it hadn’t been a long time since I retired the OnePlus 5 from being my daily driver. I upgraded to the 8 Pro about two months ago. Up until that time I was using the OP5 as my primary and the OP7 Pro as my secondary. After I bought the OP5, I have owned a couple of devices since then, but none of them were worthy enough to gain the status of being my “Primary Device”. Just for context, I bought an OP6T Mclaren Edition and the OP7 Pro after the OP5. But for some reason, my primary sim card has always remained in the OP5 since the day I bought it. At first, I couldn’t figure out what was stopping me from moving on. But, It took me 3 years to finally realize that I was no longer used to handling devices with a huge display and a bit of heft.

    When I bought the OP7 Pro, I just couldn’t find myself using it all the time. I found it sooo heavy that after a while there was a time when I didn’t even turn it on for more than a month. What didn’t help my case, (well quite literally it was the case) was that I had a bulky case on it because of my fear of dropping it. When I overcame that fear I went back to it again but still, it could only replace the OP6T as my secondary device.

    To be honest, I am no stranger to using a device that has a huge display and is on the heavier side. Before I bought the OP5, I was using the Nexus 6 as my primary device which is a very huge, wide, and heavy device. I used it for almost 3 years before I made it my secondary device. So it wasn’t like it that I couldn’t handle huge devices. But I think the OP5, made me soft :p. It took me more than 3 years to finally retire it, such was its charm.

    After more than a year of owning the OP7 Pro, I upgraded to the OP 8 Pro. (I didn’t buy it, I won it from the AR Unboxing Contest:D). Even before it arrived, I was convinced it was gonna experience the same fate that the OP7 Pro went through. But as soon as picked it up, I was astonished by how slim and light it was. The OP8 Pro felt a lot like home, I had flashbacks of when I first held the OP5. It was the same feeling, I never felt so confident of substituting my primary device. And folks that’s how I finally retired the OP5.


    Do you remember the OP5 charm that I talked about a bit earlier? Well, that irresistible charm found its way in form of David pitching the idea about Writers' Club members going back to their favorite devices and using it for a day.

    So, as per the thread's title, I decided to grab my primary SIM and put it back into the OP5. Maybe this might be the last time I will be doing so, who knows. So, to make it memorable I decided to cherish these whole 24 hours of going back to my favorite OnePlus device that I ever owned.


    With that in mind, I turned on the device and inserted my SIM. The first thing that I realized that it was still on stock Oxygen OS. This was because I follow this particular rule of not rooting my primary device since it generally wreaks havoc on most of the banking and payment apps. And, ever since I retired the device, I haven’t booted it since then.

    So, for starters, I finally unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP and Magisk. Then came the somewhat difficult choice to narrow down to one of the many ROMs available for the OP5.

    Before I even switched to the OP5, I was just doing some ground-work and getting all the basic pre-requisites ready. That’s when I found a couple of worthy candidates but I had one goal in mind that whatever ROM I chose it had to be based on Android 11. You might ask why? Well, one always desires for what they don’t have. In my case, it was Android 11. But when the D-day arrived I suddenly got a notification from XDA that a new unofficial build for Lineage OS was added. Anddd! It was based on Android 11. Without much of a thought, I downloaded and flashed the latest Lineage OS 18. (Spoiler Alert! This was my first device which was running Android 11, hours later the 8 Pro too received the stable Android 11 update)

    Now came the challenge, using the device to perform tasks that I usually do on a daily basis. But the difference being I couldn’t switch to another device asking for help this time. To make things a bit more challenging I even set out on a morning drive to test out the Camera. Mind you, I haven’t used the camera on the OP5 to do any kind of photography for the last 2 years. So, whatever the outcome, it would be a surprise even to me. If you have a sharp memory you might remember that the OnePlus 5, was the first device from the company to sport Dual Cameras. So, I had some decent expectations of how it will perform.

    There was this particular place in my city that I always wanted to visit. It wasn’t a tourist attraction but a small part of the huge urban jungle in Mumbai. Here’s the image below:


    Just for the lulz I also clicked one with the 8 Pro just to see how far we have come in terms of Camera Performance.


