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  1. claytow
    Cupcake Oct 23, 2019

    claytow , Oct 23, 2019 :
    Finally got my 7t on Sunday after some Amazon delays and thought I would put down some thoughts to see if others share my view of its good and bad points. I have migrated to the 7t from a Galaxy S9+ so some of the comparisons are with that as I've had it for the last 18 months.
    Overall I am very pleased, construction is good, 90hz display is lovely and its snappy and smooth. I havent extensively used the camera but everything seems to work and I like the OxygenOS implementation of Android 10 however I am finding that some apps are a little behind and dont work to well. Good size, good weight and weirdly almost identical in dimensions to the S9+.
    The notch hasnt been an issue and only on third charge but battery life for my useage is very good. Sound is much louder than my S9+ although not sure about better, its on par though which is fine with me.
    I do have some niggle points though which maybe updated in the future and maybe its just me but would appreciate your views.
    1) Haptic engine is nowhere near as strong as the S9+ and I miss the decent buzz of the vibrations on the keyboard and the feedback
    2) Adaptive brightness goes too dim at night, this might just be me and my eyes but I can hardly read the screen in total darkness due to how low it goes and I have had to use Macdroid to take adaptive brightness off at night and set it to 20% so I can see the screen
    3) Coming from a headphone jack I've realised cheap USB-C to 3.5mm dongles are nowhere near as good as the faithful jack. It's a shame it had to disappear.
    4) Really wanted to use and try the stock launcher as I normally use Nova but the stock launcher wont go 6 icons wide, only 5. I think Nova is a little behind in Android 10 as transitions can be a little choppy but we all have our favourite homescreen setups right? and mine has to be 6 icons across.
    5) Have tried using my current charging stuff and it charges the phone much slower even though my chargers are QC3.0 and cables are good. Still testing but a little disappointed that you will have to use their cables for full speed charging.
    6) Really missing the notification LED and there seems to be no proper solution whereby you can keep the ambient display on and have a flashing LED style indicator so you dont have to keep tapping your phone screen

    Think thats all for now. Happy to hear your thoughts but I'm all in all a happy customer. Glad I made the switch.

    Thanks for reading
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