    Also attaching a few more camera samples from that day. (All Shot On the OnePlus 5)

    IMG_20201011_081555_DRO.jpg IMG_20201011_073636.jpg IMG_20201011_074437_DRO.jpg IMG_20201011_074136_0.jpg IMG_20201011_082838.jpg IMG_20201011_084601.jpg IMG_20201011_075624_DRO.jpg

    Now coming back to the topic of Lineage OS, I never imagined that there would be any developers that would be still supporting the OP5. But much to my surprise, there was a sudden surge of Android 11 Builds. After updating to the latest build it felt a lot snappier than I remembered it to be. Now that I had my 8 Pro as my primary, I could realize the amount of difference between 60hz and 120hz. There is a noticeable delay while unlocking, scrolling, and basically doing what I usually do.


    The display on the OP5 has huge bezels, while the OP5T which launched a couple of months later did have a significant reduction in bezels which might be passable by today’s standards. But I have zero regrets in buying the OP5. One of the main reasons I was happy with the OP5 is that it had the fingerprint scanner on the front. I just cannot own a device with the scanner on the back. I usually use my device while it’s lying flat on the desk, and having to pick up the device to unlock it felt quite irritating to me. And, in spite of having a decent display resolution by 2017 standards, the OP5 was no match for the 8 Pro’s display.

    I can certainly notice, whites are no longer white, the vibrance and the colors don’t look so good either. Also since the OP5 had a 1080p display, things weren’t sharp and crisp either.

    But when I talk about it in terms of system performance, I had zero complaints. It could definitely handle all my routine tasks and the extensive multi-tasking while keeping most of the tasks active in the background. The 8GB RAM’s gotta benefit someday right?

    Battery Life.jpg

    And lastly, for the battery life, it’s just simply great. I went through a whole day of usage and at 1.00 am I still had 64% left. When you don’t have a power-hungry screen you definitely gain a lot in terms of battery life. My days aren’t usually this long and extensive but since I took up this challenge I did a few things I wouldn’t do on a normal day, just to do justice to this work of art of a device. But in spite of all that I still ended the day with almost 19 hours since the last full charge and an impressive 7hrs and 13mins of SOT. With how the battery life is looking, I certainly expect it to last another day and a half based on my normal usage. And, this is pretty astonishing for a device that is well over 3 years old. Combine these stats with Dash Charge and I can be back up and running within 80-90 minutes.

    This challenge has certainly made one thing clear for me, the OP5 can still perform as a daily driver for me with some small compromises here and there.
    Also adding some random shots of the OnePlus 5! Because why not:p









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    Malg220 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    It was obvious that he was not going to use the OnePlus 5 with the stock rom for this post. You know that the last update to Android 10 was a complete disaster. Currently using the OP5 with the stock rom is a terrible experience.

    Skillfully, he has unlocked the boot manager and installed Lineage OS to have a good experience. This post is the experience of using Lineage OS. To remember and live the current experience with OP5 use the Stock rom with Android 10 and try again.
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    Petr.114 , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Hello, OP5 user here.
    I still use OP5 as my daily driver, but endless waiting to fix OOS10 is really disappointing.
    I am thinking about unlocking bootloader and flashing some custom ROM. Only thing that is stopping me is banking app and if there is still some workaround even on android 11 to make it work.
    Iam stunned by your SoT on 1 charge, it looks unreal to me. Iam super happy if I get 4 hours until iam on 0%. It looks like really really bad battery performance optimisation from OnePlus, if this is real.
    Overall, i am still very happy with this device, but iam impatiently expecting come of update with EIS.

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    MakB , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Owned this phone for more than 2 years.... Light weight, ticking all the boxes, decent camera, loud stereo sound... Never felt a need to change, when I parted ways with Oneplus 5 , I took a photo of the phone., quite emotional[e]1f614[/e]

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    NShankaraN , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    Hi @razzor228 ,

    You have cleverly mocked OP by installing Lineage OS to use OP5 as a daily driver.

    That clearly says with so many bugs in latest OOS 10.0.0 , it can't be used as a daily driver even if it for only one day.

    Hey OnePlus hope you get this and fix the bugs. It's pity that such a nice phone has been let down by such a poor sw update

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    Petr.114 , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    It is already out, just next to this one in OP 5/T subforum.

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    Rohan_S_P , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    At least now oneplus Give us the update with bug fixes.
    He used Lineage os instead of stock oos. You know why😂.
    Android 10 sucks.

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    razzor228 , Oct 13, 2020 :
    It's already live. You can check out the 5T thread by @KeBlam here.

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